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  1. sergiu added a post in a topic: IP.Blog attacking my mailbox   

    ​is the same for me.
    I will look to unsubscribe / un-follow ...etc. if this will not stop the multiple emails,  it will end in a spam report!
  2. sergiu added a post in a topic: My wishes for 2011   

    I hope you will include Ad Code integration for all other IPB apps (I really want for IP Downloads:) ). I think everyone will like this since keeping a board is not just for fun and we invest time and money.
    if my board is producing only traffic but no money is not useful at all. I renounced to use IP Gallery since wasn't able to produce any $$$ so I have no problem to skip to other more cash attracting scripts. If Downloads continue to be non-profitable will have the same future like the Gallery for me.
    regarding IP Content , I want to buy it ...but without a real good WYSIWYG editor I will prefer to continue with joomla :)
  3. sergiu added a post in a topic: Best Linux Distrobution?   

    my server really don't like CentOS :)
    so I'm running Suse (SLES)
    also I have a huge difference for unixbench points between Centos and SUSE
  4. sergiu added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale   

    how funny :)
    a lot of peoples tried to meet a promotion of an unknown product :)
    sincerely I want to see a demo before to buy something even to pay. or the new trend is to pay to become beta tester ?
  5. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    very good point of view. I tried to say the same thing but choosing the hard way and I name it "point system" . :) the reputation system looks to be used just for fun if we can't assign a specific value for it (like you said, downloads, shop, etc)
  6. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    ohhh....sorry. it seems you are strongly against a system like this since 2006 :). if you will continue to look in the mirror you will see just your personal opinion and from a time will not see the rest. please read also the positive comments from that thread !
    you are against, ok, but don't start a flame from this. let wait and for other opinions and to use the positive ideas :)
    peace :thumbsup:
  7. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    We can start a poll to see it the peoples who read this topic like the idea and your point about the core size is funny :). even one like me use more than 150mb for mysql database and ~50gb for entire board the core size is like a massage to a wood foot for me :D (and I can bet for 90% of IPB boards also).
    Like Mark said, maybe "points" system is not the best name. Maybe we don't need a separate app or mod but just some changes/improvements on subscriptions system.
  8. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    The benefit of a points system is that you can trade the "goods" of the board (but don't confuse this with an online shop) and that can be useful for all users and owners of IP boards :).Combined with the rest of the apps or content system this method to reward user will help us to improve our websites and to offer good content for free use without any abuse. Just imagine that you can combine this with IP Content or Blog and users who will write articles can be automatically rewarded in different ways.
    By having a point tool official will be very easy next to develop different mods for this in the future. Calypso did a great work with the iPoints but alone he can't do all the stuff, to ensure the support and to be sure this tool will be compatible with next versions of IPB. Inside of the IPB core will be a totally different thing.

    Guys, I want thank you for ideas and contribution to this discussion. Any other other ideas can really help :) .
  9. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    thanks for answers.
    good point of view...all. some parts of the system I request already exist but they must be connected together somehow. reputation system can be improve with some of my points.
    I'm not afraid about 3'rd party mods but some of they are dangerous if are not properly coded or if they are discontinued. after all the safety is one of the reasons I'm using IPB :)

    Mark you are right but the user can trade his contribution on the board (and after all the post count represent his contribution to the benefit of all). An automatically tool will help admins to reward contributors in many other ways than to move to another group (and can do that more precise than the admin can set in the group rights)
  10. sergiu added a post in a topic: Feature Request: points system   

    I start using Invision software since the beginning of 2006, moving from phpbb.At that moment phpbb offering a very helpful point system for attachment view/download. From my point of view a tool like this will help/force users to contribute to the board success by reducing the bandwidth consumption and also to increase the interest of the users to post on the board (not only to read and to download the content or the files).
    My board is completely free to use (require authentication) but the users like just to use all the features without any contribution. I don't like to request payments for use but they must understand that they also contribute with their knowledge when they can. I already pay some consultants to help my users but I will stop that because is not fair to me!

    I searched 4 years a method to have this feature on my board without success. There is an iPoints system modd but since is not IPB official I have some reserve to use it. I tried this but after implementation I found that at the first upgrade this screw up my board and I've been forced to use my backup to rebuild my board :D and believe me I don't want to experiment again.

    So can Invision include a feature like this in the next versions ?
    I will give the technical aspects of this tool now .
    -Ability of the system to reward the users with "points" for new topic, reply , upload a file to download system or in a post , upload photos on gallery , posting on the blog, etc.
    -users can receive or donate points from other users. also can receive points if their message was helpful
    -users can buy points via subscription manager that IPB already have
    -the points can be used to "pay" for download files/pictures , to pay for move their account to another group that have the access on restricted forums.

    Any idea or contributions will be helpful !
  11. sergiu added a post in a topic: Maximum downloads per day?   

    I'm not upset like SalonicaTown but I admit will be very useful this feature. will help us to save the bandwidth and money :)
    many forum user have no problem to abuse of our free stuff and we have to control somehow all this.
    I hope IPD will have this option in the future.
  12. sergiu added a post in a topic: only 5 users in the free version?   

    IPChat is using IPS server resources or the server resources where the board is hosted ?
  13. sergiu added a post in a topic: If you upgrade your forums to 3.0.5   

    Downloads, Gallery or Blog works OK after upgrade ?
    I will wait until I will have the confirmation that they are working OK with 3.0.5 .
  14. sergiu added a post in a topic: Product Modifications now "Protected"?   

    Sign Out and Sign In back an the problem will disappear :D . Is nothing special .... just magic :))
  15. sergiu added a comment on a blog entry: Skin Design Contest Winners   

    Congratulations to all winners!
    I looked to the winning templates but my feeling is that templates from this contest are far away to be " the perfect" template. That's not the case with the templates of the IPB 2.3.x where we can find a lot of innovative and full of imagination templates.
    Just look back at the old ipsbeyond template and you will see a huge difference and this is just an example.
    Let's innovate not just change some colors and pictures or to move some stuff!
    I'm sorry that I'm critical but in my honest opinion I will choose to not switch to other template that the original I'm using now because by now (with a 30$ version exception ) all looks unprofessional.
    I hope that all the participants to accept my critic and to demonstrate in their next skins that I'm wrong !
    I also hope that IPS will continue this contest every year :) !