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  1. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    Ok back to problem then if happy i can look your issue but will need lot access to check on stuff if noticed my site already on 4.0.x has been from pre install 1.0.15, if like me look problem please send me PM and talk over what need or how help there.
  2. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    ​you do know have issue with perpetual license with 4.0.x coming ? i had to convert over to the new system allow 4.0.x be used.
  3. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    hang on just noticed your visitor ! group = no license ! how can use your forum if don't have one unless the group wrong !
  4. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    ​what Nathan saying all links in view source for css etc pointing to 
    href = 'BETA the word beta breaking the source code.
  5. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    ​is admin cp looking ok ? 
  6. Pete T added a post in a topic: Problem with theme   

    ​i had issue myself was not quick fix but depending how you upgraded and what data been moved not hard fix but could take time, to fix issue lot problem having is because 3.4.x and 4.0.x data is different and there lots bugs that need be fixed before finial be ready for live site.
    so my question first is the site you upgraded fresh files for 4.0.x or fixed batch of 3.4.x and 4.0.x ?
  7. Pete T added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 theme url   

    the problem with that meddysong you not exporting the items in that folder and Steve i have noticed there issues with export items at moment in beta 2 so hoping beta 3 fix so look at other option as unsure if we allowed create folder within /theme for items like font and because beta 2 is having exporting issues i not looked or tested it.
  8. Pete T added a post in a topic: IPB 4.0 theme url   

    ​hi steve not sure if this is the route like use but been thinking why not use font from Google font family unless custom font then would work and using standard URL or have you tried it and never worked.
  9. Pete T added a post in a topic: IPB On cloud need to link board to /forum domain   

    ​ok that sound confusing the way type that if own then would be able setup forum any way like but remember your hosting is with IPS so need work out if like load your forum or have your forum.
    If need help getting the setup you can submit ticket as get support or I happy help you once I work out the forum format in example just provided.
  10. Pete T added a post in a topic: Pages   

    ​Ok but would work if have ? as forum ?
  11. Pete T added a post in a topic: Pages   

    ​Ok believe don't understand the question in 3.4.x ok we added content into following place admin/applications_addon unless you played around settings ok content would be everyday app show the following now in content download folder you open it had extra files one called Tools in there is another index.php is allowed you run content outside root forum folder.
    So this example would be would have its own index.php that would pull in all content items and my best example live forum is now in 3.4.x had make few changes know as advanced settings this makes my live example do what i need in 4.0.x, use ipb wrapper as standard but making pages default on and forum default on again my live example shows you that.
  12. Pete T added a post in a topic: Pages   

    ​That if want pages be inside the forum what is not what said ! if look at 3.4.x i could have and forum loads or if when content would load so both really default.
  13. Pete T added a post in a topic: Pages   

    Ok at moment pages is not beening provided with extra tools example in content we had extra files that would allow us to use page outside the forum root folder so = pages = forum now understand might little different because forum is now on its own but sure we can get simple index.php allow the end user custom it so have pages and download and does same example above.
  14. Pete T added a post in a topic: Sub-Domain options!   

    ​you need change conf_global.php so its and change your settings so files pointed new configuration. 
  15. Pete T added a post in a topic: Getting From Dev Mode to Release   

    When finished your app and still in IN_DEV go to Admin CP - SYSTEM - MANAGER APP & MODULES you have option allow you export XML 

    as see above have export mod or export app xml
    also need do other items like if have hook with your app you need export that and this little different in Admin CP - SYSTEM - MANAGE HOOKS select the hook need export and to the right have drop down menu allows you export hook

    Then need export items like settings as sure will have few them Admin CP - SYSTEM - SYSTEM SETTINGS - find your settings this like hooks you select the settings you have click export group

    if missed any items please ask and get the details you need but once have all items add them into folder and test it on local host see how installs etc.
    Terms of 4.0.x its all changed and would need rebuild it for that version as code different.

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  1. Pete T

    Magic after few days got 3.4.x upgrade to 4.0.x

  2. Pete T

    DBS "why did government make harder the CRB system worked"

  3. Pete T

    Free Hooks/Apps becoming paid where has world come to !!

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      I hear you comrade!

  4. Pete T

    Cleancut 3.4.6 Coming Soon

  5. Pete T

    Invisioneers - To Return.

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    I am away to the 06/01/13

  7. Pete T

    Sign Out - Will back Online 27/12/12 so leave PM

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    Need hit reward button for my health..

  9. Pete T

    Classic Blue v 3.2.0 Out..

    1. Lewis P

      Guess I won't start it then.... Got any screenshots? :)

    2. AndyF

      Not quite out yet here. You have a PM Pete. :)

    3. Lewis P

      Saw it on Invision Focus - I'll still carry on with the update - it's not what I thought

    4. Gaffney

      yeh it's not the classic blue skin from ipb 2.

  10. Pete T re open

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    Hello. :D

  12. Pete T

    Been using IPB for over 2yrs now and know how to add mods to 2.0.x +