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  1. Woodsman added a post in a topic: How to upgread 3.4.x to 4.0.x   

    If you are an IPS Client log into that account.
    This is a tutorial for beginners you may want to read up on.

  2. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    Hi B_U_R_I
    There are a couple of things to look for. The first check to make sure the conf_global.php is correct. Also look for odd characters namely the colon (:) that may have added itself... This happens to me frequently in Wamp during save.
    Next compare the database including physical size. It sounds as though the whole file did not transfer... This can be caused mainly from the server download.
    When exporting the original database, remember to export using the "Export Method". Make sure to select "Select All". Select your compression option then got to the bottom and hit Go.
    OK don't hit it I don't want you angry with me for breaking your monitor so select "Go" instead.
    I always take a minimum 3 backups. 1st 2 as a gzip to compare and make sure they are exact, and the 2nd without compression ( Just Habit).
  3. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    ​There are files being built in the background which can take some time. This most likely is what you have experienced.
  4. Woodsman added a comment: IPB4 Installing chat   

    A simple work around....

    I downloaded the 4.0 version and saw chat was not included in the applications.

    I download a 2nd copy toggling off all the applications with the exception of chat.

    I then copied this copy of the download into the 4.0 original set of files. (Now Chat appears in the application directory)

    I then copied this new set of files to my 3.4.7 upgrade. Started the upgrade and completed with no errors.

    Went to new upgrade site, All working including chat....

    The only issue is it is on my local and I really hate talking to myself.... Even More afraid of the answers I may get. Like "This Topic has been Closed!"

  5. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    ​Yes I should have said something on how to remove any lanuage packs and keeping the default. Sorry about that!
    Setting up a 3.4.7 and earlier yes there are 3 areas where URL's that need to be modified to point to the correct uploads path.  The 1st is found in System - System Settings - General configuration. There are 2 elements that need to be changed. Path to 'upload' directory and Upload URL These apply also to the blog and gallery setting if you have them. The both of these are found here. System - System Settings - IPS APPS.
  6. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    ​I have been using this method of upgradeing testboards from the previews (pre-beta) to now with no issues.... These same rules should apply to the final.
  7. Woodsman added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC7a] Upgrade from RC-5a to RC-7a in Wamp
    Here we go again with no way to pull up the 5a backup copy again.

    Looks like ANOTHER Suite Tear Down and Reinstall...
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  8. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    ​So lets Spam unrelated topics because you can't find what you are looking for.... Makes perfect sense to me.
    And if Marcher's reply didn't help try this.

  9. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0 (updated)   

    ​Which is also a good point... ‌@Ocean West so far I would say I am one of the few lucky ones who have not needed that option (((YET))). But now that I said it... (((Jinx))). Watch now it will happen sure as the sun will rise in the morning...
  10. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Any one interested in helping me out?   

    ​Blizzard does have the same TOS I have an account here. Ryan is correct. I'd think twice on this one. I  don't think you are going to get very many takers jumping on this one.
  11. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Followers Are Superior To Friends   

    ​@CheersnGears Thank you.
    This is where I was heading until I let my personal views over ride my train of thought.... There are more than a few here that @Lindy speaks of that would rather keep quiet and not take a chance getting mocked or upsetting the apple cart where they have posted their preferences in other topics. Instead they got the "Show Me a reason" line from non IPS personnel. And in other cases  their views were called "Rants" So they backed down. But those I got the biggest kick out of were those who turned when the boat started to rock a little. Stopping here personal views are trying to take over again.
    As far as Development goes Friends feature was already in place there was nothing to add. And again worked awesome for those who knew how to make it work. For those who didn't take the time to understand it, sure it was added bloat. Now you have something new called Followers not even nearly the same in in context or functionality let alone security. What may be great for every 10 people may be a downfall for the next 2 or 3.... Personally I think those odds suck crab water.
     Damn here I am thinking personal gain.

  12. Woodsman added a post in a topic: IPS under DOS Attack?   

    ​I get the same in Fire Fox.... In IE the pages just time out giving me the "Page Can't be found" page... This has been going on the last 2 or so weeks...
  13. Woodsman added a post in a topic: My Cable Provider finally admits a problem...   

    This is where it is nice for me at the moment. One of the TWC offices is one block behind me as the crow flies. When I would lose internet I also lost my phone.... It got to the point where now they jump when they see me coming. Though I try to keep things quiet there are always other customers standing around that overhear whats going on.... TWC don't like that part. Now they have me on 2 modems. 1 for internet and the other for phone service.
  14. Woodsman added a post in a topic: My Cable Provider finally admits a problem...   

    Good for you!
    Had simular issues a few years ago with AT&T Uverse.... Rain and wind would knock everything out.... Kept telling them it was aerial and the still insisted on looking at my interface, inside wiring and their interface up at my driveway. Finally after blowing a gasket on one of their supervisors they sent a team out with a line supervisor... I told her to quit looking for the problem in the house or any other contained unit the issue is Aerial. Here again I blew... Told her my credentials as an electrician and hers and the rest of their theory didn't cut the mustard.... Finally she sent a guy up to the boot that I said was the problem. She was hell bent to prove me wrong. Well 3 cans of hornet spray later the line tech came down to have her order a new block. The one in the boot had been destroyed. They temped in what they could at that point and the following week they were up replacing everyones line that came from that boot that had no issues.... But like you they kept replacing crap and I kept telling them to quit wasting my time.... Go to the boot.... Again Key Words Rain and Wind. Come to think of it. I don't think I was the one eating crow that day.... Now I am having issues with my cable provider.... They also have a cable mess to figure out with business and residential getting mixed up... So they say. Personally I think it is an overload. To many subscribers sharing one line.
  15. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Followers/Friends can be one system?   

    ​A farmrer up north may have agreed with you 2 years ago when I went to pass him..... snapped the crank clean right behind the harmonic ballancer.... Not a pretty site.... Front journal was sitting here... here... and there on the road... Had a mechanic up there find and replace the engine.... But after Dennis's uncle dropped the pan to make sure it was a good one. No crud, no grime but most of all no metal or weak chevy parts....