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  1. FadE. added a comment on a file: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Where can i get the 1.3.7?
  2. FadE. added a post in a topic: Tag Help   

    I want some of them to stay there like a max of 5.

    I have seen on some forums over 25... that is just too many.
  3. FadE. added a post in a topic: Tag Help   

    Hi Guys,

    We started using tags and i would like to know how to limit the number of tagged topic that are displayed at the end of each post.


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Hello, well I like setting up websites and see how they go, I have only had one good success at this and that was www.Aus-VIP.com. My other attempts are www.Aus-VIP.com | www.smlurl.info | www.hadtolisten.com | www.telltoyota.info | www.makemydreamstrue.info | www.staticfrost.com | www.hangimages.com | www.makemywishtrue.com