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  1. Joriz added a post in a topic: I think I dun goofed.   

    Can you provide some more information? Can you see with the debugger in your browser what is actually happening when you try to login?
    Please notice you can also report bugs in the bug tracker .
  2. Joriz added a post in a topic: Redis key-value store cache + IPB 3.3.x / 3.4.x   

    With the IPS4 beta code and documentation about phpredis I created a Redis class for Invision Board 3.3.x and 3.4.x
    With some simple file modifications you can make this easily work on your own webserver to make use of the very fast Redis key-value store.
    Please notice you first have to install Redis and the PHP Redis module on your server. It seems Redis only needs a few MB of memory to store the date. This will be probably more with IPS4, because IPS has many caching improvements.
    1. Download the attachment ( ) and upload classCacheRedis.php to the ips_kernel directory
    2. Add the following code to ipsRegistry.php in admin/sources/base above the Eaccelerator... code:
    //-------------------------------- // Redis... //-------------------------------- if( ipsRegistry::$settings['use_redis'] == 1 ) { require( IPS_KERNEL_PATH.'interfaces/interfaceCache.php' );/*noLibHook*/ require( IPS_KERNEL_PATH.'classCacheRedis.php' );/*noLibHook*/ self::$cacheLib = new classCacheRedis( ipsRegistry::$settings['board_url'] ); } 3. Change in the ipsRegistry.php file the if at Eaccelerator to else if
    You should get the following:
    else if( function_exists('eaccelerator_get') AND ipsRegistry::$settings['use_eaccelerator'] == 1 ) 4. Add the following line to conf_global.php:
    $INFO['use_redis'] = '1'; 5. Happy fast IPB Redis caching!
    # Server redis_version:2.8.x redis_mode:standalone arch_bits:64 multiplexing_api:epoll tcp_port:6379 uptime_in_seconds:69656 uptime_in_days:0 hz:10 lru_clock:9787554 config_file:/etc/redis.conf # Clients connected_clients:1 client_longest_output_list:0 client_biggest_input_buf:0 blocked_clients:0 # Memory used_memory:3796000 used_memory_human:3.62M used_memory_rss:8122368 used_memory_peak:4241256 used_memory_peak_human:4.04M used_memory_lua:35840 mem_fragmentation_ratio:2.14 mem_allocator:jemalloc-3.6.0 # Stats total_connections_received:81895 total_commands_processed:3030017 instantaneous_ops_per_sec:69 total_net_input_bytes:186595137 total_net_output_bytes:86289079947 instantaneous_input_kbps:3.52 instantaneous_output_kbps:1929.71 rejected_connections:0 sync_full:0 sync_partial_ok:0 sync_partial_err:0 expired_keys:461 evicted_keys:0 keyspace_hits:2986047 keyspace_misses:20373 Notice: I only tested this on one server. Use of the code is at your own risk!
    Please share your code suggestions and results!
  3. Joriz added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    It seems that the changes in core.php in IPB 3.3.x break embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc...
    The iframe part seems to break all embedded media video's when you edit a post with a media video.
    if ( $fixScript ) { $txt = preg_replace( '#<(\s+?)?s(\s+?)?c(\s+?)?r(\s+?)?i(\s+?)?p(\s+?)?t#is' , "&lt;script" , $txt ); $txt = preg_replace( '#<(\s+?)?/(\s+?)?s(\s+?)?c(\s+?)?r(\s+?)?i(\s+?)?p(\s+?)?t#is', "&lt;/script", $txt ); $txt = preg_replace( '#<(\s+?)?i(\s+?)?f(\s+?)?r(\s+?)?a(\s+?)?m(\s+?)?e#is' , "&lt;iframe" , $txt ); $txt = preg_replace( '#<(\s+?)?/(\s+?)?i(\s+?)?f(\s+?)?r(\s+?)?a(\s+?)?m(\s+?)?e#is', "&lt;/iframe", $txt ); } Please notice that a check for script is always good and a script should never be embedded in a user post.
  4. Joriz added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Some issues with the new classPost.php and classPostForms.php on IPB 3.3.4. I get white pages and are not able to post.
    I compared the files and just applied some fixes I felt necessary. Most webservers also check for exploits and XSS when making use of mod_security, Suhosin and other security additions.
  5. Joriz added a post in a topic: Fastest software to date?   

