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  1. DiaVoLo added a post in a topic: Tab function   


    Anyway you can implement a tab function at IP Chat. So if you enter a the start of a nick it will autocomplete?
  2. DiaVoLo added a comment: 'Search in' not adjusted to the current app   

    Is it possible to make it so that a topic comes up twice. If you have made several topics now it comes up several times.
  3. DiaVoLo added a post in a topic: Translating IPB3   

    So everyone that helps translate needs to have access to ACP? Thats not a good thing..
  4. DiaVoLo added a post in a topic: Quote and Max. smileys   


    I have set the limit to 10 smileys in all my post,

    However when quoting other posts with alot of smiley, example two with 6 smileys it gives me some headache.

    Anyone found a way to get around this? I want to keep my 10 smiley pr post setting.

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