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  1. rbiss added a comment on a file: Aktolia - IPBFangorn (Winter 40% OFF)   

    Fantastic skin!!
  2. rbiss added a post in a topic: Forum and IP.Content URL layout help   

    It's been a long time since I've done this and just about everything I've done hasn't worked. What would be a specific example of a URL used in the settings? Is it simply the same address as in the browser address bar? 
    I have uploaded a constants.php file to the forum folder. The index.php file in IP Content download has been uploaded to my root directory. Now I need to figure out specifically what to put in the ACP and nothing I've tried has worked.
  3. rbiss added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Custom markers would be a central feature for our site. Would be awesome if that was available again.
  4. rbiss added a post in a topic: Videos, Media and Youtube ..confusing   

    For whatever reason I can't seem to follow the logic of putting a youtube video into a page so that it shows up as a latest video?? The only options I see when I poke around are to upload a video to a media folder, yet there is an IP Content 2.0 youtube video appearing as as the lastest video which would be linked in and not uploaded. How is that done?
  5. rbiss added a post in a topic: Google Maps Media Code   

    OK, I figured that part out.
    Does anyone know how to get this stuff to work in IP Content? I would like to set up a database where members could load addresses for different stuff, then show it on a content page. Any tips are appreciated.
  6. rbiss added a post in a topic: Google Maps Media Code   

    What is the media tag called in the media tag folder? When I upload I don't see a reference for it anywhere.
  7. rbiss added a post in a topic: Can a new board operate on shared hosting?   

    I have gone from owning a big board on a dedicated server to having no board and wanting to start a new project. Is a shared host, on average, sufficient for a new board with very little activity? Wondering if the software is overpowering most shared hosting, even on low user sites.
  8. rbiss added a post in a topic: Where is the Nexus Storefront?   

    I am considering re-signing up to the Nexus app but until I understand how I can use it it's a little useless.
    Suppose I go through all the setting and create packages etc. Where does the client see it I just don't get where there is a storefront. Can you direct me to some reading material so I can visualize how the end user gets involved?
  9. rbiss added a post in a topic: PHP Form Handling question   

    I figured it out.
  10. rbiss added a post in a topic: PHP Form Handling question   

    I have a php page that uses operators and information from my CCS database. I would like to have users be able to submit a number from a form that would then become a variable to be used to create an additional calculation. I can get a form to submit to the processing page to display their number using {$_POST['NUMBER']}; but how do I turn that number into a variable, IE something like $number={$_POST['Password']};?
    Hope my question makes some sense. 
  11. rbiss added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Advertisements   

    I would like to see the ad system have an IP Content block option: To be able to select the ad and make it into a widget which could be integrated into pages and articles.
  12. rbiss added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Advertisements   

    For weighting could you place, for example, 3 that are same adsense code and 1 other and use random to get approximately 75-25 ratio?
  13. rbiss added a post in a topic: Login Logout problems?   

    I just noticed your response. Thanks. I noticed in your article you mention leaving cookie path blank so will try that.
  14. rbiss added a post in a topic: Styling Database Templates   

    Can you post an example of your file? 
  15. rbiss added a post in a topic: Styling Database Templates   

    I would like to have something other than vertical display of database fields. For example, when viewing an entry that has 5 different fields, I would like to have one field appear top left, then second might be floating right, third float below middle etc. 
    Are they are any database styling resources?

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Status Feed

  1. rbiss

    How to get Android user agent set up on 3.14?

  2. rbiss

    How to get Android user agent set up?

  3. rbiss

    Can't see RSVP as part of calendar

    1. Heyhoe

      me too, was looking forward to this...

  4. rbiss

    submitted a critical error ticket but no way to flag it as critical in my client area

    1. AndyF

      Should mention that in your ticket too. Usually the flag is not present if its a config error OR if its been abused for non critical issues.

    2. cthree

      I submitted 2 critical tickets, one 3 weeks ago that is still not fixed and one a week ago that also isn't fixed.