    Great to hear that the community forum is the biggest test for IPS4. Even with cache disabled everything seems to work fine and fast from the Netherlands.
    So I'm really looking forward to experience the new software at full speed with more optimizations and caching enabled.
  6. Joriz added a post in a topic: Thank you for moving to 4.0   

    Looks great. Can't wait to update my own community to IPS4, although we also need to do a lot of testing and rebuilding hooks and modules before we can also enjoy IPS4.
  7. Joriz added a post in a topic: The New Account Security question   

    Why do I need to change my password to login via the forget password procedure and why do I have to add 'security' questions? This almost seems there has been a leak. Is there something IPS is not telling me?
    If you guys really value security you should look at Two-step Authentication (eg. Google Authenticator) . It is very easy to integrate in your website and it is actually an extra layer of security because somone actually has to fysical steal a device from you such as your phone or token generator and have to know your password to login. This is very unlikely.
    What is likely someone guessing or just Google'ing or check your Facebook for the 'security' answers. It is really easy to find stuff as which movie I like (is on my Facebook) and what my mothers name is. That's why I use fake questions and fake answers and just write them on a piece of paper (also not that secure).
    I hope IPS really take a second look at the security. All those horror stories about peoples there Apple/Paypal or Twitter account being hacked has been done thanks to social engineering and just simply Google'ing the answers to security questions. I really think security questions give a false sense of security!

  8. Joriz added a post in a topic: Leverage browser caching   

    We do actually cache our dynamic forum pages. We do this in certain cases for guests. Members always get the latest version off course.
    For more information and tips see:
    I advise you to read all the tips and first test this in a separate environment with some of your users.You don't want to create nasty results where some members can view pages as other members.
    I think the Google developer (Did you use Pagespeed Insight ?) is referring to images and other static content as mentioned by the members above me. This can be easily achieved by adding a .htaccess file if you are using Apache or preferable set the expires value for static content in Nginx to it's maximum ( expires max; ).
  9. Joriz added a post in a topic: [Feature request] Add a "date" timezone sensitive BBcode   

    Converting dates isn't that easy for most people. With daylight saving time and such.
    So I like your idea even when most of our visitors are in the same timezone.
  10. Joriz added a post in a topic: htaccess to stop visitors from another site?   

    Why would you do that? You can block the HTTP referer but it isn't 100% accurate because people can spoof there HTTP referer.
    If it is a load related issue you could use Nginx or Varnish.
  11. Joriz added a post in a topic: Members Online Today   

    You will find a boardIndexMembersOnlineToday_{some numbers and letters}.php file in the hook directory of Invision Power Board. If you replace it with my file it should work.
    Please notice that I only tested this with two Invision Power Board installations. Probably my example could be improved that the caching value (now 600 seconds) could also be set in the admin panel.
  12. Joriz added a post in a topic: Members Online Today   

    Thanks for sharing this great Hook for Invision Power Board.
    For our crew it is very motivating to see that there are so many members online on our board each day.
    The only thing I didn’t like about the hook is that it is using a resource intensive JOIN query to our database. That's why I made a small modification that caches the values for 10 minutes within the Invision Power Board disk cache.
    NOTE: Why is the Invision cache so under used in plugins/hooks? It really makes your board run quicker if you do some 'smart' caching :smile:
  13. Joriz added a post in a topic: Chat Not Loading/Connecting   

    The Chat doesn't support SSL. We unfortunately have to wait until 4.0 for SSL.

    What you have to do to fix this is making the page load via unsecured http:// : (
  14. Joriz added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    Thank you for confirming SSL in version 4 :)
  15. Joriz added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    Thank you for your response Bfarber. Do you have an update if it is (soon) possible to get the chat compatible via SSL?

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