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  1. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [community] Attachment Quota 115%
    I see that the uploads for both the community and the bug tracker have been combine there fore I can not upload any new attachments I am going to reference this bug. 

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  2. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Pages] Can't alter templates
    When removing the following code from the "entry" template nothing happens. I have also removed this from "record" and still nothing. 
    {{if $record->record_image}} <div class="ipsCms_record_image"> <img class="ipsImage" src="{$record->record_image}"> </div> {{endif}}  
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  3. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 2] Can't Disable Designer Mode After Upgrade.
    After attempting another upgrade with an older database converted to UTF-8 Skin is not imported and broken so I enabled designer mode to get the theme  to work now I can't disable desinger mode without the skin breaking again. 
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  4. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Content Count dropped?
    Before the recent downtime I hat atleast 1000+ content count how its below 500?
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  5. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Pages Database Feedback   

    OK as alot of you knoow I love the concept of the database to do stuff that you need such as bug tracker and other views. But I use it for reviews. and I would like to give some feedback on this.  I have a test review up on my live IPS 4.0 can be found here  Creating fields are alot better but one is missing. a multi upload field. for screenshots so I am having to put all the content in the main content aera. 
    When creating fields it would be nice to be able to arange them how we want them to show on the output page. Images that you resize in the content should be thumbnailed with the original file. this way if someone clicks on a 200x150 image they can see the image clearly 
  6. Sinistra added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Default Themes   

    I still liked the primary nav bar on the top but hey I am a skin designer so its not a big deal to me  
  7. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Show off your Content  
  8. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Client Lounge   

    I now see Contributor Chat but not Client Lounge 
  9. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Client Lounge   

    ​I would have to agree I can't see it ether same thing for the contributors area 
  10. Sinistra added a post in a topic: (Sin) IP.Content Database Template   

    I am working on some new template designs I should have it done soon maybe by Monday or Tuesday of next week. 
  11. Sinistra added a post in a topic: [How To] Create A Custom IP.Content Database   

    Sorry I have been working on converting these into YouTube videos. Honistlly I didn't add default value unless it was something that needed it. my WYSIWYG editor I didn't put anything in. 
  12. Sinistra added a post in a topic: (Sin) IP.Content Database Template   

    I have re designed my reviews database to be spesifigly for me but I can redo the temiplaes for the articles display ifsome would like 
  13. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    I did some minor adjustments with the header image block it is now part of the IP.Content page  instead of being apart of the global templates. I am also reworking the reviews block so that will come back soon   Anime Shards 
  14. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Show off your Content   

    Yeah I am thinking about a complete skin redesign. I am not to fond of a "fixed" layout. Because I can't do any fluid elements. But I will give it a shot to see if it improves design aspects. As for the reviews block I have been trying to make them smaller and use some type of hover to give more info about the review.
  15. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Database Category Listing - Show last editor, rather than page submitter   

    I too have been looking for something like this but I have been unable to find it I will try again and post the results here

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    For those looking for custom work, and projects currently in progress. my laptop has met its unfortunate end. I am working on getting a new one ASAP. For those that I have started projects for or has PMed me about a project I will understand if you would like to choose someone else. Thank you for understanding

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    Introducing Otaku Square

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    Let me guess... Ah! My Goddess is your favorite anime?

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    OK IPB staff this sucks I can not offer support for my mods without access to the marketplace topics. and honistly I think Contributers should get atleast client status on the boards

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    well this is crap. I can't respond to projects and missing half the forums here on IPS Community

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    I am looking for all anime IP.Board woners to help support IP.Board as an anime community platform if you are interested you can post on my profile

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    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

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    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

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    Working on getting a vBulletin imported into my newly installed 3.2 community LOVING IT!

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    Yeah sorry about that lol I ts been fixed if you would like to check it out

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    You are welcome I am a huge anime fan. Oh and by the way your link to your site does not work.

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    Any updates on the ip content skin?

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    Remeber 9/11/2001

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    Finalizing the Graphics aspect of the first IP.Contnet them check my blog for details

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    Pleased to announce that is back up and running Come and check us out!

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      You sure it's ready? :P

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    Working on new IP.Board/IP.Content theme for his site WOOT

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    Is Fazoli's in cburg shut down? O_o?

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    if many people are waiting,
    excuse my english I'm not very good with this language.

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    Good Anime Kiddy Grade

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    Wow how weird is that with the board gallery content and downloads the admin folder has 666 folders in all Thats really weird