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  1. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: SEO: How much do you care?   

    I see no reason not to employ structural SEO tactics to make the most of content and ensure the right things are highlighted. But I'm not going to go crazy over it. Empower your users and let their content drive it.
  2. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: do you think its good to install wordpress for my homepage?   

    Personally, I would never recommend using multiple software platforms to build a single site unless there was a very good reason. You're making a lot more work for yourself.
  3. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Any one interested in helping me out?   

    Not to rain on your parade, but that's called RWT (real-world trading)--and yes, it's pretty strongly frowned upon. I can't speak for Blizzard, but I know Jagex/RuneScape has been very active about banning, shutting down, and even suing people over RWT and botting.
    These are the terms of use all players agree to: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/termsofuse.html
  4. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: No Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates option??   

    Stephen, are you sure the theme you're trying to use is for 4.0? Older themes won't be compatible.
    As I understand, a 4.0 theme should just consist of an xml file, nothing more. You can find released ones here: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/162-themes/
  5. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: No Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates option??   

    Customization > Appearance > Themes
  6. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Administraion of IPS 4 RC2   

    If you're comfortable with 3.x and have an established site on 3.x, nobody is forcing you to upgrade or pay anything.
  7. Ryan H. added a comment: [This site] Can't download files just submitted to Marketplace   

    Per the email sent out the other day, there was a downloads bug that's been resolved, but some data was lost. It's up to the file owner to repair any broken downloads/screenshots left over.
  8. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Mobile Posting   

    That's probably a browser feature to zoom to 100% on input focus, in which case probably not.
    Speculation, though.
  9. Ryan H. added a comment: upload new version + Save Previous Version?= no axes all screenshots   

    I just experienced this when trying to create a new version without saving, and also after saving a new version (successfully) and then trying to delete the old revision. Seems to lose track of the attached files.
    I also got an error if I tried saving a new version without re-uploading all files and screenshots entirely.
  10. Ryan H. added a comment: [Beta 6] Designer Mode does not work   

    I experienced this error on 7a when trying to enable designers mode in dev mode. I haven't modified or duplicated the theme in any way.
    Per @Cemmos, it seems to be a result of theme files left over from an older beta. I found the bad snippet in: themes/1/html/core/global/global/includeCSS.phtml
  11. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Fresh Install, error in first step   

    Permission error, so check permissions on this folder:
  12. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Application Development 101   

    This whole argument seems rather silly. The contributors board really isn't all it's being made out to be. It's a place for contributors to talk.
    Have there been some topics regarding 4.0 development? Sure--just because that's where we're used to talking. But that's not what it's there for, you're not missing out on much, and there's nothing that says you're prohibited from learning or asking for any help because you can't access one private board. You have access to all the same documentation contributors do. Post in the client lounge or the dev board noted above; you're every bit as likely to get an answer.
  13. Ryan H. added a file in IPS Community Suite 4   

    Easy Pages v2.0.0-2
    Want to add custom pages to your IPS website? Easy Pages is a simple and powerful app to help you do that, from the comfort of your own Admin CP.

    There are no fancy wizards or long pages of settings. Just enter a title and URL, some text, and you're good to go. You don't even have to know HTML or PHP (but you can use them if you want to!).

    Use it to add a Privacy Policy, or rules, or a FAQ. You could even build an entire website. The only limit is your own creativity.

    Some of the features of this application:
    Create custom pages using BBCode, PHP, HTML, or IPS's Rich-Text Editor.Place each page within your IPS Theme, or build a complete page from the ground up.Choose your own page URL and meta tags for SEO.Control who can access a page with group permissions.Use 'blocks' of text or even PHP to avoid repeating code across multiple pages.Place blocks in pages, or anywhere on your site. Even posts!This application provides an easy way to create and view pages. However, it does not handle navigation. You will need to add links to the pages in the navigation bar or elsewhere yourself.

    This version of Easy Pages requires IPS 4.0. Installation is as simple as running the IPS app installer.
    There is a legacy version for IP.Board 3.4 and older. If you already use that, all of your pages will still be there when you upgrade to this new version. Any existing content may need to be modified to work correctly with IPS 4.0.
    • 1 review   
  14. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Application Development 101   

    There isn't any 'getting started' guide yet (word is it's coming), but have you read through the other developer docs? http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/
  15. Ryan H. added a post in a topic: Can anything be done about crazy signatures?   

    ​Easy Pages is done and ready; ATP is very early stages. I don't have much progress yet. It'll be ready though.

