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  1. thompsone added a post in a topic: Stop the Spam: Guide to stopping spammers   

    Adding images to the question answer challenge is a worth while option. It has stopped my spam registrations 100%. Since the forums require registration, that too has been minimized. Free alternative worth exploring.
  2. thompsone added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Link Submissions
    Found this by mistake and I don't know what to call it.
    **THIS REPORT applies to FILE LINKED SUBMISSIONS (Local), not tested on Remotely Linked Files**
    I uploaded a file to my /storage_array/downloads/imports directory.
    I then edited an existing download file by linking to the file I had upload above. It should be noted the file I uploaded was an executable (file.exe)
    The file appeared to attach itself correctly and gave me the success page, and allowed for the file to be approved just like a normal appended files would do.
    At this stage I'm guessing that it wrote the file location in the database as somestring-file.exe because that's what it was in the db downloads_files_records
    After it got done importing the file it removed it from the directory it was in and moved it to the defined download directory, normal behavior. I'm assuming at this point it renamed the file something different than what it said it was and had written in the database, maybe because it was an exe and it was being renamed for safety. So on the server the file ended up existing as anotherstring-file.ipb but in the db it showed somestring-file.exe. The result was when someone tried to download the file it gave them a file not found error.
    To correct the problem I updated the db with the correct file name and all worked as intended.
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  3. thompsone added a post in a topic: Stop the Spam: Guide to stopping spammers   

    I have stopped spam in its place. I can't remember the last time I saw a spam ban come back from the spam service. It's nothing insane but it has provided me months of "real" new customers, 0 bots, and 0 spam. It's a wonderful bliss. I would be willing to package it up as a hook if anyone is interested in it? I haven't done it because I don't know what I should charge. Have a look if you like, URL at the bottom in signature.

    I feel everyone's pain about spam. There is nothing like waking up to 40 new members 38 of them spam and 2 posts, one about viagra and the other hot Russian women in my area.
  4. thompsone added a comment on a file: [HQ] Google CSE -pro-   

    +1  --  Also it doesn't appear to hold to the popup size defined in the settings, it seems hard coded as one size.
  5. thompsone added a post in a topic: IP.Downloads - new feature request - torrent files   

    Michael - That was so dry and subtle that I left the thread and had to come back. I felt like that suddenly realized meme. Well done sir.
  6. thompsone added a post in a topic: down?   

    I have a related DNS issue but it's with not receiving email notifications because there's no RDNS (either it does not exist or is incorrect). Spamdyke drops the emails for failing RDNS, I could of course whitelist Invision's domain but since this is such a basic requirement for email this may be affecting others. Addressing the problem locally is better than requesting everyone in the world whitelist *, I thought I'd try to catch a snippet of the failure when someone replies to this thread so someone can give this to one of the network people.

    Sorry for the derail

    In addition looking at this from two different points.

    # traceroute (from comcast business)
    10 ( 181.249 ms 49.628 ms 54.192 ms
    11 ( 58.596 ms 56.627 ms 55.816 ms 12 ( 55.563 ms 58.545 ms 61.947 ms 13 ( 58.997 ms 56.764 ms 55.800 ms * </snip> # traceroute (from singlehop) <snip> 9 ( 1.598 ms 1.591 ms 1.576 ms 10 ( 205.685 ms 205.693 ms 205.907 ms 11 ( 9.753 ms 9.729 ms 9.716 ms 12 ( 7.192 ms 7.204 ms 7.192 ms * </snip>
  7. thompsone added a post in a topic: Make notification emails beautiful   

    Can anyone share what files the email templates are in and where are they?

  8. thompsone added a record in IP.Gallery   

    Featured Images
    Featured Images are only pulling from one or two albums. Every time I view the gallery main portal page (set to social + patchwork even though the settings here don't matter it still acts the same) I see the same images as "featured". What settings are affecting this or is this broken? I would think the images would be pulled from more than just a select few albums and how is that determined?

    Thanks, BTW the Gallery is working and looking great. Great job!
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  9. thompsone added a comment: Non latin characters in filenames   

    After one of the upgrades long long ago our entire board went to displaying non-latin characters as funny ascii symbols throughout the board. Since our draw is global we had a a lot of posts that you almost couldn't read so one of the fixes was to configure mysql with the following statements.


    It's been that way since maybe the upgrade from a 2.x board to a 3.x board. I agree it's a configuration issue. I also have to say that trying to open our directory where the downloads is stored with any FTP GUI other than command line is suicide the directory tree is immense.

    Thanks for the fix hopefully I'll be able to test it and reply back. Thanks Brandon.
  10. thompsone added a comment on a blog entry: What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? SQL Error Logging   

    The reporting tool is nice, thanks.

    I would be a voice of a different opinion when it comes to the admin notification. I would not like it added.

    There are plenty of NIX savvy ways to log and notify.
  11. thompsone added a comment: Facebook share link not working properly   

    Matt -

    That actually reverted the link on Facebook back to the original issue I reported in the ticket. Here's what a link from IP.Download looks like on Facebook when I used this URL as the link:

