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  1. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4b] [Pages] Delete inactive members?
    Going through my upgraded databases and deleting ones that do not have any content. when I click te dropdown menu and goto delete it says "Delete Inactive Members". Now my question what dose inactive members ave to do with deleting a database  

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  2. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4b] [Pages] No Pages (content) tab on board index.
    OK After running the beta 4b upgrade and click  see my community button the content or pages tab can be seen. but when you click on it it just vanishes and givs you a 404 error page.
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  3. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4] Background processes have stalled.
    After my board was upgraded to 4.0 beta 4 it would seem that the background processes have stalled. I mean my board is not that big so I don't thing it would take this long to rebuke everything 
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  4. Sinistra added a post in a topic: IP. Chat 4.0?   

    We possibly might not see chat till ethere RC or final. although that is my thought on that. I agree I was hoping for it too 
  5. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 4] Images not showing.
    After upgrade I am not getting any images such as attachments avatars or gallery images. I have checked the paths and they are correct 
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  6. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Pages] No pages application in list
    When trying to upgrade the pages  app from 3.4.7 All my content upgrades but when I goto my website I don not see the Pages application in the navbar. I goto the admin CP I see the pages tab but no listing in the applications list as seein here

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  7. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [beta 4] Still upgrade issues
    Again another beta and still upgrade issues. new errror is 
    Duplicate key name 'popular_topics' ALTER TABLE forums_topics ADD INDEX popular_topics (popular_time, approved, forum_id, start_date) 
    Location: Step 7 1. Application: Forums
    I mean come on other people have been able to upgrade there community with no problems why is this going on. Dose the upgrade not support converted data yet
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  8. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    The way betas are going would not be surprised to see release candidate by the first of the year
  9. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Pages Pre-release 3   

    As for having the pages app outside of the root forum directory no not at this time.   This is still in pre release form once a beta is released I am sure we will have a way to use it outside the root forum directory
  10. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Who wants to help me test the IP.Content > Pages upgrade system?   

    I'm in I have a few custom databases 
  11. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [Pages PR3] Still cant add blocks to pages
    When I try and add blocks to both my coded pages and page bilder page I am unable to add blocks 
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  12. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Global Access to Mod CP   

    Even in 3.4.7 regular mods had access to the mod CP.  This is how they moderate their forums, add announcements and what have you. They do not have access to vital aspects of the site you can set that up in the admin CP if you wish your Super Moderators to have more access.  
    Also make sure your members group didn't somehow get put in the moderation page in members -> staff -> moderators if not report it as a bug
  13. Sinistra added a post in a topic: Why is there a cms folder within themes folder   

    So if we design a theme with a custom CMS layout and export will that theme be added to the skin xml file?  Or would it be to much trouble to add a way for us to export CMS themes like we had in 3.4.7 
  14. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    [beta 3a] Still problems upgrading from 3.4.7
    When I run the upgrade from a 3.4.7 datbase with pages UNCHECKED I get the following error 
    Table 'aiboard.cms_databases' doesn't exist (\IPS\core\setup\upg_40000\Upgrade->finish() ) 
    Location: Step 6. Application Core
    After clicking Continue I get the following error on my forum index 
    Fatal error : Class 'IPS\File\' not found in  /home/animeshards425/public_html/system/File/File.php  on line  83
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  15. Sinistra added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

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  1. Sinistra

    Loving the new IPS Community starting to look good! 



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    Miku is hot >.>

  3. Sinistra

    For those looking for custom work, and projects currently in progress. my laptop has met its unfortunate end. I am working on getting a new one ASAP. For those that I have started projects for or has PMed me about a project I will understand if you would like to choose someone else. Thank you for understanding

  4. Sinistra

    Introducing Otaku Square

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    Let me guess... Ah! My Goddess is your favorite anime?

  6. Sinistra

    OK IPB staff this sucks I can not offer support for my mods without access to the marketplace topics. and honistly I think Contributers should get atleast client status on the boards

  7. Sinistra

    well this is crap. I can't respond to projects and missing half the forums here on IPS Community

  8. Sinistra

    I am looking for all anime IP.Board woners to help support IP.Board as an anime community platform if you are interested you can post on my profile

  9. Sinistra

    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

  10. Sinistra

    Come and check out and tell me what you think!

  11. Sinistra

    Working on getting a vBulletin imported into my newly installed 3.2 community LOVING IT!

  12. Sinistra » Amy T

    Yeah sorry about that lol I ts been fixed if you would like to check it out

  13. Amy T » Sinistra

    You are welcome I am a huge anime fan. Oh and by the way your link to your site does not work.

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    Thanks for the likes in the be gallery!

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    Any updates on the ip content skin?

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    Remeber 9/11/2001

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    Finalizing the Graphics aspect of the first IP.Contnet them check my blog for details

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    Pleased to announce that is back up and running Come and check us out!

    1. Aisha

      You sure it's ready? :P

    2. SKDown

      does it have download links?

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    There are 2 words in a person's life that will help them open many doors, Push & Pull

    1. (e) Eric


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      like it ;)

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    Working on new IP.Board/IP.Content theme for his site WOOT

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    Is Fazoli's in cburg shut down? O_o?

  22. Gauche Suede » Sinistra

    if many people are waiting,
    excuse my english I'm not very good with this language.

  23. Gauche Suede » Sinistra

    Good Anime Kiddy Grade

  24. Sinistra

    Wow how weird is that with the board gallery content and downloads the admin folder has 666 folders in all Thats really weird