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  1. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    Permissions "Can post status updates - NO" not working
    admin or smod go to a member Profi:

    Edit Member ------- Can post status updates? NO

    This Permisions is not working.
    It is only working over ACP
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  2. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    Mod Permissions "Can flag a member as a spammer" not working
    add a normal Moderator to a Forum with the Permissions: [size=4]Add a Moderator ---> Advanced Settings ---> Can flag a member as a spammer?     YES[/size]
    This Permissions is not working
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  3. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    Supermod permission and to edit administrators profil
    I am not for certain whether this you intend or not:

    1. They go as a Super Moderator to a profile of an administrator
    2. Edit Member = You do not have permission to edit administrators


    - Flagged as Spammer (Posting Disabled)
    - Remove Customizations
    - Remove And Disable Customizations

    They may do this?
    Would I think this should not be possible?
    Only of Admin to Admin?
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  4. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP - The Setting "Disable profile statistics" Removed or Error?
    A new install ipb 3.4.4 (xampp localhost)
    ACP -----> CPU Saving & Optimization --------> Disable profile statistics - YES /NO
    This Setting is no longer there
    This been removed or is this a Error?
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  5. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    Bulkmail & Sitemap Generator Task not works?
    [b]Go to System Scheduler and Sitemap Generator[/b].
    Run the Task [b]Sitemap Generator[/b].
    Message: (Task ran Successfully)
    The Task is not working?
    After Run, - the Task[b] Sitemap Generator [/b] is locked, and no Logfiles in Scheduler logs
    (same with bulkmail-Task)
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  6. Energizer added a record in IP.Board   

    Rebuild About Me Content Error
    (New 3.4.3 Install or Upgrade - with available "my content")
    [b]ACP---Tools & Settings --- Recount & Rebuild --- Rebuild [/b][b]About Me Content:[/b][b] [/b]
    [u][i]Get error message:[/i][/u]
    [b]Fatal error[/b]: Call to a member function preDbParse() on a non-object in [b]D:\xampp\htdocs\3-4-3-final\admin\applications\core\modules_admin\tools\rebuild.php[/b] on line [b]2682[/b]
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  7. Energizer added a comment on a file: Deutsches Sprachpaket für IP.Board V3.2.1; Front end & back end   

    Gute Arbeit und Übersetzung....besten Dank....5 Sterne!