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  1. AndyF added a post in a topic: Can forums in Eve 1.3.7 (InfoPop / Groupee / Social Strata) be converted to Invision-compatible content?   

    You're welcome.
    No, they do not need to say that. The only requirement really is the copyright in the footer area. I think you may have seen a 'hosted' community which may have a url such as or suchlike ? , A 'hosted' community initially comes with a URL such as that however you can very easily use your own domain name so its not possible to tell if its 'IPS Hosted' or not. This is not something to be concerned about.
    Seasons Greets to you too. *inserts appropriate seasonal smilie*

  2. AndyF added a post in a topic: Can forums in Eve 1.3.7 (InfoPop / Groupee / Social Strata) be converted to Invision-compatible content?   

    You're welcome.
    Yes I do prefer it here although I've not really used the 'other' as anything other than a user or occasional moderator rather than administrator.
    I note from your join date you're new so I should point out I was a Marketplace Moderator here for about six maybe seven years and also did a period of being official support staff answering and solving client issues in the Client Area too.
    EDIT... Regarding help, we did have a 3rd party dev database etc but that's on hold now we upgraded to 4x here. I would suggest asking in the mod request forum for assistance if you wanted to hire someone or just ask for specifics > about a conversion etc, if you wanted it doing via a third party that is. :)
  3. AndyF added a post in a topic: Can forums in Eve 1.3.7 (InfoPop / Groupee / Social Strata) be converted to Invision-compatible content?   

    You're welcome.
    I don;t think the converters have been upgraded to 4x yet, although as its still in beta its not officially supported. So you'd 'convert' to 347 (supported) and then upgrade to 4x if / when you wanted to, once it comes out of beta. You can actually upgrade 34x to 4x now although as mentioned its not supported until its out of beta.
    I would suggest a 'test run' if possible using a backup, nothing is difficult in 95% of cases however having a test run on a copy/mirror of your live data will let you see how the conversion process works and what cleanup is required afterwards etc, usually the converter will tell you what needs doing (can just be a simple case of running some built in ACP tools ie resync forum/topics etc) but you would likely want to spend a few minutes checking group and forum permissions anyway.
  4. AndyF added a post in a topic: Can forums in Eve 1.3.7 (InfoPop / Groupee / Social Strata) be converted to Invision-compatible content?   

    Ah that may help. I've requested your topic be moved to the Presales forum where you are likely to get a more definitive answer on this. Going "around the houses" (so to speak) via another software would be one way although if it can be converted directly I would naturally recommend that as its far easier and less messy as IPS converters are very easy to use. I'm merely thinking here of you having issues with Impex etc if you did go that "around the houses" route.
  5. AndyF added a post in a topic: Can forums in Eve 1.3.7 (InfoPop / Groupee / Social Strata) be converted to Invision-compatible content?   

    I do not see it listed on the Migrate page, however that's not to say it could not be done either by IPS themselves or possibly via a third party coder.
  6. AndyF added a post in a topic: Auto check- Leave a link to the new topic in the source.   

    does not matter.
  7. AndyF added a post in a topic: Auto check- Leave a link to the new topic in the source.   

    This was in the 'community contrib' articles as I know I wrote one as well. Oh well.
  8. AndyF added a post in a topic: upgrade finish tool   

    There should in theory not be a need (I asked something similar) as you can force cache rebuilds by emptying the /datastore directory (assuming you're using that method, its usually default) and the caches will get rebuilt.
  9. AndyF added a post in a topic: Re-Cache   

    If you're using the default cache storage method then simply emptying the /datastore directory should do it.
    See here
  10. AndyF added a post in a topic: How to set up group flow (guest to applicant to member to?)   

    I did reply to your other topic about a safer way of doing it however, if you did want to do it the "other way" (not recommended)
    Go to Manage Member Groups, Look at the ID number of the group you want to be the member group. Its shown next to the name. As an example the default member group is 3.
    Lets say your new group is ID 8.
    Connect via FTP/File Manager. Open /conf_global.php and find something like this:

    ⁣⁣⁣$INFO['banned_group']        =    '5'; $INFO['admin_group']        =    '4'; $INFO['member_group']        =    '3'; $INFO['guest_group']        =    '2'; $INFO['auth_group']            =    '1'; Simply edit the member_group line to have the ID of the 'newbie' group you wanted, ie 8 in this case (obviously you will use the ID you found in Manage Member Groups!) Please take care to *not* edit anything else in this file or disturb any of the other lines or formatting.
    Save the change. Ensure that conf_global is not writeable,CHMOD it to 0444 or if that's not possible 0644 no higher. If you are in any doubt simply go to ACP > System > Security Center and it should tell you if its writeable or not and offer to 'fix' it (do so)
  11. AndyF added a post in a topic: Unable to see some posts, mysql error   

    There's some of that missing I think.
    I thought it might be an awards issue but without the full error I cannot be sure.
    Go to ACP > Stats / Logs > SQL Error Logs, obatin the latest one and paste it here please, I'm after the actual error itself you've posted post of the query but not the error.
    As an alternative, if you connect via FTP/File Manager in the /cache directory the error log should be there too, sql_latest.cgi or suchlike.
  12. AndyF added a post in a topic: Issue with a new user group   

    The easy way is to edit the existing built in member group to have the restrictions then use the auto promote after x days / x posts to the 'new' group. ie edit the built in Member group to be the Newbie group.
    You can manually edit conf_global to change the assigned group ID but I do not really recommend this tbh.
    Regarding moving them, you can either use a query to mass move or the ACP Manage Members has an advanced search (the 'cogwheel on the far right of that page) to find and move them based on whatever criteria you need.
    If you need further information / clarification / not sure etc on any of this please just say so.
  13. AndyF added a post in a topic: Wondering where to report defects   

    There is a bug tracker (link is in the header area) although this is now for version 4.
    I would suggest the best thing to do is have your admin / licence holder come here and submit a ticket in the Client Area (link in header area) so a technician can advise on the issue(s) at hand. Your admin can also add 'alternative contacts' to their account too, so that others such as yourself are able to submit support / technical requests.
    The other alternative would be to post in the Client Services forum for support (peer to peer support usually) although we may direct you to official support depending on what the issue is but you'd need to be an alternative contact to post there as its currently only available to clients / 'expired' clients and alternative contacts I think.
    Option 1 is the best one here really, have the admin submit a ticket and / or add you as an alternative contact.
    Please let us know if you need further information / clarification on any of this.
  14. AndyF added a post in a topic: Datastore on WAMP   

    Yes its normal for Wamp.
    Mines listed as:

    ⁣D:\Wamp\www\400/datastore I've not had any localhost upgrade issues at all tbh, although the live board appears to have a selection thankfully not that serious.
  15. AndyF added a post in a topic: Error uploading Hook, Help - What to do ??   

    How odd.
    It is just the xml you are uploading yes (sorry but I have to ask)
    Go to Support > Diagnostics > Overview > In the Overview box 'Safe Mode' is off ? (It should be)

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