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  1. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    Like I said ive shown on the list immediatly after a manual update, but not for long, even though the account shows. Maybe about 60-100 users with information entered into the field at most, valid or otherwise. Even now im online, and have been for about 8 hours and not once has it shown me as online.
  2. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Tough Request for Help   

    Unfortunatly with a lack of replies I had to use the IPS.Connect way of storing a second database. I didn't want to do it but it seems to be the only way as nobody anywhere seems to be able to reply with anything helpful on this subject.

    My next issue is pulling additional details... How should I go about that?
    I am wanting to display the users avatar and need to pull their user ID so I can link it to form submissions etc. Any assistance is appreciated!
  3. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   


    Love the hook! However am having what I feel is an issue. No MySQL errors or otherwise, however data seems very inconsistent. I've been online for a steady couple of hours and have even manually updated my own profile, however I stop showing as online after the next global update.

    Having said that, the task is set to run on a 5 minute increment. I am using CRON to power the updates and have also been updating manually to further test it. The plugin has been in place for approx. 6 hours, and not many people have a valid steamID in their profile from what I can see.

    Users Online (Board Index):
    Current Database Information:
    Command to Display Database Info: (Top result is me)

    Currently set to 20 members every 5 minutes via CRON, displaying 5 users on board index. Has displayed me only after Manual Update but before auto update Memory Limit on Server 128M (Dedi box) Timeout is at least 60s Database appears to be handling the data fine, connector seems to be pulling it fine. Thanks!
  4. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Frontend Support System   

    My knowledge isn't as advanced as would be necessary to get anywhere near what would be expected.

    The thing is I am not the only one saying this feature is necessary for such a system. Nexus is meant to be a highly dynamic system that covers the necessary functionality of a full support system. Necessity of ACP access for level 1 support staff is unreasonable, as many have agreed.

    Simply saying "If you don't like it, make your own" is not constructive, I am trying to provide useful suggestions for improving a product where improvement is necessary. I really love Nexus, I have done since it was announced years ago before I even got to play with it, so I don't want to NOT use it.
  5. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Frontend Support System   

    As alternate solutions go, It isn't bad, but I still feel strongly towards a change in the core of nexus.
  6. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Frontend Support System   

    This is an old topic, as such I know I may be bumping it and some may not appreciate that :S

    This still, to me, has yet to be fully looked at. This to me should have its own portal of sorts, in the frontend of the system. Otherwise, I can understand what the ACP Centralization goal is, perhaps an alternative to this would be to change how the ACP reacts to restrictions. Completly hide tabs and sections that are not accessible to avoid such confusions.

    I still must say that I stand my ground on where I believe the functionality should be, and understand the counter-arguments for it. At the end of the day the data is still within the same database, so having SOME of the data accessible via the frontend and not other data, isn't much of a stretch.

    In a situation, as you pointed out earlier, where a staff member needs to view information that is only viewable via the ACP, then they need to forward it to another department, one who DOES have access. Simply duplicate the 'help desk' panel to be within the ACP (to avoid tab changing or constant switching between front and back) as well as the MCP or other Support Desk.

    It is the admins responsibility to configure departments to have appropriate access in the first place. If an 'accounts' department only has access to the help desk but not the ACP, then the person who set it up has failed their job. But if Nexus's support feature is being used for reports and other misc 'ticket' subjects then they shouldn't need nor be given access to the ACP.

    I really hope that IPS will reconsider their position on this, as I can see many communities, especially gaming ones, taking advantages of the new functionality it would offer. Thank you :)
  7. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Tough Request for Help   

    Hey Guys,

    I have a tough one, and I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I am currently developing a new site for our community and am having a custom skin made off of the new layout. Obviously my goal is to have the site and forums run together as if they are the same 'app' so to speak.

    I am wanting to integrate the login so that when the users are logged into the forum, they show as logged into the website. Catch is that there is no real website user database. It is an information based website and the only databases it uses are for caching purposes.

    I pretty much want to use the ipsconnect cookie along with another cookie to tell the software that the user is logged in.

    When they are logged in I would want them to see their username, avatar, unread messages etc, when logged out it will show the login button.

    So my question(s) are:

    How can I have (If at all) the form on my 'site' simply post data to the IP.Board login rather than handle the login itself. (Low Priority, I can just change it to a link to the login page of the forum) (1b) Can IP.Board be slightly reprogrammed to send to a referring page from OUTSIDE IP.Board when it logs in (aka you are reading topic 121 and click on login, it send you back) How can I, other than a generic cookie that can easily be cheated, have users information displayed live from the database on the website. How can I setup the logout link as it seems to also have a unique variable that doesn't match the cookies I am viewing. Additional Details:
    Forum Location: forum.domain.com
    Site Location: www.site.com

    Please dont hesitate to request additional information if you feel you can assist me :) - I appreciate everyones time in this matter.

  8. Tarquin added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP   

    We, the people, demand this released tomorrow!!! OMG I LOOOVE it. Good Job IPS.
  9. Tarquin added a post in a topic: A few issues   

    Hey Guys,

    I just upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4.5 last night and it seemed to go down well. I got the skin, hooks and apps all working after the update and all looks great.

    I cannot seem to find how to enable the best answer feature and define which forums it be made available to. I used the ACP Search but still no joy.

    Secondly the text editors in the AdminCP occasionally do not load for some reason, it flashes the editor then disappears and just becomes an empty area. This isnt all the time but it does happen alot (ie on the page to turn the forums online/offline)

    Thanks for your help guys!
  10. Tarquin added a post in a topic: ProMenu Plus   

    Could you perhaps show a screenshot of how it looks on the frontend and not just the ACP? Does it inherit styles from the skin or does it provide all of its own? I saw that you could mess with some CSS but would prefer absolute inheritence.
  11. Tarquin added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Hey Pete,

    Love the updated shoutbox, just have a few issues/inquiries.

    - Bug: Updating preferences (ie sound setting) does not save, as others have also reported to you.
    - Bug: When I emptied the shouts table to start clean, and ran the recache, all went well, however each users shout count in the user table was NOT reset. So you can see next to my name for example that I have 550 shouts.
    - Bug: On the user profile ( example ) it shows guest next to the shouts instead of the username.
    - Inquiry: Im sure its been asked before, but is there a way to only block youtube/media from being posted in the shoutbox, especially auto parsing the youtube links. Thanks!

    Thanks for your time invested into support and the product itself.
  12. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Please help me to locate this option   

    I didnt think it moved them to validating for changing an email address, perhaps THAT should be configurable or is perhaps a bug?
  13. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Please help me to locate this option   

    That would be a very poor thing to allow, if someone hacked into, guessed or managed to get hold of a still-logged-in users account, they could simply take control preventing the other user from even using the forgotten password system.

    I believe that for security reasons, this is one of the most important verifications implimented in IP.Board
  14. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Skin per Page   

    Hey Guys,

    I did a quick search and didnt seem to find any results, although I assume it has been asked before.

    My board uses different skins in different sections of the site to further indicate that you are in a seperate section. I use IP.Content to now manage custom page needs. Is there a way to specify a skin to be used on a per page basis as opposed to using the default or currently selected skin much like individual forums can.
  15. Tarquin added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS33) IPS Recent Topics Hook Enhancement   


    But what about the 3.3.4 users who wanted this? Are we going to get a compatible update as you go or are we being skipped?

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