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  1. chopin added a post in a topic: Sort Files by Last Comment   

    I noticed that there is no default option to order file submissions (in the categories) by last comment date. For me personally, I run a musicians review site so bumping up the latest music submission by review date is desirable. Can you perhaps add this feature in to the next version of IPB?
  2. chopin added a post in a topic: Commas after subforum titles look awful!   

    Just leave it the way it is, and skin it later if you don't like it. That's the beauty of Invision Board, they allow you to customize it any way you want :) There obviously is a reason why they changed the way they display subforums in 3.2 from 3.1. Let them do the market research for us, and we can worry about building our communities :)

    Also, there is no need for the green and red icon dots to show "read or unread" with the new structure, because the whole sub forum title will become un-bold when read. I find this much more effective personally.
  3. chopin added a post in a topic: How to Track Like's?   

    I'm also wondering if these "likes" and "following topics" can be linked to facebook in any way.
  4. chopin added a post in a topic: How to Track Like's?   

    Ok, so I "liked" a post, but I was wondering if there was a way for me to track my "likes", and remove them later if I wanted to? If so, where can I accomplish this? If not, maybe you should consider adding this in as a feature.
  5. chopin added a post in a topic: Opening up the hosting   

    Bad business model. I bet you'd make a lot more money allowing users to make a one time, but more expensive purchase of this product. All smart webmasters want to own their data, not have it hosted on someone else's server. Bad business move by IPB in this respect.
  6. chopin added a post in a topic: Latest VB to IPB converts list   

    Young Composers (converted from vb 3.6)
  7. chopin added a post in a topic: Opening up the hosting   

    Also some of us may want the sense of ownership. If we have very large chatrooms going on, we don't want it to be on your server, we would want it to be on OUR server so we have control. Some of us want to brand our websites and have complete control (as to modify the chat to our own liking, guarantee continued chat hosting, etc). Hosting on a server we don't own gives us insecurity. Although I realize this is just a chat, and not a storage of permanent information, I would just feel safer knowing I have control over the intellectual property, because what if you discontinue your chat product, and we run a very successful set of chatrooms? Then we are out of luck.
  8. chopin added a post in a topic: Hosting on Own Server   

    Is there any way you can sell this product as a one time fee, where a user can host it on his own server? I was told in the chatroom that the reason IPB doesn't allow users to host IP Chat on their own servers is because most people have shared hosting, and it would be too resource intensive. But what about users who prove that they own a dedicated? Would you then allow a user to purchase IP Chat and host it on his own dedicated server?
  9. chopin added a post in a topic: Friendly URL Suggestion (furlTemplate.php)   

    Try enabling mod rewrite, to eliminate index.php? by going here:

    tools and settings --> systems settings --> Use .htaccess mod_rewrite (set to yes, and apply changes to your htaccess file accordingly)

    Next, under the same setting, try redirecting your urls by heading to "Incorrect Permalink Handling" and choosing "redirect to correct link with a 301 header"

    Do you still get success with those settings?
  10. chopin added a post in a topic: Friendly URL Suggestion (furlTemplate.php)   

    It "works" as long as you don't use 301's to redirect. If you use 301's however, it goes into a never ending loop. But problems occur when you try installing apps that also use FURL. Now I can't use any apps, and they redirect to my forum home because my format is Not sure what to do other than wait for a fix. I don't want the number included in the topic url, I suppose it is just personal preference, and to me, the looks of a url is important.

    Thus, in my case at least, I feel the FURL template is a bit limiting.
  11. chopin added a post in a topic: Friendly URL Suggestion (furlTemplate.php)   

    I suggest allowing for the following format, when it comes to editing furlTemplate.php: or...

    As of now, furlTemplate does not allow us to remove the dash in friendly urls which precedes the topic name. Please see my topic about this here .

    I personally find that a friendly URL looks much better when the topic number does not separate the topic name with a dash. My desired format would look like this:

    This leaves for the URL topic title in its own directory, which not only looks neater, but when searching in Google, the highlighted keywords are in its own directory. Whether or not this affects SEO, is not my main concern though, I really am just looking for neatness.

    I hope this can be considered as a revision in the next IPB update! Thanks for listening.
  12. chopin added a post in a topic: Social Groups   

    With paid modifications you can bet that they will have more support and backing. On top of that, the application will be more solid. Besides, $15-$20 is not a lot of money.
  13. chopin added a post in a topic: IPB 3.1.0 features   

    We need a toggle button to switch between visual (RTE) editor, which should be placed directly directly on the Fast Reply box, and Full Editor mode box. Right now, the only way to switch between modes is by going to settings --> Posting Settings --> Enable visual (RTE) editor

    I know someone also brought this up, but I will emphasize it. We need expiring redirects (and the user can set the specified time in hours, days, months, or a custom time) for moved threads. Also, we need a way to manage and set existing "moved threads" in the ACP. For example, with the new update, existing moved threads will not have this expiring redirect applied. In the ACP, please add a section where the admin can view all moved threads, and set expiring redirects as desired.

    Thanks! :)