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  1. GOT added a file in Look and Feel   

    vCool for Mobile - now 3.4.x support v1.5
    Bringing usability on mobile

    Do check live site using mobile device to see the mobile skin.
    Demo it on Mobile

    Highlights [*]Improved usability and readability in general [*]Spacing for thumb tab [*]Removal of divider lines [*]Made regular action buttons subtel hence focusing on call for action buttons more.
    More updates coming soon. [*]Improvement in topic view screen and more ...
    Desktop version of this Skin here

  2. GOT added a file in Look and Feel   

    vCool for Tab & Desktop - 3.4 support v2.5
    Premium light Skin. 

    Designed specifically for usability and faster content discovery. More reads [*]Easy navigation [*]Elements focused according to user content priority [*]Faster load [*]Less learning for new members not familiar with forums. [*]Numerous improvements from old version based on feedbacks and analytics. [*]Do check change logs below [*]Now support IPB 3.4.x Simply experience it here Theme live Demo You can find the mobile version of the skin here 1. Instant status update Experimenting with status messages we found out they can be a really good context for conversation or engagement. 3.2+ default skin does not come with status update form in the hook. You need to configure hook to place it on main forum block. 2. Easy Navigation Easy navigation for new users. Eg one click new content discover right in main menu. Its more effective than " view new content " Old Change logs Fix bugs to support 3.4 - Removed grey border with soft shadow for better focus - Menu fixed - Button align - Status update hook updated - CSS fix

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  4. GOT added a gallery image in IPB Community Photos   

    MY Desktop
    My Desktop

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