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    Loading very slow in advertisements page
    Hello, for some time the page advertising is very very slow to appear. This is the only page that has a problem. Do you have a solution? advertisements do not slow down the site and they are hidden in the advertisement page. thank you
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    Accents bug in html code
    Hello, since the transition to 3.3.3 I have problems with accents.
    If the html code in there then they appear with accents?
    Also I can then edit the file globaltemplate more.

    Have you an idea, a fix? thank you.


    <p class="Style4"><a href="http://www.wow-echange.eu/index.php?app=custompages&amp;module=view&amp;section=display&amp;do=show&amp;pageId=11">Mentions Légales / Conditions générales
    </a> -

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