Status Feed

  1. MYGNRFORUM » Ryan H.

    clear your PM's dude! :)

  2. Roogle » Ryan H.

    Having a weird issue with Easy Pages, I posted in your support topic for when you get a chance ;)

  3. Rainbow Dash » Ryan H.

    Hi! Are you planing to release Thoreau and Thoreau Dark for 3.2? :)

    1. Ryan H.

      When I get the chance. At this point I'm waiting on 3.2.1.

  4. Ryan H.

    I like when I can look at something I did a year ago and be impressed. I wish it happened more often.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Amy T

      The wording of that makes it sound like you are saying you are getting worse at what ever you did a year ago. Basically like saying you were better a year ago then you are now. However I do not think that is what you mean.

    3. Ryan H.

      Quite the opposite. I often look at what I did in years past and find it to be naive or poorly done. Very rarely impressive. There was one technique I'd used and forgotten about, though, which I quite like.

    4. Mikey B

      A year later, how do you feel when looking back at this status? ;)

  5. Ryan H.

    New to apps... is there any way to run a script on install in the manner of version_upgrade.php?

  6. Ryan H.

    Trying to decipher the new tags implementation... fun fun.

  7. Ryan H.

    Topic Prefixes 1.1.3 is up with a couple fixes and additions, for anyone who's interested.

    1. ørret


    2. Ryan H.

      They're listen on the download page.

      - Added the ability to display prefixes like subforums below a forum's description [along with a per-forum setting]
      - Fixed prefixes to be sorted alphabetically throughout the plugin

  8. Ryan H.

    I don't see how anyone can stand programming in vi.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. dogpatch

      how does anybody even use vi to begin with?

    3. AlexJ

      vi is editor.

    4. Ryan H.

      I mean, I guess it's something you get used to, but there are just SO MANY quirks and things that don't work the way they should. Give me my Visual Studio, or, hell, Notepad2 for that matter.

  9. Ryan H.

    Headed back to school tomorrow... don't expect too much of me this week.

    1. media

      Well, Good luck... :)

    2. Herofiles ★

      School.. ooh..im glad im DONE with school :p

    3. ørret

      I'm so glad I only have 2.5 years left to my masters degree LUL :P sucks big time.

  10. Ryan H.

    Running through a crash course on Win32 programming... woo.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryan H.

      I can do GUIs now. I am no longer slave to the console.


    3. TheRevTastic


    4. Planetby

      Congrats Ryan :)

  11. Ryan H.

    A quarter of my project ended up being bugs and half of it was untouchable [private], so I guess that one's on hold until 3.2.

  12. Ryan H.

    It would be awful nice if there were a way to add a single user setting beside creating an entire application...

    1. mat206

      What would the setting do? Hooks were made for this purpose btw. =) You don't have to create entire apps just for some type of extension.

    2. Ryan H.

      I would be using a hook if I could, believe me. It's simply not possible to add a setting to the User CP area using a hook.

  13. Ryan H.

    30% off all my resources until Christmas, including Topic Prefixes! http://bit.ly/eohoIc

  14. Ryan H.

    People who use Topic Prefixes--what neat things have you done? I'm looking for a showcase.

  15. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    You have quite a successful product on the IPS marketplace

  16. Ryan H.

    Put together a list of hook points I need, but I think at this point I might as well just wait until Monday...

  17. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    Don't worry about it then. Thanks anyways :)

  18. Ryan H. » Glumbo

    I wasn't aware anyone even used the skin, to be honest. It's a damn hard skin to update because of how much it was changed from the default skin. The dates are easy enough to fix, but if you want anything new from 3.0-3.1, well.
    Either way, I'm frightfully busy with classes right now; don't really have time at the moment.

  19. Glumbo » Ryan H.

    Could you update Minima please :)

  20. Ryan H.

    Settled into the new dorm... now if only our ethernet ports worked.

  21. Ryan H.

    My revamped site is live! I think everything is finally finished and working.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ryan H.


    3. .Peter

      That's slick. Very impressive.

    4. Zhana

      Wow that's a big change bro. BTW site seems to be a bit slow.

  22. Ryan H.

    I am really, really bad at the whole design thing.

    1. Fishfish0001

      You'll get the hang of it :)

    2. Ryan H.

      No, I don't think I will. I'm great at skinning; give me something to do, and I'll figure out how to do it. But I can't do anything remotely good trying to come up with it myself.

    3. Fishfish0001

      Oh gotcha. I have the same problem... :| But I can find good colors that go together, just not make them look good : (Try http://www.0to255.com if you need color matches and stuff)