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  1. SandraS added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    Nearly a month old thread but I wanted to contribute.
    I own a PC that runs Windows 8.1 - can't wait for 10 - which I use for working on my board, editing my photos, and playing Sims 4. However I just voted for "other" as my daily driver is a Chromebook. It's perfect for my day to day browsing and word processing needs.
  2. SandraS added a post in a topic: What phone do you use?   

    Currently Note 3.
    Waiting to see what the Note 5 is going to be like before deciding on my next phone, sticking with android though
  3. SandraS added a comment: [IPS Forum] Display Name Login Issue   

    I just had this same problem but I already use my email address to log on. I ended up signing in to the client area and then headed to the forums afterwards in order to sign in as my username didn't work either.
  4. SandraS added a comment on a file: Deluxe by IPS Themes   

    This is the first skin that I have brought and it looks great on my forum. I love how easy it is to set it up the way I want it and my members are very happy with it as well. Thanks Tom!
  5. SandraS added a post in a topic: Allow HTML   

    oops, wrong tab :blush:

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