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  1. AndyF added a post in a topic: Please can some reply - need to test my email notification!   

    ​Here is your test reply and I've quoted your post too just for good measure.
  2. AndyF added a post in a topic: Upgrade query from v3.1.4 query.   

    You only *need* the database that's the only really essential element.
    Bear in mind the filesystem contains items such as profile pictures / post attachments / gallery images / download submissions (as appropriate) so without any files you'll not have these.
  3. AndyF added a post in a topic: Purchased IPB Cloud - Now What ?   

    If memory serves me correctly you'll usually receive another email when the community is installed.
    You can check that by visiting the URL you chose during initial sign up to see if the site is up and operational yet.
  4. AndyF added a post in a topic: Pages, where is it?   

    A member of staff will need to take a look to see if there is an issue, however you would need to purchase Core at least I expect as no app can run without that being present.
  5. AndyF added a post in a topic: Is there other way to have IP. Board ?   

    As Rhett has indicated the only legal way is to purchase it. The ;ast 'free' versions were the 1.x series and they were EOL many many years ago.
    If the cost of a self hosted licence is too much then please consider a 'Community In The Cloud' option as you can pay this monthly and the hosting is included, leaving you free to simply run your community.
  6. AndyF added a comment: Flag As Spammer   

    There should be a check to stop this, I've not looked at the code but it should have a conditional both in the skin and in the code (if they attempt to try it via a direct URL) basically if the member has ACP access they cannot be 'flagged' as a spammer.
  7. AndyF added a comment: Flag As Spammer   

    Unverified but try: Members > Settings > 'Warnings' > 'Settings' tab > Ensure that your admin group *cannot* be warned.
  8. AndyF added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Minor tools typo
    The url change script specifically.
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  9. AndyF added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC6 Editing Blog
    The ACP side for editing a Blog appears to be broken.
    ACP > Community > Blogs > Blogs >
    Upon clicking edit on a Blog listed here a 2S100/1 error is shown instead (Page does not exist)
    The link *looks* OK though, ie:app=blog&module=blogs&controller=blog&do=edit&id=1
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  10. AndyF added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   



  11. AndyF added a post in a topic: Bought Landing Page?   

    Try this link
    Not 100% sure that's what you're after though.
  12. AndyF added a post in a topic: Blog and Forum Interaction   

    With 34x you can have a 'Blog This' option under a post where the post can be added as a Blog entry. I belive this is being added to 4x possibly.
    In regard to sharing you could always use RSS export and imports to 'copy' entries between Blog entries and forum topics.
  13. AndyF added a post in a topic: Some questions.   

    If you do not renew you lose access to download and submit support tickets. If you have a 'hosted' community ie Community In The Cloud then that will not function as that is hosted by IPS. If you have your own hosting then your board will carry on as normal. You will also lose the Spam Service and Chat if you let your licence expire though.
    To renew you do not usually have to pay any 'catch up' fee, you simply ask for an invoice and pay the renew fee and that's that.
    There are a lot of free apps/hooks in the Marketplace here you can use. Bear in mind you cannot distribute them yourself without permission from the author(s)
    Nexus is a commercial application from IPS and you cannot use a version you downloaded 'elsewhere'
  14. AndyF added a post in a topic: Upgrade Old Version of Software   

    In the majority of cases you can simply pay the renew fee instead of a full 'new' purchase price to regain access. There are a few (but rare) exceptions to this such as unconverted legacy standard licences that had not been renewed but as I say that's quite rare.
    If you are able to please open a ticket in the Client Area to Accounts Assistance who will be able to lookup your licence specifics and if necessary generate an appropriate invoice for you.

Status Feed

  1. AndyF

    Seems the 'Recent Status Updates' is back on the board index.

  2. AndyF

    Andy would love to see an error code listing for IPS4, the same way we had one for (most of) 3x :)

  3. Spendon Gavekort » AndyF

    You are not working for IPS Anymore? What happen?

    1. AndyF

      Only just see your comment sorry, notification did not work ? Hmm. Yes not been working for them for about six / seven months now I think, health reasons mainly.

    2. Spendon Gavekort

      Ah okay fair enough dude, thanks for your work - maybe you'll be back one day. I've seen some other usual faces here retiring too.

    3. AndyF

      Thank you for your kind comments :) Appreciated.

  4. AndyF » Morrigan

    For some reason Skype tells me its your birthday today but iirc its in August, hmm...

  5. AndyF


  6. AndyF » bfarber

    Just noticed your high content count. Hmm can't be right surely ? :)

  7. AndyF » Matt

    Interesting photo Matt. :)

  8. Dorian Gray » AndyF

    Hey Andy, I tried to reach out and help Ryan with his situation. he's using godaddy....which I believe uses some proprietary cpanel vs the standard cpanel most host use. We got the files and stuff moving over but is there any particular reason why it would have his url listed twice.

    I don't think it has anything to do with propagation though. Originally before he changed the configurations, it was displaying properly but when he clicked a link it would redirect him back to the normal url without the forums domain. After he changed the configurations, it has caused him to have those issues.

  9. Ricw » AndyF

    I visited all six of my followers profile and learned something new from yours, Interesting.

    1. AndyF

      Only just seen this. :) What did you discover/learn ?

  10. Morrigan » AndyF

    Checking something using your profile. Ignore the "following" thing as I already love/follow you! <3

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  11. AndyF

    Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even an IP.Mouse

    1. Ricw

      Said to have missed this. I'll catch it next year.

    2. AndyF

      Its OK it will keep. :)

  12. AndyF

    DEC (HL)

  13. AndyF

    Andy wonders why post counts dropped substantially, not that it matters really just curious...

  14. AndyF » Morrigan

    Gorgeously beautiful profile pic <3 :wub:

    My connectivity is *highly* limited at the moment (long story and involving a temp workaround of a 56k modem!) but I will hopefully catch up for a chat soon if we can, been ages. :(:D

    1. Morrigan

      Thank you! Miss talking to you too!

  15. AndyF » bfarber

    Your 'about me' needs updating :P $age=$age+1

  16. AndyF

    10/10/84 ;) :D :D :D

    1. Nuclear General

      Your birthday I take it? :) Happy B-Day if so man!! xD

    2. AndyF

      Thanks! :) No not my birthday, a bit more complicated than that.

    3. Nuclear General

      Oh ok lol :)

  17. AndyF

    Changes are always interesting to observe...

  18. AndyF » Aiwa

    You and your settings :P j/k :)

  19. AndyF

    Is very excited about IPS4

    1. Ricw

      Yes, me too.

  20. AndyF

    All good things come to those who wait :)

    1. rct2·com

      Patience Is A Virtue

    2. AndyF

      True. :)

    1. Lewis P

      Hello! Enjoying my upgrader bug finding right about now..... :p

    2. AndyF

      hehe :)

  21. AndyF

    I've seen enough. Someone run the upgrader :P

    1. HidingSec

      lol :p