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  1. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Can anything be done about crazy signatures?   

    ​If you want to set a max height, you could just as well do 'max-height: 150px; overflow: hidden;' rather than 'visibility: hidden;'. Easy.
  2. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Can anything be done about crazy signatures?   

    Well, you can ignore some or all signatures as a user. X at the top right.
  3. Ryan H. added a comment: [Beta 5a] Can't export application with hook   

    Sent the full export via PM.
  4. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: After Upgrade - Any clue what's happened?   

    URLs aren't correct. It's trying to load all resources (CSS, JS) from your old (real) site. I ran into the same thing.
    How to fix it? Not a clue. I'd like to know.
  5. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: IP4 application development tutorials   

    No, you're not missing anything. More is on the way. If you need to start anyway, though, enable developer mode, then go to applications, create your app, then options > developer center.
  6. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Commerce Plugin - Integrating 3rd-Party Class Wrapper   

    There's a brief section on libraries at the bottom of the autoloader doc: http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/the-autoloader-r75/
  7. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: REALLY need the rebuild button back   

    This is far from a clean interface, but a tip: You can go to Advanced Config, then at the end of one of the descriptions there's a link 'View all tasks'. On that page is a list of tasks and a manual 'run' button. The generic 'Queue' task is what triggers the rebuilds. You can click that repeatedly to help the rebuild along.
    Alternatively, what interval is your cron running on? The queue task will run as fast as once a minute, I think.
  8. Ryan H. added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 5a] Can't export application with hook
    I have a custom application. It includes one code hook on \IPS\Output.
    Without the hook, the app builds and downloads fine. With the hook, after build and download, attempting to open the archive gives me 'Cannot open file ... as an archive.' Installing gives 1C133/K. Corrupt tar. I attached hook.json and the hook itself. I can provide the full app folder privately if needed.
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  9. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: New design is too much white space...   

    When properly applied, whitespace is a highly effective design element.
    To me, the Xenforo page you linked looks cluttered at best.
  10. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Lack of navigation, breadcrumbs is unsettling   

    ​Yeah. Smartphones already handle this cleanly. Unless you tell them otherwise, they'll render everything as if it were ~320px wide (varies slightly). If they displayed everything at physical resolution and desktop DPIs, phones would be unusable. The physical pixels are used for subpixel rendering and making everything really crisp.
    If it were my call I'd put another responsive breakpoint at 480px so phones can render more detail in landscape vs. portrait mode--but all in all, I think it collapses quite well.
  11. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Would be nice for us skinners   

    That would be an inline CSS style. As I understand it, their style guide for 4.0 prohibits inline styles. If you don't want that class in your skin, you'll either need to override it for that element or skin it out.
    The one item is read (hence ipsItemStatus_read), while the other two are not. That in itself lets you style unread and read items differently. I can't speak to why there's no indicator for redirects, if that's true.
  12. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: IPS 4 Release Update Request   

    Note: I do not speak for IPS.

    It seems to me it is safe to say the update is still some months away. Word is an early public release (first beta, probably) will be coming soon, but that's just the beginning of another process.

    Given that time is money, in my opinion you are best off starting now on the established platform that is IP.Board 3.4, with any modifications and customizations you find necessary. It's not a bad product by any means. Come a year or two down the line, if you find there are features in 4.0 that you would prefer or you want to be on the latest branch, then look into upgrading. You'll have a solid base of support and resources available by that time as well.
  13. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: tournament ladders and leagues   

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

    There's an 'IPS Marketplace' link in the navigation, and a global search box. Have a look around and see what's there.
  14. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Better user links and breadcrumb responsiveness   

    Your example screenshot is 450px wide. The vast majority of phones are 320px wide or smaller in portrait mode (I don't know of any that draw more). That's... very little room.

    Trying to pack so many links into so little space would make for a cluttered header and terrible user experience.
  15. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: JavaScript Password Hashing   

    Disregarding that browser JavaScript doesn't even support hashing: Unless the server performs further hashing or manipulation after the data is sent, that would mean you're comparing user input directly against the database for authentication. Which means... if anyone did get access to that database, all they would have to do to login to any account is to bypass the JS hashing and send the server that hash directly. Server says 'oh hey! They match! You're logged in now.'

Status Feed

  1. MYGNRFORUM » Ryan H.

    clear your PM's dude! :)

  2. Roogle » Ryan H.

    Having a weird issue with Easy Pages, I posted in your support topic for when you get a chance ;)

  3. Rainbow Dash » Ryan H.

    Hi! Are you planing to release Thoreau and Thoreau Dark for 3.2? :)

    1. Ryan H.

      When I get the chance. At this point I'm waiting on 3.2.1.

  4. Ryan H.

    I like when I can look at something I did a year ago and be impressed. I wish it happened more often.

    1. Amy T

      The wording of that makes it sound like you are saying you are getting worse at what ever you did a year ago. Basically like saying you were better a year ago then you are now. However I do not think that is what you mean.

    2. Ryan H.

      Quite the opposite. I often look at what I did in years past and find it to be naive or poorly done. Very rarely impressive. There was one technique I'd used and forgotten about, though, which I quite like.

