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  1. AndyF added a post in a topic: Facebook Connect - Blank Page after Update 3.4.6 -> 3.4.7   

    Had a look, first thought was a lang related issue but it still does it on the default.
    Although unlikely can you switch the guest view to the default IPBoard skin then try it again temporarily ? Its worth ruling out any skin related concerns.
    Do you have any custom hooks ? Temporarily disable them if possible and check it again.
    If it still persists, please either submit a ticket in the Client Area or if you wanted to try "DIY" then open /initdata.php and add this after the opening php tag on its own line:

    ⁣⁣⁣ini_set('display_errors', 1); Try it now. It hopefully will give you the real error. Remove that line when you have the error.
    If this does not work please submit a ticket as indicated.
  2. AndyF added a post in a topic: Mark Solved   

    Not easily as far as I'm aware.
    It may be best to seek a custom hook to do this if I understand you correctly.
  3. AndyF added a post in a topic: Question / Answer Math Challenge Questions   

    It does work fine.
    But as indicated you need the importer tool to actually 'import' it as there's nothing built in (sadly) to import QA Challenge questions. I thought about some db queries but that would likely not be permitted in the MP anyway if I did that.
  4. AndyF added a post in a topic: Massive Spam/DDOS Attack on my site. Over 20k topics created within hours.   

    ​Thanks. I tried to assemble it to make it not that easy for bots ie the answers are not in the questions, unless the bot can spell numerics out properly (probably) and can read English enough to work out the calculation. Better than a set of "what is 10x8" type questions though imo.
    As a sidenote: As well as ensuring code for does not permit registration for the Spam Service, you could if you're not already switch to KeyCapcha instead of ReCapcha, at least this way it is likely to warrant human assistance to get through the registration process as instead of words/numerics to read it involves some interaction ie the registrant must assemble a small puzzle.
  5. AndyF added a post in a topic: Attachment Management Suggestion   

    To add to this, I'd like to see a link (ideally) to where the attachment was used ie which topic or message or other area as currently it does not show this information.
  6. AndyF added a post in a topic: IPB On cloud need to link board to /forum domain   

    ​No problem and you're welcome. Just put in a ticket to Hosting and tell the support tech what you'd like (don't forget to include the domain name and what 'part' you want to use!) and they'll advise you.
  7. AndyF added a post in a topic: User getting 404 Apache Error   

    ​You're welcome.
  8. AndyF added a post in a topic: User getting 404 Apache Error   

    It would in effect log everyone out (hence suggesting a quiet time)
    A similar change can be had by changing the cookie prefix (search in the ACP search box for cookie) slightly if needed or putting something in if its blank. This is 'safer' than a manual query.
    If you did want to empty the session table:

    TRUNCATE TABLE sessions; Via the SQL Toolbox manual query window.
  9. AndyF added a post in a topic: IPB On cloud need to link board to /forum domain   

    This can usually be done, the "easy" way is to have the whole domain switched then its simply a matter of setting the name servers to IPS's and a support tech here making a small adjustment to your account.
    As you want 'part of' the domain to be used on your hosted account here, again it can be done in most cases however you'd need to open a ticket to Hosting for a technician to assist with this, they will be able to tell you what steps you need to perform and will make the appropriate adjustment at 'this' end. Remember to include the domain name in the ticket (sounds obvious I know but occasionally its not been mentioned) and the part of you wanted to use 'here' ie a subdomain or a subdirectory etc.
    In any case you'd need to tell the support tech the domain as a small change must be made here at 'this' end for your domain to function correctly regardless.
    The hosting support tech will be able to explain all your options to you.
  10. AndyF added a post in a topic: User getting 404 Apache Error   

    That would only clear them from your local machine afaik.
    You can empty (empty not drop!) the sessions table or better still change the cookie prefix slightly, this will have the effect of logging him out (and everyone else, so pick a very quiet time) , that although not ideal may be something to consider.
  11. AndyF added a post in a topic: User getting 404 Apache Error   

    I would still recommend logging in as them to be honest. I find that (its probably not the case but its not unknown) that if you ask if someone has cleared browser cache / done xyz etc they may say they have but in reality they have not...
    At least logging in yourself you may get further clues as to the issue here.
  12. AndyF added a post in a topic: What is the process   

    You only need the database and the attachment / profile photo or avatar directories from your myBB board.
    You could temporarily just move your myBB board into an /old directory and then install IP.Board into the place where myBB was, and then run the converter to copy the data in. It does not modify the source data only reads it.
    I'm not 100% sure if the converter will function with myBB 1.8.x it does work fine with 1.6 however but it may of been updated, having said that I don't think there's a lot of difference in the schema between 1.6 and 1.8, a staff member will be able to advise on this.
  13. AndyF added a post in a topic: Bring Back Admin Forced Actions/Processes   

    ​Thank you.
  14. AndyF added a post in a topic: Upgrade from 3.4.0   

    Not personally tested but I *think* any 3x version will do for the upgrader. It won't support older legacy versions (ie 2x or lower)
  15. AndyF added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Missing index files
    Some directories are 'exposed' with a fresh installation as there's no index.htm file present. In particular its quite possible to simply view the \system directory. I manually added appropriate index.htm files to at least hide the dir listing as I was unable to locate the cgi/php protection tool.
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