    [code]Swedish Campaign Addon/modification

    [/html]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"member":{"id":"34","title":"Member","desc":"Given a member name, a link is automatically generated to the member's profile","tag":"member","useoption":"1","example":"[member=admin] runs this site.","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"1","optional_option":"0","image":""},"optional":{"id":"37","title":"Optional","desc":"","tag":"optional","useoption":"0","example":"","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"1","image":""},"php":{"id":"17","title":"PHP Code","desc":"Allows you to enter PHP code into a formatted/highlighted syntax box","tag":"php","useoption":"0","example":"[php]$variable = true;\n\nprint_r($variable);[/php]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"post":{"id":"6","title":"Post Link","desc":"This tag provides an easy way to link to a post.","tag":"post","useoption":"1","example":"[post=1]Click me![/post]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"Enter the Post ID","menu_content_text":"Enter the title for this link","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"snapback":{"id":"1","title":"Post Snap Back","desc":"This tag displays a little linked image which links back to a post - used when quoting posts from the board. Opens in same window by default.","tag":"snapback","useoption":"0","example":"[snapback]100[/snapback]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"spoiler":{"id":"7","title":"Spoiler","desc":"Spoiler tag","tag":"spoiler","useoption":"0","example":"[spoiler]Some hidden text[/spoiler]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"Enter the text to be masked","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"sql":{"id":"19","title":"SQL Code","desc":"Allows you to enter formatted/syntax-highlighted SQL code","tag":"sql","useoption":"0","example":"[sql]SELECT p.*, t.* FROM posts p LEFT JOIN topics t ON t.tid=p.topic_id WHERE t.tid=7[/sql]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"topic":{"id":"5","title":"Topic Link","desc":"This tag provides an easy way to link to a topic","tag":"topic","useoption":"1","example":"[topic=1]Click me![/topic]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"Enter the topic ID","menu_content_text":"Enter the title for this link","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""},"twitter":{"id":"36","title":"Twitter","desc":"A tag to link to a user's twitter account","tag":"twitter","useoption":"0","example":"[twitter]userName[/twitter]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":"twitter.png"},"xml":{"id":"20","title":"XML Code","desc":"Allows you to enter formatted/syntax-highlighted XML code","tag":"xml","useoption":"0","example":"[xml]\n \n Test\n \n[/xml]","switch_option":"0","menu_option_text":"","menu_content_text":"","single_tag":"0","optional_option":"0","image":""}}) );
    ipb.vars['emoticon_url'] = "";
    var hidecomments = parseInt(0);
    var showcomments = parseInt();

    Now if I put this back into globalTemplate

    <!--<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" />-->

    AND Leave the bbc_code change in place I get a lot closer to what the links used to look like.

    [code]Swedish Campaign Addon/modification - CombatACE


    var isRTL = false;
    var rtlIe = '';
    var rtlFull = '';



    I say it's closer because it's pulling the thumbnails correctly and the link work the only that doesn't work is the description but then again it didn't work with either two configurations.
  12. thompsone added a comment: Portal date formats   

    Does that fix the display problem? Can the microformat be defined somewhere? The microformat doesn't appear to obey any of the ACP settings which is why I changed it to begin with. With additional language sets installed I allow the time format to be determined by the locale by using the %X in the format string I also change the date around so it's more universal using %d %b %Y. The microformat obeyed none of those rules so I changed it. It now displays correctly and obeys the relative time settings. I shorten the date by throwing in the format="short" for when it actually pulls a date that isn't a relative time. I know it's not perfect but it's working.

    <span class='date'><abbr class="published" title="{parse expression="date( 'c', $result['post_date'] )"}">{parse date="$result['post_date']" format="short"}</abbr></span>
  13. thompsone added a comment: Sphinx address/listen   

    By default Sphinx 9.9 listens to searchd by default without defining anything in sphinx.conf as :: listening on all interfaces, port=9312

    In Sphinx 9.9 if you want it to listen on an additional interfaces and port you need to define it in the searchd settings in sphinx.conf.

    An entry as follows in the searchd settings in sphinx.conf:

    listen =
    port = 3312

    Produces this in sphinx 9.9

    # service searchd restart
    Stopping searchd: [ OK ]
    Starting searchd: Sphinx 0.9.9-release (r2117)
    Copyright (c) 2001-2009, Andrew Aksyonoff

    using config file '/etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf'...
    listening on
    listening on all interfaces, port=3312
    [ OK ][/code]

    IMHO - Everyone manages hardware differently and not all software can be cookie cutter mapped on to any OS. Unless IPS plans on supporting sphinx, its installation, its debugging, etc I'd leave that up to the customer. I'd say barring a couple known issues planned to be released in 3.1.2 for sphinx leave it as it is. The guide for setting it up is for 9.8 adding instructions for a new version is fine for all others there are man pages and logs. I don't want your chocolate in my peanut butter.
  14. thompsone added a comment: Facebook share link not working properly   

    Matt / Brandon

    It is possible that Facebook changed the way they scrape links but it's also possible it's something that's changed on the IPS side of things. The actual workings internally will have to be debugged and as Brandon said it's possible this may resolve itself in 3.1.2. That in itself is easy to determine once the necessary changes in the applications have been made by just testing it.

    My ticket initially which was moved into Tracker (rightfully so) was reporting the problem as seen from the "what's displayed" vantage point. My ticket #667394 initially showed what was returning (I'm siding with Brandon here because this looks like a scraping change / problem) nothing has changed to the installed IPS code base on my machine and I'm getting links like you are getting and showed above as of a few days ago versus what's shown in that ticket. So something got changed and probably fixed but still isn't the same as it was.

    However, previously and coincidentally right at the time I changed to the 3.1.x code base the links on Facebook changed from including a thumbnail image and nice description to just a plain link. You can see old links scraped by Facebook by using link feature here:

    I haven't posted links to any content since the break because honestly the plain text link is boring compared to what it used to be but is better than what was being scraped in the ticket above which is how this got here.

    This may or may not have anything to do with using the "like" share feature. If however the like share feature simply posts a link and the scape of that link is displaying oddly then it might be related. Integrating applications with two sets of architect designers and no real defined hook into their content is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded pistol. I'm not envious of the task.

    Hope this helps.
  15. thompsone added a comment: Portal date formats   

    Could that be an old template bit that just didn't get updated? This is wrong [code]{$result['date]}[/code]. I'd use [code]{parse date="$result['post_date']"}[/code]

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