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  1. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Monthly Licenses   

    No, I have to agree... changeing the structure will open a new can of worms here... I can see where there will be those that will pay the first month just to get the licensed board then cancel or refuse to pay there after.... Now they have a working board knowing the cost and manpower for IPS to get it taken down for non payment will be more costly than the initial $175.00.
    This was a hard lesson learned in a real life's scenerio.... But I do like your stand and willingness to believe that there are still a few out there that can be trusted.
  2. Woodsman added a post in a topic: filename downloading IPS installers   

    Each download receives a random file name. Example I downloaded b5a 4 times checking issues going on on my Wamp server.... Each had a different file name after opening the zip files.
    In my case this is a good thing figuring out Wamp / beta issues.
    *** Added Note ***
    Adriano has a good point!
  3. Woodsman added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    Those were the Good Old Days. ​When I first purchased the 16-1 I was running my primary machine running Vista Ultimate, a backup XP machine, file server running 2008 Server, Web server running Fedora 15 and ISPConfig 3 webhosting software, a mirrored backup machine to the web server, an old 486 machine setup as a firewall, a machine for Windows 7 beta test and a Linux Mandrake machine. Plus 2 test stations for computer repair.
    Today I only run 3 machines all running DVI rather than VGA as before this is where the 16-1 is usesless to me. Primary is a multi boot Windows 7 Pro, 8.1 and Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10) 2nd is old faithful running XP and the 3rd is a Fedora 16 machine... Also thinking on adding another 2 for 8.1 and beta testing as my primary is not exactly practical running 3 operating systems. Every now and then I swipe the wife's laptop for checking out theme designs in the lower resolutions.
    In the summer the room had its own AC separate from the central AC. The winter months the heat vent closed off and the windows cracked. (plenty of heat).
    Still beats the days of running multiple monitors, keyboards, mice and speakers where desk space was (is) concerned.
    ***Added Note*** All the above systems are still here and intact if I ever have the need to generate that amount of heat again.
  4. Woodsman added a post in a topic: The new forumindex....   

    Being a traditionalist at heart I think this could actually grow on me. Might actually be more useful in a content / blog setting. But we will see how it grows...
  5. Woodsman added a post in a topic: What phone do you use?   

    Galexy S5 when it is working. Looking into new providers. Still useless in rough toraine camping or hunting with my present provider.
    Smoke signals still work the best, except on windy days others think I am swearing at them...
  6. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Moba Games   

    I got hung up on Diablo then 2 then 3 now I am into the Diablo III Reaper of Souls... Nice change killing off someone other than some demon that looked like my 3rd grade teacher
  7. Woodsman added a post in a topic: What song are you currently listening to?   

    Two of my many favorites.
    We Will Go Home - Leah,
    Amanda - Waylon Jennings
  8. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0   

    (After creating a 3.4.7 test install and all is working....)
    ​Create a 347 backup folder move all the existing files into it. Thus creating a complete backup of the board you are working with. Do the same with your database by backing it up to another name like "new347-backup". You can do this in PhpMyAdmin.
    If you have IP.Downloads, you will want to copy (duplicate) the following folders from your 347 backup directory you just made back to your forum root. downloads, public, screenshots, uploads and conf_global.php.
    If you do not have IP.Downloads than all you need to copy back to the root is your public, uploads and conf_global.php.
    So if your new forum root directory for the test upgrade is named "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" the above files need to be copied there.
    After this has been completed copy your latest IPS4 beta files you downloaded from the client center to the forum root "my-testboard" or "my-testboard.com" with the other files you just put  there. Start the upgrade if it asks for your license key, add it but remember to use -TESTINSTALL immediately after the license key.
  9. Woodsman added a post in a topic: TV Shows   

    Don't watch much TV.... Wife is a glued to the remote and I am not into emergency room thrills nor girly girly shows.
  10. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Welcome to general chat!   

    Nice to see this again....
  11. Woodsman added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    ​Think you need my 16-1 kvm... Can't use it since I went to DVI.
  12. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Tutorial for making a test install?   

    You're welcome
  13. Woodsman added a comment: Email notifications are killing my Outlook   

    I confirm.
    I was going to make mention of this but HeadStand beat me to it. This started around Thursday or Friday of last week.
    Once on an email from IPS should you attempt to go to another, Outlook will get lost and stuck on the IPS email.
  14. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0   

     By this we mean the preparation needed during and after you create a test site....
    conf_global.php settings.
    $INFO [ 'sql_database' ] = 'original' ;
    $INFO [ 'sql_database' ] = 'new_db_name' ;
    $INFO [ 'board_url' ] = ' http://example.com/forum' ;
    $INFO [ 'board_url' ] = ' http://example.com/test-forum' ;
    Also in the ACP System Settings, make all pertinent changes to General Configuration, IP.Blg Settings and IP.Gallery if you have them.
    Next do the Look & Feel - Disable or remove all 3rd party skins then - Template Tools Rebuild Master Skin Data then Recache Skin Sets after.
    Next back uder System - Manage Applications & Modules - Disable all 3rd party Apps then click Recache Apps & Modules.
    Next and last here... Manage Hooks - Disable all 3rd party hooks then click Reimport Application Hooks...
    Now lastly before doing the actual upgrade go back to your testboard front end and test to see if all is working correctly.
    As you make these changes in the ACP and save each they are also saved in the new Database
  15. Woodsman added a post in a topic: Upgrade from IP. 3.4.x to IPS4.0   

    ​This is where this comment was made.
    But as for those without a clue I should rewrite this adding in the database information as you said.

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    Took quite a bit of rebuilding the DB but Fixed now...

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