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  1. tuncer added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    I can confirm this as well. The 3.3.x patch to our 3.3.4 forum installs (all of them) caused them to completely halt during any topic post operations.
    IPB: Please send out a NEW announcement email to all clients when you FIX the 3.3.x security update. Thanks.
  2. tuncer added a post in a topic: Replacement Management   

    Removing them to remove confusion and time wasted.

    Anytime someone goes to any tool, and there is a lot of 'broken' links or images, one begins to think these are used somewhere and important, but are broken. Some are broken images that are used, or maybe not. Whose to know, the list is pretty much a pain to use now.

    If the new 3.3.4 default skin does not use any of those missing images, then why is it there for that skin when going to manage its replacements? This is sloppy and misleading. I could understand an OLD skin that was imported into a NEW board, would bring with it its old replacements. However those replacements would show the images they are linked too, and not broken.

    That is why it would be nice to see unused replacements, removed from the default skin. So our designers and developers are not spending hours trying to hunt down and create all the missing images. How do we know they are not actually used somewhere? The tool shows a list of replacement macros, then surely those are used somewhere. However they are referencing images that don't exist in the default /master/ images directory. Very confusing.
  3. tuncer added a post in a topic: Replacement Management   

    I like how no one responded on this issue. We are seeing the exact same thing upgrading two forums to 3.3.x. The 'replacements' tables of all default, and new skins have dozens of missing images.

    How does one clean this mess up? Or is the 'replacements' area a complete wash now and depreciated?