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  1. Stewart added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online   

    Hard to believe it's been 10 years! Congratulations to everyone and long may it continue :)
  2. Stewart added a comment: 'Set as members language' doesn't reset for guests   

    Updating status to: Bogus (Unconfirmed)
  3. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 8] Developers Mode - New Widgets   

    Yes, this is fixed in 2.2.

  4. Stewart added a comment: [PAGES-B8) Categories EX0 Error   

    Please submit a ticket.

  5. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 8] Developers Mode - New Widgets   

    mySQL5 is not supported in 2.0 or 2.1.

  6. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 8] Unable to export/download theme   

    Updating status to: Duplicate
  7. Stewart added a comment: poll reset - supposed to do that?   

    Updating status to: Duplicate
  8. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 7] "User who asked question can choose..." is not being saved   

    It's based on IPD code, adapted to IPB, so either is suitable really.

  9. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 7] Sharing a topic by email: layout problem   

    This is fake, there is no exploit here. You can create an SQL error, but you can't actually inject anything.


        function auto_run()
            // Are we allowed to see the online list?
            $this->ipsclass->input['st'] = intval($this->ipsclass->input['st']);

    This will likely be fixed in the next release anyway, but there is NO security risk here :)
  10. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 7] Most online counter resets   

    Submit a ticket and we can look into this, the setting does work.
  11. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 7] missing $count variable causes upgrade error   

    Try :)
  12. Stewart added a comment: [Beta 7] Bulk Email issue   

    The Development Team do not work on a Sunday, and today is a US holiday.If you look back, most bugs which are not from 2.2, are responded to during normal business hours.

    We don't provide any kind of guaranteed response time to bugs, but this will be looked at tomorrow most likely.

  13. Stewart added a comment: Checkbox required field   

    That's because the fix is in 2.2 :)
  14. Stewart added a comment: ">" appears when a member reports a bug   


    Note to me:

    2_2_TRUNK Branch
    - Permissions added rev 105
    - Prune values fixed 105
    - Lower Displays and member names rev 106
    - Login handler changes not commited yet, waiting on Brandon to approve.