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  1. riven3d added a comment: [4.0.3]Downloads - Can only add image files!   

    check what file types you allow, I am currently using this version and I am able to upload zip files and images just fine without an issue so far
  2. riven3d added a post in a topic: Uploading image to gallery creates 5 different files   

    I was just thinking the same thing, i remember when i was on shared hosting I was limited to 50,000 files, at 5 images per gallery image that will eat away quick at those with limited resources allowed to be used on their hosting plan.
    now im still trying to figure out how to find the image path of an gallery image so I can link the image pages database.
  3. riven3d added a comment: "Show that the message has been edited"   

    i hate this thing if I mark it to not show nobody should see it including Admin, I dont want to see it at all. should be an option to who can see it
  4. riven3d added a post in a topic: 4.0.2!   

    ​maybe you should GO READ IT YOURSELF
    so now what were you saying? next time butt out
  5. riven3d added a post in a topic: 4.0.2!   

    how crazy to make us upgrade to a new version just for a security update. bring back the upgrade packs so we can just upload the changed files and run the upgrade then.
    I cant stand these new versions every week, I havent even updated my live site yet as we are running test still on what we need to do after upgrade and then we get hit with another update
  6. riven3d added a post in a topic: BBCodes don't work   

    the custom bbcode i used was just to post a frame of a url into post.
    i went and looked all my post were changed to the new method but I cant get new post to work like that when trying to create it the new way i take my old bbcode info and put it into a new button and i just get a frame with a not authorized to use this instead of a frame of the page I would plug in.
    also there seems to be an issue with buttons, if you try to save it with anything other than inline it wont save.
  7. riven3d added a post in a topic: BBCodes don't work   

    sorry for bumping this old topic but this seems to be still and issue, i just upgraded an old test board of mine after running all the background process that were to be ran.
    bbcode on my forum dont work at all. I have a custom bbcode on the forum that I use on almost every post and now all my post are broke because if not working, I cant even find anywhere in the acp like before where we could edit bbcode
  8. riven3d added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This site] Marketplace Report this File
    when trying to report a file the pop up has a text area but before you can enter any text the add attachment comes up not allowing you to write anything.
    I have nothing to attach. I just wanted to write something about why I am reporting the file but cant??
    using the latest Firefox 36.0.4
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  9. riven3d added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [This site] data-type='member title'
    when viewing post, I saw Rikki had replied to a topic, his member title should say IPS Staff as that is what it says in his profile but in a post it says data-type='member title'
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  10. riven3d added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC4] Content Database Records Sorting
    when viewing records in a database, if you click to sort in ascending or descending of the records, it reloads but does nothing it just shows the same list of records as when it loads.
    this has been an issue since the first beta with other issues with databases we had back then it was forgotten to be reported
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  11. riven3d added a comment: [This Site] Password Broken   

    I had to send a ticket to get my account working, still had to reset my password for even to get this to work
    Ticket #908131 if you want to look at it
  12. riven3d added a comment: [Beta 6] CMS Upgrade Error   

    this issue is back with RC1. It converts the first 2 databases and then throws an error message, this time however the error log file is empty
  13. riven3d added a comment: [This site] Can't download files.   

    ​I have received this error on the forums just trying to read topics
  14. riven3d added a post in a topic: IPS 4 (RC)   

    still working on getting it upgraded myself I seem to be only one who gets issues during upgrade for the pages app because of the size of my database.
    beta 7/7a was a wash for me the upgrade just fails
    so now we try again with beta 8
  15. riven3d added a post in a topic: Pages Database changes   

    This is how my ACP currently looks in 3.4.x when I view manage records for my database

    in 4.0 this is now how it looks

    as you can see it has removed all the filed display from view and now it shows me last modified date and category if any.
    I cant sort it, and search now can only be done by title. I have over 36,000 records in this database alone that I am constantly in there daily updating records for.
    I could simply just click on the record number and it would take me to that record where I could edit it, this option is removed as long with everything else. makes the app totally useless for me
    If this remains I think 4.0 is not for me as it totally removes all the reasons I started using the pages app for.