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  1. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG31) Google Adsense Ads v1.2.2   

    It's possible the google code has changed the submission date. This mod is several years old now. 
    -Don :)
  2. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NG33) Xbox/Psn Tags   

    Yes it is. It is still compatible with the latest release of IP.Board 3.4.x and also 3.3.x.
  3. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG31) Google Adsense Ads In Topic View v1.1.1   

    This was designed for IP.Board version 3.1.x. If you're trying to use this on a newer version such as 3.3.x or 3.4.x, then it may not work. I have not upgraded this for the newer IP.Board versions. I am currently working on my other app that does exactly what this simple hook does and more. My global ads mod is near completion. About another two weeks or so and it should be finished.
    -Don :)
  4. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Global Ads   

    It seems to be showing up on my Chrome at the top. It must be a setting in your Chrome that is preventing it from showing at the top. Also, it seems to be showing two(2) google ads there..
  5. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Global Ads   

    You're not bothering me at all man. :) Would you mind sending me a link to your site please? So I can see the issue in action.
    -Don :)
  6. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Global Ads   

    Which browser are you using? it seems to be working for me. Here is a screenshot of my Chrome browser with it showing up at the top:
    <td align="center" valign="top" width="10%"> 
  7. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Global Ads   

    I'll go ahead and take a look at this issue on my dev site and see what I can do for you. That code should have worked but idk.. I'll get back to you tomorrow with a possible solution. :)
    -Don :)
  8. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Global Ads   

    Yes it is possible. I have just checked my template bit and have it setup wrong. For a quick fix, please go to ACP -> Look & Feel -> Skin Templates -> Select Skin -> skin_ng30globalads -> hookTopicGlobalAds4_Right_2

               <td align="center" valign="top" width="10%" nowrap="nowrap">  
    Replace with:

               <td align="top" valign="top" width="10%">  
    The nowrap code was removed because I have been fiddling with my app the few weeks getting it upgraded for 3.4 and keeping it compatible with 3.3, and have noticed the nowrap causes some issues. But anywho... replacing the code with the new one should fix your issue. :)
    If you still have issues, please do not hesitate to ask. :)
    -Donald :)
  9. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    Got it figured out lmao it was something called media player installed on my laptop lol :)
  10. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    What is up with the ads on the forums now? They keep popping up windows and other crap... why do you have ads now IPS?? It gets annoying.. lol
    -Don :)
  11. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG31) Google Adsense Ads v1.2.2   

    It should work with IP.Content, yes. Just copy the contents of the skin template over to your IP.Content page and it should get everything you have setup in your ACP.
    -Don :)
  12. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Tracker Portal   

    Dmacleo is correct. The mod only works with IP.C 2.2. The recent update was because of market changes as well. The actual file was not updated.
    Hope this clarifies things up.
    -Don :)
  13. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: (NG33) Members Donate Button   

    Your welcome. :) But I never got the time to actually input the code for selecting certain categories for the downloads system. I merely updated all the files I have and ut them in to categories I thought matched. Had to do this or IPS was going to remove them. No actual modification was updated with new base code. Just an FYI. :)
    -Donald :)
  14. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Content Custom Page Titles   

    File Name : Content Custom Page Titles
    File Submitter : Nuclear General
    File Submitted : 30 Jul 2012
    File Category : Content Management

    This Hook Will give an option when setting a custom page title to format the titles of any databases embedded in the page.
    All constants replacements are usable, eg: {page_name}, {website_name}, {board_name}, {database_name}, {category_name}, {record_name}.
    This grants more granular and approachable control of Content Database Page Titles than the constants allow, and directly overrides them if supplied for the page.
    Separately format your Database/Articles Index, Category, and View Titles per page of use.
    Manage all page titles directly from the page.

    Click here to download this file
  15. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Gallery(4.x/5.x) Random Image Button   

    File Name : Gallery(4.x/5.x) Random Image Button
    File Submitter : Nuclear General
    File Submitted : 28 Aug 2012
    File Category : User and Social Engagement

    This fun hook simply adds a new tab to your navbar. Click it to go to a Random Gallery Image you can view.
    Respects All Gallery Permissions. Uses Gallery API and backwards-compatible code to generate a random image to be redirected to at the visited link.
    If, by RAND chance, the viewable result is the image viewed when clicking the link, it will try again, this time using the same API to pull 2 results and give the first one not the image you were at.
    Tested against IP.Gallery 4.1 and 5.0.0

    Click here to download this file

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