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  1. EJRav3n added a comment on a file: Format Member Birthdays   

    This is amazing!
  2. EJRav3n added a post in a topic: Editor in Ips 4.0   

    Question, if I wanted to upgrade my editor to the new version of ckeditor and some of its plugins, how easy would that be in file edits? I hope it's possible just wondering before I look into it.
  3. EJRav3n added a post in a topic: Migrating from Wordpress to Content   

    This is more of a feature request for IPB 4.0 than a pre-sell question, but it's still a pre-sale question.

    Long time user of IPB (way back when IPB was free lol) I have decided to make the switch to Content from Wordpress, I no longer want to maintain several different systems, each upgrade is a pain and plugins and hooks don't work together... I have lost functionality over and over, I'm tired. Marcher's bridge was a Godsent but I don't want to continue to bridge stuff.... I'm just sick and tire of it all! I'm sticking by your side with Content and dropping Wordpress for better or worse... but I have several concerns.

    Your forum software is amazing, best forum software IMHO. But Content not so much. I hate Wordpress, it's not secured, its code base is literally crap, but it looks pretty! Content lacks jQuery SLIDERS, TABS and FONTS, Taxonomies for displaying content, and a ton of other beautiful design features that make Wordpress just amazingly good looking.

    This is what I need from IPB team:

    Rebuild Content to truly compete with Wordpress, I have read most of your replies when someone compares you to Wordpress, but the truth is, Content's evolution needs to surpass Wordpress and unless all those beautiful features do not come out of the box or in well designed first-party hooks/plugins if you will, then all the permissions and security Content offers means very little.

    Before I fully commit to Content, will Content be improved exponentially to compete with Wordpress?
  4. EJRav3n added a comment on a file: [CH59] Award Icons - Black Icons   

    Thank you very much!
  5. EJRav3n added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Social Suite (4.0)   

    In addition, as browsers evolved and jQuery becomes irrelevant, could you please, PLEASE plan this version with LONG TERM development framework in mind.
    Making changes this drastic makes big boards very difficult to update.
  6. EJRav3n added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Social Suite (4.0)   

    jQuery is too big and if you are going to include it in your installation could you also include a fast way to replace with Google’s CDN?
  7. EJRav3n added a comment on a blog entry: Introducing IP.Converge Modules   

    How does this work?

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