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  1. K4RL added a post in a topic: Pages upgrade   

    I thinks Pages as it now seems to be called is a step back from what it was if I am being honest. Many including myself bought it to use as a front end to display site articles and I especially liked the fact it came with several article templates such as the 1x3x3 one. Sadly they seem to be removed in the latest incarnation which means I now have to rebuild that page from scratch to make it all work. 
    I have also had issues with blocks not appearing on the pages and errors being thrown up all the time. I really do hope that it improves a lot before it goes final.
  2. K4RL added a post in a topic: 4.0 Pages - A Few Questions   

    Thanks guys I think I have figured it out, I kinda did like the way the articles page was set up on 3.x as it was nice and simple like me lol. I was trying to replicate it and have come up with a work around I can live with. Really appreciate the responses.
  3. K4RL added a post in a topic: 4.0 Pages - A Few Questions   

    First of all on looking at the Beta I notice that the Articles page no longer seems to come with demo data on first install which although is not critical it does give newbies an idea of where things go and what it can look like.
    The other thing is previously there were a number of Article Templates such as the 1x3x3 one etc. They seem to be no longer included and the only templates I can seem to find are the default database layout and the blog layout which if I am being honest look a bit rubbish for a CMS. Will the the other layouts be added back in a later Beta?
  4. K4RL added a comment on a file: Member Reviews   

    I knocked up a better system using IP Content and it took a few mins to do. This is certainly not worth the money.