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  1. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Product SKU/Per-Product Custom Fields   

    Exactly opentype, that's what I was thinking of! The only field missing there is stock, which would allow you to track stock availability of the options. It wouldn't be that difficult to extend the custom fields functionality already in Commerce to do this.
  2. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Product SKU/Per-Product Custom Fields   

    Trying out the beta of Commerce the app still is missing a vital, and basic, field for products: an SKU or product code. I can't believe you can miss this out of a 'Commerce' module. How custom fields are handled is also a nightmare .
    For example I have two pairs of shoes; One pair in sizes 8, 9 and 10 and in colours blue and green. The other pair are in sizes 7, 8 and 9 and in colours grey and white. I have to add 4 different custom fields just for these two products. If you have another pair of shoes that have blue, grey and white colours, that's another field I need to add! It would be a LOT more productive to have per-product custom fields - a lot of commerce platforms allow you to do this.
    My current Nexus store has a $200k turnover and is heavily customised to avoid the custom profile headache. Hope you can solve this! I really don't want to migrate. 
  3. Tom Moore added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    FBC requests status updates when app disabled
    The Facebook login handler still requests permissions to a user's status updates even if Status Updates are disabled in Applications.
    - Turn off Status Updates in Site Features/Applications/
    - Turn on Facebook login handler (if not already on)
    - Sign in with Facebook as the login option - still requests status updates in app permissions
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  4. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?   

    Sorry, I know it's hard to predict release dates but there is just no movement on Nexus in 4 months. I'm about to buy Blog (and extend my support) and just wanted to ask about plans. :)
  5. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?

    It's not about being able to purchase; it's preventing people from purchasing.

    A customer placed an order for ~£1k only to be met by an invoice with 40 separate items on it, rather than being grouped together. When contacted, they said "I'm not paying for something on a website which clearly is having problems." They aren't the only customer who faced this.
  6. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?   

    I appreciate how hard your team is working on v4.0 but what's happening with Nexus? There are some bugs that haven't even been looked at for over 3 months.

    There is even a bug that, from my research, is actually putting people off buying products from my store.

    Is Nexus still being actively developed for the 3.x branch or are you guys waiting until 4.x? If so I can give fixing the bugs I'm facing with a few workarounds.
  7. Tom Moore added a comment on a blog entry: Minor Workflow Enhancements in IP.Nexus 1.5.8   

    In the ACP, make traversing between packages and package groups easier. Just like in Content, the parent folder is shown as "..." which goes up a level. There isn't even any breadcrumbs for when you're going through the package list. When you've got products 2 or 3 levels deep this is extremely frustrating. See:
  8. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Add quantity to viewItem   

    Nexus should allow customers to select how many items they want before they are added to the cart (in viewItem, ideally). While we all know Nexus isn't perfect I find this one to be a bit odd.

    Or at least have the ability to send data within the form (&do=add&id=1&qty=3 for example).
  9. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Parent link in package list   


    When you have a big list of products across a few sub-categories, navigating between them is a PITA. You can't go back to the package group; instead, you have to go right back to the beginning and start again.

    A suggestion would be to include the exact same functionality as Content, where a [...] link is included to navigate back to the parent.

    Annoying. :mad:
  10. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Title in Page/Block Wizard   

    That's perfect; just seemed strange to me that this was so obviously missing.

  11. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Title in Page/Block Wizard   

    Not sure if this is mentioned somewhere or not, but displaying the title of the page/block you're editing in step 2 through to 5 would be great.

    For example, if you go straight to editing the content of a page, the title of the page is not shown. At the moment, it just displays 'Page Wizard' or 'Block Wizard' for blocks.
  12. Tom Moore added a post in a topic: Access page details in a template

    I thought that there would be an easy way of doing this, but apparently there isn't. It would be great to be able to use page details (such as description, folder, file name et al) in templates instead of being restricted to special_tags.