    3. AndyF

      They must of been escalated to other departments then, ie: beyond normal support scope. If you feel you should have had a response, please submit a new ticket with ATTN: Management explaining :)

    4. Drakior

      I have submitted 2 critical tickets, both of which were addressed in less than 1 hr.

  5. rbiss

    All too dark

    1. ZakRhyno

      Raise with the sun!

    2. Herofiles ★

      tap the ON on the light switch xD

    3. 3DKiwi

      I think the member is complaining about skins (again)

    4. Cyrem

      Yes he was complaining about dark skins are only for teenagers.

  6. rbiss

    Needs a professional looking skin and is not aware of any for sale. A very serious downfall with this product.

    1. rbiss

      I would rather pay a couple hundred dollars on a mass marketed professional looking skin than the $10 or $20 stuff that overwhelms this market.

    2. Shadow82x


    3. rbiss

      Been to all of them.

    4. Cyrem

      Downfall of this product? Skins that people produce have nothing to do with IP.B. Why not get a custom skin made? www.ipbforumskins.com and skinbox.net both do custom skins for around $300-500.

    5. Shadow82x

      What's wrong with them?

    6. rbiss

      Yes, a downfall of this product. By a long shot. Designers make nice skins for their sites but create $25 skins. The last time i tried to work with a skinner I bailed out on a junky product and paid for nothing. Wish some of the designers put as much into what they sell as what they create for their own sites. IP skinners need to bring out better products and at higher prices for the many who need them and will pay for it.

    7. Cyrem

      Some of those skinners have made skins for some globally recognized forums... So I'd hate to know what your view of 'professional' is. In your situation, where you can't find anyone to meet your needs, you should make the skin yourself.

    8. rbiss

      Too bad they aren't for sale, which is my point.

    9. Stars25

      In all honesty, you are complaining that there are no professional skins yet you keep refusing to answer people who have suggested to get a custom skin created. And you are wrong, people will not pay more for a premade skin. People will hardly pay $20 as it is for a premade skin because people think creating a skin is a simple and short process.

    10. rbiss

      They will pay more. I'd drop a couple hundred on a great skin (off the shelf). Hell, I dropped that on someone who was making me a custom skin and the design was crap (money I flushed). Problem is everyone makes dark grungy stuff that teenagers like. There are professional organizations that want clean light and quality, and will pay for it. The market is there for someone willing to make the product.

    11. Stars25

      I respectfully disagree. You are talking like paying hundreds of dollars for a custom skin is something not heard of. Your generalization about dark skins is also incorrect. There are plenty of well designed, light skins out there. There is a reason all the skins on the market are around $20-$25, it's because that is what people WILL pay. And like I said before, if you don't anything you like, there is no need to criticize the market, just order a custom skin like many other people.

    12. Matt Enloe

      I paid $50 for my custom skin from FinalPrestige and while it's not light like you're talking about, it looks absolutely marvelous. I get plenty of comments about it. If you're looking for something, I'm sure they can help.

    13. Shadow82x

      I also disagree with the statement that all dark themes are "stuff teenagers like" and are unprofessional. There are plenty of "professional" sites out there using dark themes. Take a look at steam or half of the gaming sites. Heck even hp.com. I guess this also makes my theme at avatarprime.net an unprofessional theme too.

    14. blair


    15. Robulosity2

      I think this is just another case of "My heads up my arse, so I can't see the wisdom of anyones words" on the Ops part ;)

    16. Cyrem

      Since when are dark skins unprofessional? It depends on your forum's theme. I prefer dark skins to light(especially at night) so your monitor is not a spotlight lighting up the rest of your house.

      FYI,I'm not a teenager.

    17. Cyrem

      Hows this for you: http://www.finalprestige.net/index.php?p=3&product=123 ... wait no it's $10.00 far far to cheap to be professional... kiddies must have made it.

