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  1. Tommm added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?   

    Sorry, I know it's hard to predict release dates but there is just no movement on Nexus in 4 months. I'm about to buy Blog (and extend my support) and just wanted to ask about plans. :)
  2. Tommm added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?
    It's not about being able to purchase; it's preventing people from purchasing.
    A customer placed an order for ~£1k only to be met by an invoice with 40 separate items on it, rather than being grouped together. When contacted, they said "I'm not paying for something on a website which clearly is having problems." They aren't the only customer who faced this.
  3. Tommm added a post in a topic: What's happening with Nexus?   

    I appreciate how hard your team is working on v4.0 but what's happening with Nexus? There are some bugs that haven't even been looked at for over 3 months.
    There is even a bug that, from my research, is actually putting people off buying products from my store.
    Is Nexus still being actively developed for the 3.x branch or are you guys waiting until 4.x? If so I can give fixing the bugs I'm facing with a few workarounds.
  4. Tommm added a comment on a blog entry: Minor Workflow Enhancements in IP.Nexus 1.5.8   

    In the ACP, make traversing between packages and package groups easier. Just like in Content, the parent folder is shown as "..." which goes up a level. There isn't even any breadcrumbs for when you're going through the package list. When you've got products 2 or 3 levels deep this is extremely frustrating. See:
  5. Tommm added a post in a topic: Add quantity to viewItem   

    Nexus should allow customers to select how many items they want before they are added to the cart (in viewItem, ideally). While we all know Nexus isn't perfect I find this one to be a bit odd.
    Or at least have the ability to send data within the form (&do=add&id=1&qty=3 for example).
  6. Tommm added a post in a topic: How does search work?   

    Thanks for your replies!
    I've got a fairly complicated IP.Content setup going on; I'm running 3.3 and have a customised search box for my live site but I'm redeveloping it to use the default search.
    I do have it set to search Pages (ccs) and the only way I can get 'tech support' to show the Technical Support page is to physically put 'tech support' as a keyword for the page. Is there any way around this?
  7. Tommm added a post in a topic: How does search work?   

    I have a page on my site called 'Technical Support' and another called 'Geotextile Technology'.
    When I use the search term "tech support" I would expect it to find the Technical Support page - due to it searching for "tech" and "support" in the page name, description and keywords. But it doesn't find anything.
    I've lowered the search keywords to 3 so that searching for 'tech' finds both pages.
    How does search work exactly? Is it possible to change it so it actually does look for  all keywords and not just the phrase?
  8. Tommm added a post in a topic: Where is cart data stored?   

    For anyone else looking for this it's stored in the PHP session.
  9. Tommm added a post in a topic: Where is cart data stored?   

    Does anyone know where the cart data is stored for each member? In the database? In the cache? I can't seem to find it.
  10. Tommm added a post in a topic: Parent link in package list   

    When you have a big list of products across a few sub-categories, navigating between them is a PITA. You can't go back to the package group; instead, you have to go right back to the beginning and start again.
    A suggestion would be to include the exact same functionality as Content, where a [...] link is included to navigate back to the parent.
    Annoying.  :mad:
  11. Tommm added a post in a topic: Rebuild Thumbnails   

    Is there a way to rebuild thumbnails for product images?

    I'm mass importing products directly via the database and need to add thumbs for the images I'm adding.
  12. Tommm added a post in a topic: Nexus on a subdomain   

    So I have my website setup and it's all fancy and nice. The aim at the moment is to hide the forum as much as possible (as we'll be using it later on not now). I'm using Content to power the front end of the site - is there any way I can get Nexus to move from ./community/store to just ./store or even on its own subdomain (