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  1. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Dark choice IPB Style editor   

    They implemented the feature to import CKEditor themes specifically for this purpose. I'm sure we'll see CKEditor themes cropping up all over the place once final is out. Maintaining their own theme would add extra workload for developing and maintaining - it's a smart move to offload that to 3rd-party devs
  2. Tom Christian added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Various Downloads Upgrade Issues

    1. When "Editing Details" of a paid marketplace item, the price is reset to 0.
    2. The Supported versions field is showing JSON on downloads.
    3. Bullet list formatting is screwed. Look at the bottom of this file .
    4. Links are broken. Look at the bottom of this file at the 'Recommended Addons' text .
    5. Tag style is broken. The left arrow part of the 'suite' tag on this file is separated in Chrome MacOS.
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  3. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Change Header Background to image - Strange result   

    Target the header you want specifically with its class name. Using pseudo selectors for something like this is unnecessary.
    Edit - I see that the header doesn't have a class name in IPS4. You can use this to target it specifically -
    #ipsLayout_header > header  
  4. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    ​Can you point me in the direction of the language pack so I can download and test ?
  5. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Did you install the skin exactly as per the instructions? You should have imported three separate files. Please see the instructions inside the download package. Make sure that the skin is also linked up to the correct images folder inside the settings.
    If it's still not working, I will need to see the issues on a live website to diagnose the problem.
  6. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    What browser are you using ? Can you give me the URL to that page ?
    ​What language?
  7. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: 4.x mods   

    That was clearly a joke
    Nobody is that stupid I hope.
  8. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Remove underscores from content menu items   

    That's a language string which hasn't been converted correctly. Submit it as a bug
  9. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    The image set already exists so you can either delete the existing one or enter a new name in the 3rd input field so that they do not clash.
  10. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    Login to your site via FTP and upload this file to public/style_images/ipsthemes_agile/_custom/js/
  11. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Check this guide :)
  12. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    Not a simple fix. I will need to investigate.
  13. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    It's not possible out of the box. I can provide a file for you to overwrite on your server if you're comfortable with that.
  14. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Social Icons by IPS Themes   

    I'm afraid I don't have plans to do that. That would most likely be a separate addon. You could always request for it here :).
  15. Tom Christian added a post in a topic: Agile by IPS Themes   

    Please login to the account which you used to purchase this theme. You're not showing up as a licensed customer.

Status Feed

  1. Tom Christian

    A small look into the framework behind our final theme for IPB v3. It's also our most powerful to date

  2. Tom Christian

    Just leaving this here...

    1. Mikey B

      oooooh ;)

    2. kiko14

      when will this site be live? been refreshing this page, and revisiting for a few weeks now ;p very interested to see this live.

    3. Tom Christian

      Thanks for the interest! It won't be live for a few months yet. Rest assured though, development is well under way :)

    4. kiko14

      Sounds Good, Keep Up You're Amazing Work Tom !

  3. Tom Christian

    New theme 'Haze' now released on the marketplace!

    1. Mikey B

      Very nice, Tom! :)

  4. Tom Christian

    Pulse has now reached 400 sales!! It's also the most purchased and highest rated theme in the entire IPS Marketplace! Massive thanks to all customers!

  5. Tom Christian

    As requested by many users, you can now purchase my themes from as well as the IPS Marketplace. Get 10% off using the coupon code "buybeforeipb3.4"

  6. AndyF » Tom Christian

    Had PM for you but you're messenger is disabled ? , can email it if you prefer, tis relevant I can assure you or grab me on AIM / MSN instead when you get a moment. :)

    1. Tom Christian

      Yeah, sorry! I disabled it due to the amount of support PM's. E-Mail me at tctc91 at :)

    2. AndyF

      Done :)

  7. Sokii » Tom Christian

    It won't let me send you a PM. D:

    1. Tom Christian

      I'm currently away until the 14th July.

    1. Tom Christian

      Sup :D

  8. Tony Hovsepian » Tom Christian

    Tom please check your inbox!!

  9. Tom Christian

    preview of a new skin in progress -

    1. Mikey B

      You should post more of these :)

    2. Tom Christian

      Do status updates on IPS even get recognized anymore now they don't appear on the board index?

    3. Mikey B

      I get a notification of friends status updates I think.

    1. MageLeif

      Looking nice, followed you on Dribbble as well ;)

    2. .Corey

      Looks great

    3. Dean w

      looks very nice, have you made this yourself?

    4. Tom Christian

      yes^ of course :)

    5. odox

      Really nice work

  10. Tom Christian

    selling all my old 3.1.4 skins for virtually nothing -

    1. Tom Christian

      quick previews here:

    2. Breadfan

      You're ripping us off man!


    3. PSNation

      will these be updated to 3.2

    4. Tom Christian


    1. ørret

      Great :) Paid?

    2. Tom Christian

      not decided :p

    3. Angel Knight Phil

      You'd be my best friend if you released it for free, and not just because I'm broke xD

  11. Tom Christian

    is there a setting to enable the breadcrumb on the forum homepage ?

    1. Tom Christian

      (for 3.2)

    2. Stars25

      I sure hope there is!

    3. Rikki

      There's not a setting, but in the skin you can just remove the <if test="count( $items['navigation'] )"> that wraps the breadcrumb list - that'll mean it always shows.

  12. Tom Christian

    Just posted a shot on dribble: Any feedback is appreciated :)

    1. The Heff

      Looking good!

    2. PromoPoker

      Great job, keep it up.

    3. ZakRhyno

      A bigger preview would help. ^_^

    4. .Peter

      Hey now that's a good looking template.

    5. PSNation

      First Nice Custom 3.2 Skin I seen

    6. Breadfan

      That theme looks really professional.
      I suggest you open a topic about it here at IPS.

    7. Tom Christian

      Thanks for the nice comments guys :)

      @Zak, read the comment on the dribble page, and there's a link to the bigger preview.

  13. Tom Christian

    After 5 1/2 years, I've stopped selling IPB skins on Skinground. All stuff being sold on IPS marketplace now. Skins ->

    1. Hennet

      your site have a js error on your main.js line 5, firebug just reported once i opened your site :P

    2. IP.iBaLLiN

      i thought yall merged with skinbox

  14. Tom Christian

    Working on another free IPB theme :) I'll show a preview shortly..

    1. Planetby

      sweet Tom can't wait to see it :)

    2. Olivier Turbis


  15. Tom Christian

    Launched my new portfolio today - - any feedback/critique is much appreciated =)

    1. Herofiles ★

      ouh, at 50/50, its sluuuuuuw.. nice skin tho..when every image came xd

    2. stoo2000

      Looks great! Lightbox is being very slow though.

    3. Tom Christian

      Thanks :) I need to reduce some of the full screen image sizes. Also going to sprite all the icons. Should help with the slowness.

    4. Stars25

      Not sure if you have already, but you can also compress your Javascript so the JS files are not as large (unless you put the JS in the head).

    5. Tom Christian

      Yes I have already minified the JS :)

  16. Tom Christian

    Does anyone here use "Dribble" ?

    1. Volstate

      I do sometimes...on my pillow :)

  17. Tom Christian

    Typical...the day I'm leaving Bristol, I wake up to a white out! :(

    1. Alex


  18. Tom Christian

    Just released a free skin on IPS Marketplace:

    1. Mike John

      Nice work :)

  19. Tom Christian

    Quick video preview of some new features I've added to a free skin, that will be released shortly -

    1. .Peter

      Looks good

  20. Tom Christian

    Upgrading an old (free) skin. Suggestions?

    1. .Brian

      Do it!