    18. Herofiles ★


      I really dont think u get any one that are so professional than those three!

  7. rbiss

    Any french language packs?

    1. Mark


    2. rbiss

      Thanks..now I can't remember how to install..instructions and files confusing..

    3. Herofiles ★

      Go to: Look and Feel -> Language and upload thexml file at the bottom :)

    4. rbiss

      There isn't an xml file in this one, just straight files.

    5. chebmatrix

      Read the file "LisezMoi.html" :).

    6. rbiss

      Even after translating I can't decipher the process.

    7. rbiss

      Step 7 and 8 is where I'm stuck. Am I creating a folder? If so where what and how?

    8. chebmatrix

      create "translate"folder a root of your forum.

    9. teraßyte

      Please use the forum for support and not the status updates.

  8. rbiss

    Can I get some ticket assistance on a catastrophic upgrade failure?

    1. Collin S.

      As noted in the Gallery release announcement - support may be a bit slower due to high request rates. We'll get to everyone ASAP. :)

    2. rbiss

      It's been 11 hours hours and my board doesn't function. I could really careless at this point if I ever have gallery, I just need a forum.

    3. Collin S.

      If your site is totally down - you should mark the ticket as critical. Send me a PM with the ticket ID and I will escalate it for you.

  9. rbiss

    Gallerry upgrade has screwed up my board completely

    1. Matt

      I would recommend that you submit a ticket. It's why you purchase support. :)

    2. rbiss

      I have

    3. rbiss

      Board is now offline while awaiting help.

    4. rbiss

      Board is now offline while awaiting help.

    5. 3DKiwi

      Now you know why I never upgrade straight after a new release. I'll be waiting for 4.0.1 before upgrading.

    6. Breadfan

      Always use backups and copy of your board on which you can test stuff before installing it on a live site.

  10. rbiss

    Any skinners do high end skins and web template packages.

  11. rbiss

    Will it be difficult to convert a 3.1.4 skin to 3.2?

    1. Planetby

      I am praying not cos i'm just about finished one lol

  12. rbiss

    What is new in IP Downloads 2.1.3?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      I think the announcement pretty sums it up.

    2. ørret

      New: You can now download files.

    3. rbiss

      The announcement says it's released. Doesn't mentioned much else.

  13. rbiss

    My new fulltime job will be sending in tickets for IP.Content.

  14. rbiss

    Fed up just trying to ftp IP content files, let alone use the goddam thing.

    1. Collin S.

      Open a support ticket so a staff member can do it for you. :)

  15. rbiss

    Downloaded 3.1.3 to get 2.1.0 and external widgets. Now have all the old series board problems along with no external widgets working. Lovely.

    1. Matt Enloe

      file a support ticket, they've been speedy lately. :)

    2. Amged Osman

      same here .. and ive opened a ticket but , with no luck so far .. none of my dynamic links are working now .. no css no js..

  16. rbiss

    Client area - can't log in and doesn't recognize my email address??

    1. Collin S.

      Are you still having issues logging in? Send an email to accounts@invisionpower.com and they can assist.

  17. rbiss

    Where is the profile background stuff?

  18. rbiss

    Is there a way to do a hard refresh on a safari browser in windows?

  19. rbiss

    Can a staff member help us understand the process for getting a chat key found and installed?

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Try to click on your "IP.Board" package and use the global key. It'll work.

    2. rbiss

      It doesn't give me a global key. The page is dead links for me.

    3. .Ian

      submit a ticket

    4. Charles

      The 3.1 announcement has info on chat keys.

  20. rbiss

    No sign of a chat license key,

    1. Graeme S.

      Same as your IP.Board key

  21. rbiss

    Since upgrade, my status updates stopped working..anyone else?

    1. rbiss

      Realize it was openx ad in sidebar

  22. rbiss

    Can someone explain how to use template merge centre with custom skins?

  23. rbiss

    Learning Adobe Illustrator and liking it a lot.