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  1. CharlesC added a record in IP.Blog   

    When a blog is rated, it dispays 3/5 even when rated 5/5, but fixes itself to the averaged rating by users after refresh. I encountered this on Rikki's blog.
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  2. CharlesC added a post in a topic: Instant Messaging Area in Profiles   

    Feature Suggestion- I think that if a user has not entered anything in his/her instant messaging labels, that the No Information Tab could be disabled for each empty one, and of course if a user is viewing their own profile, everyone of them could still appear just incase they wanted to add any user name in.
  3. CharlesC added a comment: Installer Finish Link   

    Ah..ok just wasn't completely sure, thanks bfarber.
  4. CharlesC added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Installer Finish Link
    The link in the following:

    QUOTE Congratulations, your IP.Downloads is now installed and ready to use! Below are some
    links you may find useful.
    Leads to ACP, I just wasn't sure if it was supposed to be directing there and not the component.
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  5. CharlesC added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Tracker Now Available   

    Now if only if it was for all IP.Board License Holders.

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