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  1. ESanchez added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online   

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!! :D
  2. ESanchez added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Banning and more SEO tweaks   

    It will be good that you can have the access to flag a member in his profile to a group and not only to supermod or admin. So times you got and spammer that wait for low activity in the board and pos in forums without moderator online, if you can give the option to some group (diferente to supermod) it will be great, so you can set a group with the rigth to banner in the profile group and without all the supermod rigths
  3. ESanchez added a comment: Mod Permission - Flag As Spammer   

    I installed the 3.2.1 and check in the ipboard skin (the default) without modifcations and not show that button. Can you put what it have to be in what template??
  4. ESanchez added a comment: Problem select in editor   

    OK i attach some screen shots. I make a post and then go to edit. If i have the wysiwyg mode off if i use IE or FF i can select the text. (see ie attach) but in opera i can't select it. I trie in 2 pc booth with opera 11.11 (after happend the same with opera 11.10). (see opera attach).
  5. ESanchez added a record in IP.Board   

    Problem select in editor
    Ok this the problem, when i edit a pos, not creating one, just editing. If i have disable the wysiwyg mode i can't select the text whit the mouse.

    I use opera 11.10
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  6. ESanchez added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Minor Translation Improvements   

    Impresionante realmente, poder traducir todo va a servir de mucho, sobre todo cuanto uno de los admins no domina muy bien el ingles :D
  7. ESanchez added a record in Documentation   


    Very very helpfull and complete article. Thanks
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  8. ESanchez added a record in IP.Board   

    Unread Notification translate
    I want to traslate the unread notification hook. But i don't fine when the languaje file is or in wich file are.
    I thougth that it was in core_public_email_content.php but i traslate it, recache and nothing it's the same.


    As you can see in the picture steal say has replied..., or started a new...

    like i say before i think that was in the core_publi_email_content.php and was the 'subject__personal_convo....' but there don't work

    I don't know if is a bug or other thinks. But the fake is i can't fine where traslate it.

    But the way i traslate allmost all my board to spanish now (use External File Translation) and this is the only think (for now) that i can see the result of the traslate.
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  9. ESanchez added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Search Overhaul   

    Kudos my friend kudos for you.

    Esto es impresionante, algo realmente que no me esperaba. No puedo esperar a que salga esta version, o por lo menos un beta para ir probando :D
  10. ESanchez added a comment: Display Name   

    Anything about this??

    Can't be unificated the ban for non-registrable names and no display name? i something like that?

    Know that they found i have a few members that are playing with this
  11. ESanchez added a record in IP.Board   

    Display Name
    i don't know if put this like and error or make in the board a topic for a request for future versions.

    In the acp you can create ban filter for the user names (Non-Registerable Names), but this don't work for the displays name. So you can't register a acount named "faeces" for example but if you could change you display name you could change it to "faeces".

    I think that the Non-Registerable Names will have to work for both name, register and display, or maybe add somo Non-usuable display Names

    thanks a lot
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  12. ESanchez added a comment: Locale and time format   

    Well thanks Nimdock, i will search for a solution to. If i know something i will pms you and if you can fine something please let me know.

    And for the one that decide that, really was to hard put this two words in the locale??? come one!!!!
  13. ESanchez added a record in IP.Board   

    Locale and time format
    i dont found another report.

    I manage a board in uruguay so my locale is es_UY but whne i use it the format time show this way:

    20 July 2009 - 12:50
    Jul 20 2009 12:50

    Like you see there is no pm and am description, so if a litle confuss in the board. I try put es_UY.UTF8, es_UY.iso88591 y try es_AR, es_ES and other es_XX convinations and have allways the same result, so i have to put my locale to en_US, so now the short date i say de am and pm but in log date y say it in english so i can use it nether.

    Any idea?
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  14. ESanchez added a comment: Protected forums in new content   

    Sorry but in 2.3.6 if i was loged in the protected forum when i use the view new contet it was show.
    Is a change in the version?
  15. ESanchez added a record in IP.Board   

    Protected forums in new content
    When i click in view new content the new content of a protected by pass forum is not displayed. (the forum don't forgot the pass, when i look in it later i'm enter without put the pass).
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    Probando la cantidad de caracteres que se pueden dejer en el perfil por las dudas. Por el momento dice que me quedan menos de 300, ahora estamos por superar la barrera de los 200 pero aun no hemos llegado. AHi si. Ahora a terminar de escribirlos por que tengo que revisarlo por que no me anda en mi foro, talvez sea un problema de campo en la base de datos que quedo mal tras un update o quien sabe..