    3. Mikey B

      A year later, how do you feel when looking back at this status? ;)

    4. Ryan H.

      Still pretty impressed by what I was referring to. It was brilliant, man. ;)

    5. Ryan H.

      In all seriousness, though, I've found that my coding style isn't evolving nearly as much as it used to. I'm not sure if that means I've matured as a developer, or that I'm stubbornly set in my ways now.

    6. Mikey B

      Probably a bit of both :)

  5. Ryan H.

    New to apps... is there any way to run a script on install in the manner of version_upgrade.php?

  6. Ryan H.

    Trying to decipher the new tags implementation... fun fun.

  7. Ryan H.

    Topic Prefixes 1.1.3 is up with a couple fixes and additions, for anyone who's interested.

    1. ørret


    2. Ryan H.

      They're listen on the download page.

      - Added the ability to display prefixes like subforums below a forum's description [along with a per-forum setting]
      - Fixed prefixes to be sorted alphabetically throughout the plugin

  8. Ryan H.

    I don't see how anyone can stand programming in vi.

    1. dogpatch

      how does anybody even use vi to begin with?

    2. AlexJ

      vi is editor.

    3. Ryan H.

      I mean, I guess it's something you get used to, but there are just SO MANY quirks and things that don't work the way they should. Give me my Visual Studio, or, hell, Notepad2 for that matter.

    4. Ryan H.

      It has some nice features, and is apparently incredibly extensible, but it seems to me anyone who considers it the end-all of editors is incredibly disillusioned.

    5. Planetby

      Find Designer7 nice and easy to use, even highlights my many F*** ups lol

    6. Ryan H.

      Linux and C... but thanks. :P

    7. Connor T

      Doesn't VI stand for VImproved? I wonder how the first one was :o

    8. Ryan H.

      That's VIM., and it's hardly better.

    9. Matt Campbell

      Neckbeard material there. TextMate is what I use.

  9. Ryan H.

    Headed back to school tomorrow... don't expect too much of me this week.

    1. media

      Well, Good luck... :)

    2. Herofiles ★

      School.. ooh..im glad im DONE with school :p

    3. ørret

      I'm so glad I only have 2.5 years left to my masters degree LUL :P sucks big time.

  10. Ryan H.

    Running through a crash course on Win32 programming... woo.

    1. Ryan H.

      I can do GUIs now. I am no longer slave to the console.


    2. TheRevTastic


    3. Planetby

      Congrats Ryan :)

    4. .Peter

      what language?

    5. Ryan H.

      The guide I'm using is in C... I need to find one in C++; there are a few things that don't seem to work in both.

  11. Ryan H.

    A quarter of my project ended up being bugs and half of it was untouchable [private], so I guess that one's on hold until 3.2.

  12. Ryan H.

    It would be awful nice if there were a way to add a single user setting beside creating an entire application...

    1. mat206

      What would the setting do? Hooks were made for this purpose btw. =) You don't have to create entire apps just for some type of extension.

    2. Ryan H.

      I would be using a hook if I could, believe me. It's simply not possible to add a setting to the User CP area using a hook.

  13. Ryan H.

    30% off all my resources until Christmas, including Topic Prefixes! http://bit.ly/eohoIc

  14. Ryan H.

    People who use Topic Prefixes--what neat things have you done? I'm looking for a showcase.

  15. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    You have quite a successful product on the IPS marketplace

  16. Ryan H.

    Put together a list of hook points I need, but I think at this point I might as well just wait until Monday...

  17. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    Don't worry about it then. Thanks anyways :)

  18. Ryan H. » Glumbo

    I wasn't aware anyone even used the skin, to be honest. It's a damn hard skin to update because of how much it was changed from the default skin. The dates are easy enough to fix, but if you want anything new from 3.0-3.1, well.
    Either way, I'm frightfully busy with classes right now; don't really have time at the moment.

  19. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    Could you update Minima please :)

  20. Ryan H.

    Settled into the new dorm... now if only our ethernet ports worked.

  21. Ryan H.

    My revamped site is live! I think everything is finally finished and working.

    1. Ryan H.


    2. .Peter

      That's slick. Very impressive.

    3. Zhana

      Wow that's a big change bro. BTW site seems to be a bit slow.

    4. Ryan H.

      What exactly is slow? Everything seems to load <2 sec for me.

    5. Fishfish0001

      It is a bit slow for me 3-5 seconds, wasn't normally that slow. Also the dropdown changes to black when on the products page instead of white Not sure if thats intended.

  22. Ryan H.

    I am really, really bad at the whole design thing.

    1. Fishfish0001

      You'll get the hang of it :)

    2. Ryan H.

      No, I don't think I will. I'm great at skinning; give me something to do, and I'll figure out how to do it. But I can't do anything remotely good trying to come up with it myself.

    3. Fishfish0001

      Oh gotcha. I have the same problem... :| But I can find good colors that go together, just not make them look good : (Try http://www.0to255.com if you need color matches and stuff)