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  1. Inu added a post in a topic: (DP34) Account Switch   

    I bought before IPS set up the nexus. Could you check?
  2. Inu added a post in a topic: (DP34) Account Switch   

    Hello, I bought a former version of this, do I get a discount upgrade fee?
    Please find either or on your paypal log.
  3. Inu added a post in a topic: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Prepurchase question here. My friend has this mod, but it seems like it doesn't work with sub-forum, is there a way to prevent the bug from showing on the main page? But show it where it's not bugged.
  4. Inu added a post in a topic: [paid] Change Post Author   

    I am well-aware that there is a change topic-author mod, but I need a mod that will change the post author.

    Please contact me with a quote.
  5. Inu added a post in a topic: IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future   

    I am losing members because of the BBcode headaches, they can't even get a simple
    box working. This is sad. Many of the reports in the bug tracker deal with bbcode.
  6. Inu added a post in a topic: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Does this work for 3.4.3? I don't see any of the edits at all.
  7. Inu added a post in a topic: Table bbcode   

    Can you make it so the td automatically have a valign=top?
  8. Inu added a post in a topic: 3.4.3?   

    Does anyone know when it'll be deployed? Because of the post-wrapping issue resulting from pasting paragraph into the editor, I am losing a lot of members who type long post...
  9. Inu added a post in a topic: [paid] modal popup bbcode   

    Yes, I am aware that there is a post showing how to do call up a modal window with js, but it doesn't parse properly in posts.
    So I am requesting it here, a simple modal with custom width.
    It needs to work en tandem with other of its kind. And should appear underneath the text (stem)
    [popup=1][/popup] [popup=2][/popup] [popup=3][/popup] etc
    And it should be able to handle really long {option} input? e.g. (Falcon's Awesome Big House)
    Let me know if it's doable
  10. Inu added a post in a topic: [paid] Extremely basic dice mod 1d100   

    the function doesn't parse properly : /
    I replaced the rolling portion with a simple function, but I can't get it to display
        protected function _replaceText($txt='')     {         if (!stristr($txt,'[roll]') or !stristr($txt,'[/roll]'))         {             return $value;         } $nsides = 100; $ndice = 1; $total = 0; for ($i = 1; $i <= $ndice; $i++) {     $value= rand(1,$nsides); }  
  11. Inu added a post in a topic: [paid] Extremely basic dice mod 1d100   

    I tried to do it myself, but it just doesn't parse properly. My need is very simple, I just need a dice mod that roll one 100 sided dice.
    like as a bbcode, it's just going to be [roll]. The only thing is that the roll should be retained via the post.
    As for the disabling of edit, I think wolfie has a hook that disable edit per forum.
    I don't need any option, just a basic 1d100.
    Let me know the pricing and all.
  12. Inu added a post in a topic: [paid] simple dice roll conversion   

    <?php class bbcode_roll extends bbcode_parent_class implements bbcodePlugin{ public function __construct( ipsRegistry $registry ) { $this->currentBbcode = 'roll'; parent::__construct( $registry ); } /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ // regex_dice_roller: randomly rolls standard RPG dice rolls /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /** * Build dice roll string * * @param string Raw text * @return string Converted text */ protected function _replaceText($txt='') { if (!stristr($txt,'[roll]') or !stristr($txt,'[/roll]')) {return $txt;} $roll = preg_replace ("#[roll](.+?)[/roll]#ies","'1'", $txt ); $result = 0; $string = ""; $value = 0; $die = 0; $rolls = 0; $plusses = 0; $dloc = 0; $ploc = 0; $rolllen = 0; $addtype = ""; $rollen = strlen($roll); if ($rollen == 0) { return "no roll found"; } $dloc = strpos($roll,'d'); if ($dloc == 0) { $dloc = strpos($roll, 'D'); if ($dloc == 0) { return "'d' not found in roll"; } } $ploc = strpos($roll,'+'); if ($ploc == 0) { //subtraction? $addtype = '-'; $ploc = strpos($roll,'-'); if ($ploc == 0) { $addtype = ""; $plusses = 0; } else { $plusses = intval(substr($roll,$ploc+1,$rollen)); } } else { $addtype = '+'; $plusses = intval(substr($roll,$ploc+1,$rollen)); } //now let's start rolling $rolls = intval(substr($roll,0,$dloc)); if ($ploc == 0) { $die = intval(substr($roll,$dloc+1,$rollen)); } else { $die = intval(substr($roll,$dloc+1,$ploc)); } for ($i=1; $i <= $rolls; $i++) { $value = rand(1,$die); $result += $value; if (strlen($string) == 0) { $string = $value; } else { $string .= '+'.$value; } } //now do any additions if ($addtype == '+') { $result += $plusses; $string .= '+'.$plusses; } elseif ($addtype == '-') { $result -= $plusses; $string .= '-'.$plusses; } return $roll.': '.$string.' = '.$result; } } ?> Would anyone be so kind as to update this snippet to run with 3.4.x ?
    This is to be used as an executable PHP in custom BBcode
    I will pay for the service, of course.
  13. Inu added a post in a topic: ajaxEdit - solved   

    Solved, missed some ending divs
  14. Inu added a post in a topic: Div inside Post_body   

    So for my skin I added a <div class='bg1'> inside <div class='post_body'> it looks fine.

    However, when I switch to the skin and quick edit a post and press submit, it hides <div class='bg1'>, I can only see the white background of <div class='post_body'> underneath.

    How do I fix this?

    I believe the cause is that quick edit takes up ALL of the post_body and it's not parsing bg1 after I quick edit.
  15. Inu added a post in a topic: (DP34) Account Switch   

    I would like that feature as well!