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  1. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Google+ question   

    for me the buttons have just stopped working... did you find a solution?
  2. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Issue with Search on this site   

    I tried a search for "Google + button stopped working" and encountere a database error. It seemed to have an issue with the "+" sign
    I thought I would let you know.
  3. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Skin Chooser?   

    Will do, thanks Mark.
  4. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Skin Chooser?   

    I have noticed that the skin chooser is not appearing on my site, even on the standard ipb skin.
    There are 3 skins, including the standard ipb, that are all made available to all members (usually the standard skin is admin only for debug comparison).
    I checked the settings for each skin and confirmed that for each skin all the groups were selected and none of the skins were hidden from the drop down list.
    Looking in the html the skin chooser just doesn't appear, so it isn't a css issue.
    Have I missed a setting?

  5. Songstuff added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Thanks Wohali, I will do that just now.
  6. Songstuff added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    I have an issue with tags on the main forums interacting with the social groups app. i am hoping that this is a known issue and there is a work around.
    When a member creates a post and they set tags within the standard forums, sometimes those posts become placed within a social group and the path to the board is screwed. If a member isn't a member of the group it is placed within they are unable to reply to the topic.
    When you look at the breadcrumb it becomes:
    Board > Path To Original Board > Path To Social Group DIscussion Board
    To fix, I have to use the full editor, delete the tags in the original topic post and suddenly the breadcrumb is as expected:
    Board > Path To Original Board
    and the reply box will reappear
    Any ideas? We are having to edit a few posts each day.
    As a secondary issue, is there any way to make the topics/post boards of a private group not be listed in lastest posts? I want to create a staff room using social groups for the addition communications advantages, but new posts show in the latest posts list. True the topic isn't itself viewable, but surely it shouldn't show at all for non group members?

  7. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    Ok I found the update_profile_views.php, and the task in the system scheduler.
    the profile views were not updating
    I ran the task manually it updated the profile views no problem, the task is enabled and scheduled to run hourly....
    and now... it works! How strange. It didn't start working until I ran it manually.
    Thanks for your help guys!
  8. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    Hi Mark
    There was a pfields error reported. I corrected that. The profile count is still not incrementing.
    Can you tell me  where it is incremented and what table it is?
    Andy seemed to suggest that there was a possibility that other tasks might not be working. It is certainly possible that there might be tasks not working and I haven't noticed yet, so I am also really interested what other symptoms I should be looking for?
    Thanks guys!
  9. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    Actually, I have a member that joined on 16th February with 0 profile views, yet at the same time there is a list of people who last visited her profile lol This predates all those changes other than the upgrade to the latest version of IPB (from 3.4.4 to 3.4.6)

  10. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    In case it makes a difference I recently uploaded IPDownloads and Nexus, however both are admin only atm and not set up

  11. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    Thanks Andy
    The views haven't updated for a few days. Can you give me an example? Are there other community tasks that I should look at?
    My site is having another issue that I would consider unrelated... but maybe it isn't. I'll lay it out FYI just in case it sets of an alarm bell. My site also has wordpress installations on each subdomain running OptimizePress... which is licensed from a license server. That license server has been consistantly failing, where it used to work without issue. Weirdly when I test communications from IPB admin it works without issue.
    I had tried to harden the server against w00tw00t attacks during the week. The site uses a varnish cache, though I think the forums subdomain completely avoids varnish. The alternative was to tighten up the server using iptables, but that seemed to be more problematic.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly received!

  12. Songstuff added a post in a topic: Profile Views Not Incrementing   

    Since upgrading to the latest version of IP Board I have noticed that profile views have stopped incrementing. Has a new setting been introduced?
    Only the global template is modified on my board and the changes are few, all the rest are in css, so I doubt it is something wrong with the skin

  13. Songstuff added a post in a topic: YouTube, Media Tags, Links and Embedded Content   

    Since upgrading from 3.4.5 to 3.4.6  some YouTube videos that had previously displayed as embedded videos now display as only links, while others work perfectly well.
    I tried clearing the media cache. Didn't help.
    I tried rebuilding css and html. That Didn't help.
    I tried rebuilding the skins. That didn't help.
    I checked the links, and there was no rhyme or reason between, links, http or https.....
    Then I went into one of the posts that displayed a link, instead of a video. It showed as a link. So I selected the link, broke the link so that it was plain text and re-submited the post... it worked!
    So my question is in two parts...
    Why did this happen? Especially in such a random way.
    Secondly, and more inportantly.... how do I fix this? There are thousands of posts now with a link instead of the embedded video. I really don't have time or inclination to edit every one! Eeek! Can I force the posts to be reparsed?
    Many thanks for your help. :)

  14. Songstuff added a post in a topic: HTML mail vs Non-HTML mail and the mail template   

    I want to be able to send HTML mail if possible. I customised the standard template, and it sends fine for those who have HTML enabled. What I don't understand is why the option to send HTML mail and non-HTML mail is not obvious or maybe not possible at all. In several web progs I use the problem is solved by having two entry boxes, one for the HTML message (which would use the HTML template, and a non-HTML message entry box. The admin could then easily choose the default. For example, I would prefer to use HTML ONLY for sending out a newsletter to the community. I understand that the system cannot do that just now.
    I would happily settle for being able to embed the non-html message in alongside the html message ( think it is called a multi-part message, I might be wrong!)
    Any ideas or suggestions would be most gratefully received.

  15. Songstuff added a post in a topic: MyISAM vs INNODB   

    One thing I notice is that tables like ibf_blog_entries use fulltext indexing and so will not convert to innodb.... so can I have a mainly innodb set up with most tables being innodb, and keep myisam as the engine for fulltext indexed tables and still safely set innodb as the engine in the config file?