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  1. Pete T added a comment: Beta 6 - Designers Mode not enabling + html folder   

    might be fixed now ehren  as your issue sounds like mine when first started.
  2. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    ​ok easy done  
  3. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    Tom no idea how I am confused with designer mode ! I been testing from day one and been work fine to now so again no idea where confusing coming from I design few themes already 4.0.x if people need step by step guide then I do that trust me but when down if know how use software for 4.0.x answer is yes I do thanks end topic.
  4. Pete T added a post in a topic: filename downloading IPS installers   

    ​i guess random names as mine not the same  
  5. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    This how i see designer mode works, first turn on designer mode as official would need the files/folders to build your theme, while in designer mode add tweaks and images if like add images to the theme once you happy turn off and sync that theme and your done.
  6. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    I not first person to report it at first would just not turn on then finial got the error in OP.
  7. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    ​Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\Theme\Dev\Theme::getDelayedCss() in /home3/invfocus/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(3513) : eval()'d code on line 31 and upgrade every version was fine in beta 5b.
  8. Pete T added a post in a topic: Beta 6 worse than Beta 5   

    only issue having like few others is designer mode is continues to fail and has error that been posted in bug tracker but terms of making a theme hard to test to error been fixed.
  9. Pete T added a comment: [Beta 6] Designer Mode does not work   

    Fatal error : Call to undefined method IPS\Theme\Dev\Theme::getDelayedCss() in  /home3/invfocus/public_html/system/Theme/Theme.php(3513) : eval()'d code  on line  31
  10. Pete T added a comment: [Beta 6] Theme Editing Custom Tab Language Bits Missing   

    Bug already reported but glad not just me having problem on every beta so far, I Manual fix it and upgrade breaks it.
  11. Pete T added a comment: [Beta 6] Designer Mode does not work   

    I have no error but keep being asked enable designer mode does the script and then return back same place with designer mode off.
  12. Pete T added a comment: [beta 6] Theme header   

    Found the error my png logo was not loading in unsure why but will looking to see what css/html changes been added or tweaked.
  13. Pete T added a comment: beta 4b - Admin CP theme edit.   

    Can this bug be reopen looked at so far every upgrade has broken the same area.
  14. Pete T added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [beta 6] Theme header

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  15. Pete T added a post in a topic: Google Plus Connect   

    ^^ 3.4.x ^^

About Me

Chapter 1 : The start of my IP.Board skills back on 2005 as a Mod Installer on Invision Helpers the roles was very simple i would install mods, and skins on people forums all for free and yes i enjoyed it.

Chapter 2: After leaving Invision Helpers to help as Admin at Invisioneers where i learn to build skins and started to provide support for people with problem with there site, but due to many issue Invisioneers was shut down by domain owner. I then looked other options and created my own version and was very popular during that stage i contained help people with there sites.

Chapter 3: After enjoy building skins i started create my own mods and enjoyed still to support people with issues and fix there problems and got the bug keep working on new items.

Chapter 4: I not sure when but did take break from Invision World as would call it due to health and most my item was given away to people but did return and started rebuild many new skins and hooks and apps and started re support people.

Chapter 5: Invision Focus and current present day 2015 i now have many skins and apps and hooks and still today provide support to people and help as much as i can around at IPS forum.


Status Feed

  1. Pete T

    Daughter number 2 is due any day 

    1. Pete T

      My second baby born today at   4.25am 23/01/15

  2. SardiniaNET » Pete T

    Can I create a profile in the forum and give you access to the CP?

  3. Pete T

    Magic after few days got 3.4.x upgrade to 4.0.x

  4. Pete T

    DBS "why did government make harder the CRB system worked"

  5. Pete T

    Free Hooks/Apps becoming paid where has world come to !!

    1. Kirito

      I hear you comrade!

  6. Pete T

    Cleancut 3.4.6 Coming Soon

  7. Pete T

    Invisioneers - To Return.

  8. Pete T

    I am away to the 06/01/13

  9. Pete T

    Sign Out - Will back Online 27/12/12 so leave PM

  10. Pete T

    Need hit reward button for my health..

  11. Pete T

    Classic Blue v 3.2.0 Out..

    1. Lewis P

      Guess I won't start it then.... Got any screenshots? :)

    2. AndyF

      Not quite out yet here. You have a PM Pete. :)

    3. Lewis P

      Saw it on Invision Focus - I'll still carry on with the update - it's not what I thought

    4. Gaffney

      yeh it's not the classic blue skin from ipb 2.

  12. Pete T re open

    1. Olivier Turbis


  13. chilli » Pete T

    Hello. :D

  14. Pete T

    Been using IPB for over 2yrs now and know how to add mods to 2.0.x +