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  1. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: SEO: Improving robots.txt   

    Could any dev take a look into this? I think it's another SEO improvement we can get, a time it's causing SERPs with duplicated content (which isn't good).

    I think this issue is a good one to pick for 3.1.2, you're taking SEO seriously in the last releases. :-)

  2. Paulo Freitas added a record in Documentation   

    Tools & Settings: Cache Management

    For how many days posts/signatures are cached?
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  3. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: SEO: Improving robots.txt   

    I'm still very busy here but what I can say for now is that there is an quite strange behavior in user profile pages, as you could see here:""&filter=0

    I don't know where they're coming out, but the results with "page__f__" seems a bit buggy and probably dangerous for SEO. Can you take a look on it? :)

    I'm running against time to have more time to analyze these things, I think we still can optimize a lot more. :D

  4. Paulo Freitas added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus Dev Update: Credits   

    The last image is wrong. :P
  5. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: SEO: Improving robots.txt   

    Not, but I know it has very negative impact in not doing this. It seems that IP.Board 3.1 will help this, but the "fix" is not immediate - crawlers are quite slow to remove pages from their index.

  6. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: SEO: Improving robots.txt   

    I didn't know precisely, but I think that even returning 403 errors crawlers will waste your traffic unnecessarily. Blocking URLs in robots.txt avoids compliant crawlers to follow these addresses. I can imagine how much this would cost to huge traffic boards. :ermm:

    Just my POV. :)

  7. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: SEO: Improving robots.txt   

    Hi there,

    I want to start here a discussion in how we can optimize our default robots.txt file to get it updated in future IP.Board versions. :)

    It's simple: share your experiences. Use services like Google Webmaster Tools , Bing Webmaster Center and Yahoo! Site Explorer to identify wich pages is getting duplicated or is throwing errors/problems in these the crawlers.

    From what I already detected, (if I'm not wrong) we can block 5 more URLs:

    Disallow: /*?s= Disallow: /*&s= Disallow: /index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login&do=deleteCookies Disallow: /index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=rating Disallow: /index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=markasread
    I still haven't put these lines in my own robots.txt but I tested them in Google Webmaster Tools (GMT) and I'm convicted that will have positive impact to 1) reduce useless indexed pages, 2) reduce duplicated content and 3) reduce HTML suggestions from GMT.

    For the record: Crawlers hates this:

    All these duplicated and useless pages have negative impact to our rank in rigorous crawlers (like Google). We need to block them to reduce our penalty. :(

    I'm still analysing my GMT reports and I'll update here with all new useless URLs I find. But I want more people involved to share your knowledge. :)

    Sorry if my english is not perfect, I still need to dedicate more time to learn it. :huh:

    Best regards,
  8. Paulo Freitas added a comment: RTE editor bug when editing   

    [quote name='bfarber' date='15 April 2010 - 10:02 PM']Will give it a test. Is this only in the RTE I'm assuming, based on your report? Is it within the editor you are seeing problems, or after submitting?[/quote]
    Yeah, it's only with RTE. The problems come after you make edits to posts.

    I have another member confirming the problem with newlines getting stripped. (y)

  9. Paulo Freitas added a record in IP.Board   

    RTE editor bug when editing
    Hi IPS team,

    A member on my forum notified me that him are having problems with RTE editor when editing topics. Here are the steps he gave me to try to reproduce:

    [list][*]Reply some message with [code] BBCode;
    [*]Edit this reply.[/list]
    He uses Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 at Windows XP SP3 and said that all the content in [code] got newlines stripped. We can see weird [code]s here: [url][/url]

    I tried to reproduce it in my Ubuntu machine with latest Chrome and Firefox developer versions and I got weird behaviors too - I didn't got stripped newlines but I had formatting problems with spaces.

    We're using latest IP.Board 3.0.5 package available in the Client Area.

    Sorry if this issue has already reported, I'm very busy at now and I couldn't search.

    PS: Here in IP.Board 3.1.0 Beta 1 I couldn't edit my [url=]test topic[/url], only backspace worked.

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  10. Paulo Freitas added a post in a topic: Better permission matrix editor   

    I want to say SORRY for those who are already using my userscript for its lack of URLs support. :(

    I've been very busy these days and so could'nt update it. I improved it just now and I hope you enjoy it. :)

    (an elegant way to bump a suggestion :lol:)

  11. Paulo Freitas added a comment: Task scheduler repeat bug   

    No worry, I already accepted your sorry.
    We all made mistakes. Every day, every time.

    Best wishes,
  12. Paulo Freitas added a comment: Task scheduler repeat bug   

    Now it's much better.

    Don't take me too seriously, I love IPS products and I don't intend to change (or I say regress?!).

  13. Paulo Freitas added a comment: Tag 'Topic Link' is broken after applied latest path   

    As MySQL doesn't support REGEXP replace, you'll need to create a PHP page to do this work:



    $db = new PDO('mysql:host=yourhost;dbname=yourdatabase', 'youruser', 'yourpassword');
    $query = $db->query("SELECT pid, post FROM posts WHERE post LIKE '%[topic=&%'");

    foreach ($query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ) as $post) {
    $stmt = $db->prepare('UPDATE posts SET post = :post WHERE pid = :pid');
    $stmt->bindValue(':pid', $post->pid);
    $stmt->bindValue(':post', preg_replace(
    '/\[topic=&(?:#39|quot);(\d+)&(?:#39|quot);\]/i', '[topic=\1]',

    Don't forget to rebuild your posts.

    Hope this helps.

  14. Paulo Freitas added a comment: Task scheduler repeat bug   

    Ok, no problem, I'll consider these words when my license expire.
  15. Paulo Freitas added a comment: Task scheduler repeat bug   

    [quote name='Paulo Freitas' date='18 February 2010 - 02:18 PM']It's easily reproducible with the latest 3.0.5 installation: choose an task, change it to run every hour (0 * * * *) and then go navigate at some pages in the forum. Back to ACP, go to the scheduler logs and you'll see many log entries of the task you choosed earlier. At the task scheduler you'll see that the next run time of this task never increases - here's the problem.[/quote]
    No one can reproduce this? I can reproduce it in my 2 site installations plus my local board. Just set a task to run every hour and it will run at every page refresh in the forum.

    Can any dev try to reproduce this again?


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