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  1. VioAdmin » Axel Wers

    You have a lot of great helpful posts, you might as well join IPS staff!

  2. VioAdmin

    Just upgraded my last VB powered site to IPB! Converting was easier than it was 5 years ago lol.

    1. #AC

      You can say that again. :D

  3. VioAdmin » Andy Rixon

    I, KingJames, say Rooney for Prime Minister.

  4. ørret » VioAdmin

    Cool. I'm wearing mine now hehe. What did you go for? MLG Legend here.

  5. VioAdmin » ørret

    lol better than expected -- Thanks for the hook up.

  6. ørret » VioAdmin

    Your Gunnar Optiks working well? ;)

  7. VioAdmin

    Can someone please just start importing VB 4.x skins to IPB with a membership type site(pay once a year) Please...

  8. VioAdmin » MagnumOpus

    @_@ we meet again...

  9. VioAdmin

    :( Waiting for my IPB Coder to fix bugs so I can launch my web site, it's been about 4 months! I really need to learn how to code IPB mods. So pissed.

    1. VioAdmin

      Imagine working on a new version of your site for like 4 months only to find out during the last days of your launch, you have some critical bugs to fix. Coder is taking his sweet time to fix. Sigh...

    2. #AC

      Whats your site?

  10. VioAdmin

    Just upgraded 2.3.6 to 3.1.4!!! 2 more sites left!

    1. .Peter

      Wow.. that's an intense upgrade.

    2. VioAdmin

      lol ya it is, should be done in a couple of hours, looking for some nice hooks.

    3. .Peter

      Check mine out :). My best ones are Share IT! (Better sharing system for IPB) and LazyLoader (Speed up loading times by having images load when user scrolls to them)

  11. VioAdmin

    Someone please contact me ASAP if they can make IP.Downloads AUTO-LINK files from remote servers!(will pay!)

  12. VioAdmin » Yukiko

    Hmm nice Monitor; whats the size?

  13. VioAdmin

    F' it, hired coder to Intergrate Joomla and IPB, 50% done.

    1. Yukiko

      Could of used converge ;)

    2. Yukiko

      Could of used converge ;)

    3. Cryptovirus

      I <3 being a coder

    4. VioAdmin

      @ Yukiko, seems like Converge hasn't been updated in awhile =( It was my first choice.

      @ Cryptovirus lol, I know, I know some coding but I always give myself the same excuse, "F it, someone can probably do it better." =/

  14. VioAdmin

    Back in the gaming, re-learning everything that is IPB! Migrating 3 sites to IPB 3.X, no more VB.

    1. Arianna

      Great choice!

  15. VioAdmin

    Really hoping Subscription manager has AlertPay intergrated!

  16. VioAdmin » EvilAsh Lycan

    Hi, how are you doing?

  17. VioAdmin

    o_o perfect, it works, hmmz.

  18. VioAdmin

    Testing, I am commenting myself o_o hmmz.