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  1. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Need IPB 4.0 Update and skin re-worked   

    It has alway been the best practice to upgrade a live board after the final version comes out and not during a beta. The first and biggest reason is no support for this. The 2nd reason is for testing and reporting bugs much like the previews.
    If on the other hand you are looking to upgrade a closed (hidden) test site to see how it is going to work this is fine but also remember upgrading a live site being a beta you are do so at your own risk.
  2. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Custom Form to Create Topic on Board   

    I see...
    Right off the top of my head I know you can do this in the Calendar, but there may possibly be a mod of this type in the marketplace.
  3. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Issues with installing   

    A poorly written .htaccess can surly make for a bad day.
    If you find that you need it copy the code example under System Settings > System > Search Engine Optimization.
    Scroll to Friendly URL Features > Use .htaccess mod_rewrite question.
    Via FTP go to the root directory of your forum create a new .htaccess file and paste the code you copied into it
    Your issue should be fixed.
  4. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Custom Form to Create Topic on Board   

    Unless I am misunderstanding your question, this is already built in. Example look above your post to the top right of your avatar... Posted date and time stamp is in lite gray.
  5. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Ops image on left side instead of right?   

    Yes it makes sense but the answer is not so simple.... This will need to be coded into the skin or skins you want this to show in....
  6. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Mark original post as best answer?   

    In your ACP Forum Tab, Forums > Manage Forums > Edit Forum you want to apply Best Answer to.
    Scroll to Permission Settings. Enable 'Best Answer' Feature? tick yes.
    Also tick the next box below. Enable topic starter to toggle best answer.
  7. Woodsman added a post in a topic: how can i fix ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR   

    There are 2 other things to look  at as I have fixed this same error on a few other boards
    one has to do with poorly written .htaccess which was the biggest culprit on their boards.
    To test this go into your ACP - System Settings > System > Search Engine Optimization.
    Scroll down to Friendly URL Features - Use .htaccess mod_rewrite and tick no then save.
    Go back to your forum and refresh. If this fixes the issue then your .htaccess in your forum root is the culprit... Which in this case copy and paste to your forum root directory via FTP.
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> Options -MultiViews RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /forum/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule .(jpeg|jpg|gif|png)$ /forum/public/404.php [NC,L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /forum/index.php [L] < /IfModule> This also can be found beneath Use .htaccess mod_rewrite question
    After resubmitting this file to the root come back to this tick yes and re save.
    Go back and refresh your board. Does it still work?
    If Yes then the issue is resolved.
    Another issue (rare)
    System Settings > System > Server Environment.
    Scroll down to Cookies
    Make sure Cookie Domain is written this way with the preceding (dot) example .testboard.com 
    Cookie Prefix should also be written this way -forum-
    Here as well just leaving out the dot or hash marks can make for a bad day.
  8. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Fixing Photo user   

    I think you are meaning 200x300 rather than 200+300?
  9. Woodsman added a post in a topic: License Key Expired -> Lifetime license?   

    You will need the license holder contact support.
  10. Woodsman added a post in a topic: "Your current IP address does not match the one in our records" Consistent Error   

    You may need to log out and back in with your client credentials then post a support ticket in your clients center if this is having to do with a live board.
  11. Woodsman added a post in a topic: My Feedback & Questions regarding IPS   

    Need to check my home owners insurance to see if burning down the house classifies as a good reason for smoke signals...
    Trucks are covered with a deductible... Computers are not.
    Looks like the trucks and computers need to moved.
  12. Woodsman added a post in a topic: restoring deleted thread   

    You can go into Members Group settings and set restrictions of what is allowed by members as with Moderators and Admins.
  13. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Is there a way to add a link box in the side bar?   

    This one seems to fit your needs
    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks 2.1.1
    This is another where you can create and set multiple sidebar blocks.
  14. Woodsman added a post in a topic: considering using Invision   

    1. Most Marketplace applications can be used with Invision hosting, but I would recommend submitting a ticket for approval on what is or what is not allowed.
    2. Yes it is possible. Many sites started with Invision Hosting then went on to self hosting as they got bigger and needed more space and resources.
    3. You can do this very easily by setting permissions per members group. But let me caution you here as well... Do some serious research on image hosting you plan on allowing. There are those that carry Maulware.
    4. I may be a bit off on this one but... Usually this applies more to attachments and anything uploaded to the server as a file.
    I hope this information helps.... And if it does then... Welcome to our corner of the world!
  15. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Copyright Removal and change domain to www.domain.com   

    The copyright removal is applied per license not  per domain.
    But also remember you can only have 1 live board and 1 test board per license. And the test board has to be closed to the public.
    You are only allowed to install one domain.
    So if you wish to change domains you need to completely remove your suite from the first domain prior to installing it on the new domain.

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      As far as memory I am a bit ashamed at this point but give me some info to snap the brain cells... LOL!!!

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