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  1. Sinistra added a comment: Theme Hooks   

    I can confirm this problem too 
  2. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    {RC3} Easy Mode skins upload manual mode
    When I uploade a skin to my IPS sinstall that I started in Easy Mode it will upload in Manual Mode. 
    • 1 reply
  3. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC 3] [Gallery] No Images
    When I did a fresh upgrade from 3.4.7 my gallery has no images. I have re uploaded my uploads folder and checked the file settings everything is correct. 
    • 2 replies
  4. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC 2] {IN_DEV] Can't Export Hook
    When I click the "Download" link in Developer Center my hook will not export in an XML file 
    • 2 replies
  5. Sinistra added a comment: [Beta 8][Pages][Menus] Can't add sub menus   

    @Matt  tried to create a sub menu is RC1 no go
  6. Sinistra added a comment: [RC1] manual rebuild causes blank page.   

    When I unlock it it re locks after I try and run it 
  7. Sinistra added a comment: [RC1] manual rebuild causes blank page.   

    Won't let me run it says " Task is already running,  can't be ran until finished or is removed" kind of hard for it to finish if it keeps locking so I do not know why this was closed because it is not fixed  
  8. Sinistra added a comment: [RC1] manual rebuild causes blank page.   

    Quire process keeps locking. I think this might be why its giving me a blank page 
  9. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC1] manual rebuild causes blank page.
    after upgrading from 3.4.7 to RC one I wanted to run the manual processes so I clicked it it ran theh provesses about half way then went to a blank page. but there are still some processes 
    • 10 replies
  10. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC1] [Pages] Links are underlined
    After RC1 upgrade from Beta 8 all article titles and links with in the aria below are underlined. 
    • 3 replies
  11. Sinistra added a comment: [Beta] [Gallery] Looks like categories are empty   

    Submitting new images dose not fix the issue
  12. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8] Missing language string
    under emoticons
    • 2 replies
  13. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8][Pages][Menus] Can't add sub menus
    I want to add a sub menu to my "Home" menu but when I un-check no parent the dropdown menu dose not show. 
    • 3 replies
  14. Sinistra added a comment: [Beta 8][Pages] Can't delete tags   

    before I do a fresh upgrade form 3.4.7 has this bug been looked into. I spent the past 2 days re-importing all my images. 
  15. Sinistra added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8][Pages] Can't delete tags
    When I go and manage my tags for my articles I delete duplicates after I save the article  the same duplicate tags are still showing. 
    • 5 replies

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  1. Sinistra

    Loving the new IPS Community starting to look good! 



  2. Sinistra » Razzile

    Miku is hot >.>

  3. Sinistra

    For those looking for custom work, and projects currently in progress. my laptop has met its unfortunate end. I am working on getting a new one ASAP. For those that I have started projects for or has PMed me about a project I will understand if you would like to choose someone else. Thank you for understanding

  4. Sinistra » hurricaine

    Let me guess... Ah! My Goddess is your favorite anime?

  5. Sinistra

    OK IPB staff this sucks I can not offer support for my mods without access to the marketplace topics. and honistly I think Contributers should get atleast client status on the boards

  6. Sinistra

    well this is crap. I can't respond to projects and missing half the forums here on IPS Community

  7. Sinistra

    I am looking for all anime IP.Board woners to help support IP.Board as an anime community platform if you are interested you can post on my profile

  8. Sinistra

    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

  9. Sinistra

    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

  10. Sinistra

    Working on getting a vBulletin imported into my newly installed 3.2 community LOVING IT!

  11. Sinistra » Amy T

    Yeah sorry about that lol I ts been fixed if you would like to check it out

  12. Amy T » Sinistra

    You are welcome I am a huge anime fan. Oh and by the way your link to your site does not work.

  13. Sinistra » Amy T

    Thanks for the likes in the be gallery!

  14. Glumbo » Sinistra

    Any updates on the ip content skin?

  15. Sinistra

    Remeber 9/11/2001

  16. Sinistra

    Finalizing the Graphics aspect of the first IP.Contnet them check my blog for details

  17. Sinistra

    Pleased to announce that is back up and running Come and check us out!

    1. Aisha

      You sure it's ready? :P

    2. SKDown

      does it have download links?

  18. Sinistra

    There are 2 words in a person's life that will help them open many doors, Push & Pull

    1. (e) Eric


    2. GoldDust

      like it ;)

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    Working on new IP.Board/IP.Content theme for his site WOOT

  20. Sinistra

    Is Fazoli's in cburg shut down? O_o?

  21. Gauche Suede » Sinistra

    if many people are waiting,
    excuse my english I'm not very good with this language.

  22. Gauche Suede » Sinistra

    Good Anime Kiddy Grade

  23. Sinistra

    Wow how weird is that with the board gallery content and downloads the admin folder has 666 folders in all Thats really weird