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  1. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NG33) Xbox/Psn Tags   

    Yes it is. It is still compatible with the latest release of IP.Board 3.4.x and also 3.3.x.
  2. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    Got it figured out lmao it was something called media player installed on my laptop lol :)
  3. Nuclear General added a post in a topic: Ads? What the heck?   

    What is up with the ads on the forums now? They keep popping up windows and other crap... why do you have ads now IPS?? It gets annoying.. lol

    -Don :)
  4. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NB34) Clan Wars   

    Also, I tested it on 3.3.4 and works as intended, incase anyone else might ask that question.
  5. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NB34) Clan Wars   

    Needs ability to add records from the public side. Keeping it all to the admin side makes this a turn down from future buyers. It's not really a complicated mod, but it gets the job done, if you want to keep your admins busy trying to keep up with the demands of adding and updating leagues, squads, matches, ect.
  6. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (SD) Referer Message   

    Sounds likes best translation of what it possibly does to me. :)
    Sounds like an interesting hook too! xP
    -Don :)
  7. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NG33) Image Align   

    No, this has nothing to do with that particular modification. But it essentially does the same thing in terms of aligning.
  8. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NG33) Image Align   

    You're welcome! :smile: And for anyone who needs to use the align="" tag that I included with the mod, currently HTML5 does not support it, but you can use the style="" tag instead. The style tag uses plain CSS coding as if you were adding it directly to an image or link. For more info, please visit this link at
  9. Nuclear General added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    (NG33) Image Align v2.0.0
    Tiberium Studios is Proud To Announce The Release Of (NG33) Image Align BBCode v2.0.0!

    This BBCode Allows You To Properly Add Image Align Codes Multiple Times In A Single Post.

    Images Can Be Aligned Left, & Right.

    The Image Can Even Have A URL Attached To It. To Have No URL, Please A Pound Symbol (#) Inside The 'link_url' Section.

    For Support, Please Visit The Support Topic.

    Release Notes [*]First Initial Release Of Modification v1.0.0 [*]Features Available [*]Option To Set Image As A Link. [*]Option To Set Image URL. [*]Option To Set Align. [*]Second Initial Release Of Modification v1.1.0 [*]New Features Available [*]Added Option To Set Style Of Image Using style="" Tag. [*]Added Option To Set Class Of Image Using class="" Tag. [*]Added Option To Use Lightbox For The Image. [*]Added Option To Set Ability For Links To Open In Same Window Or A New Window/Tab. [*]Third Initial Release Of Modification v1.1.1 [*]Fixed Issue When Assigning The LightBox Feature. [*]Fourth Initial Release Of Modification v2.0.0 [*]Improved [*]Updated to work with IP.Board 3.3.4. [*]Fixed [*]Took out Image URL. Image now just opens lightbox and not a new window/tab. It was causing issues. [*]Removed [*]Top. Bottom & Middle Align Codes. Pricing The Purchase Price is $5 USD. To purchase (NG33) Image Align, please click on this link: Product Listing. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button. Terms And Conditions Before Purchasing, please be sure to read the Terms And Conditions fully. Important Information READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Anyone who fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions Will Be Warned And Be Temporarily Banned.

  10. Nuclear General added a file in Integration   

    Reputation Protected Applications v1.0.2
    This hook simply enables the disabling of the use, display, and queries of the reputation system by application throughout IPB.
  11. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Free Version v1.3.8+ notes:
    IonCube loader required Shout limit 250 active
  12. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: MoonSkin 3.3 Pro Dark Skins [UPDATE]   

    Few suggestions: add about 5px padding to the copyright and add background: transparent; to the entry_featured, entry_header for blog entries. It has a real real bright off-white color that needs to be gone. It hurt ma eyes for a sec lol changed it myself though. :)
    -Don :)
  13. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: [HQ] Topic Starter Info   

    Pretty sure it can work with 3.3. Not sure though. Give it shot and see.
  14. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: Bottom Bar 1.0.1   

    I will be updating this mod to work with IP.Board 3.3.4 sometime in next few weeks.
  15. Nuclear General added a comment on a file: (NG33) Forum Icon Legend   

    Added bigger screenshots. The one that was there before was an old image from back in 2010 that was reduced in size when IPS updated IP.Downloads long ago.

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  1. Nuclear General

    I'm very busy lately with 2 jobs and now currently involved with someone so I may not always be available for bug fixes right away, but I will try my best to do what I can if another issue arises. If anyone needs any help on an issue, please do not PM directly about one of my mods. Please use the support topic for questions and suggestions.

  2. Nuclear General

    Starting Tomorrow (September 24, 2012) I will not be available for one week (Til September 30, 2012). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to my customers. Thanks, -Don :)

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    Found your post about terms of service. Just wanted to ask you if it's ok if i pick somethings off your TOS for my community. Appreciate your help. Thanks

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