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  1. Jason L added a post in a topic: SMF Gallery Pro   

    There is an SMF Media Gallery 1.5 converter only. If you would like assistance with the migration. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Jason L added a post in a topic: I'm struggling   

    The issue is that you would need a MSSQL driver for IP.Board to connect the converter to your CS database, which doesn't currently exist. I can offer my services to you if you would like assistance with the migration. Feel free to PM me.
  3. Jason L added a comment: SMF legacy   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]

    Yes, that is the fix or just blanking the values. I already had the changes made on dev copy. Need it update the site.
  4. Jason L added a comment: Fast reply disabled by default in vBulletin Converter   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  5. Jason L added a comment: VB - Permissions not cached   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  6. Jason L added a comment: Converter incorrectly parses quote BBCodes on vB import   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  7. Jason L added a comment: vB showthread.php redirect script doesn't handle all links   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  8. Jason L added a comment: showthread.php redirector   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  9. Jason L added a comment: vB 3.8.4 to 3.1 beta 1 - Member passwords not working   

    Updating status to: [b]Not a Bug[/b]
  10. Jason L added a comment: Attachments   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  11. Jason L added a comment: Default birthdays   

    Updating status to: [b]Confirmed - General[/b]
  12. Jason L added a comment: Apostrophes in fields   

    Updating status to: [b]Confirmed - General[/b]
  13. Jason L added a comment: Users placed in validating group cannot validate   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  14. Jason L added a comment: Member names with illegal characters are converted incorrectly   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]
  15. Jason L added a comment: Error in converting groups   

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b]

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  1. Jason L

    Day of #IPB MSSQL upgrade files. So if you still have version 1.3 you will soon be able to upgrade.

    1. Tom_F

      Have fun and watch out for those mediumint's ;)

  2. Jason L

    Teaching myself/learning about event notifications within an MVC application framework. I really want to understand this.

  3. Jason L » IBSkin

    You are welcome. Hopefully its not a big issue to downgrade.

  4. IBSkin » Jason L

    Thank you so much for your help on the phone today! =0)

  5. AndyF » Jason L

    Happy Birthday Jason :)

  6. Mike F » Jason L

    Hey! :D Im new here! I love IPB... Have seen it, and I hope to buy it someday :) Although I think it should be free. There are tons of free forums out there. Alot of people say IPB should be free. I agree :D

  7. Jason L » AndyF

    All is well. Hope the start of 2008 has been good.

  8. AndyF » Jason L

    Hello :) Hope you are well ?

  9. wickedfpoop » Jason L

    *Obligitory thank you comment*
    THANKS DEWD! lol
    I like spelling dude like that. Makes me feel awesome!

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    Birthday comments are trendy. Happy B-Day

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    Hey! Have a nice day! =)

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    Happy B-Day! Enjoy it!

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    8 schools, holy... *word goes here :P*

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    Cool Avatar!

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    Just dropping by to say hello! :-)

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    Just wanted to drop a message of which giving you praise: Thank you for your great support and I hope IPS employs more like you. ... thanks ...

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    Hi :)
    Happy Birthday Jason :)

  18. Jason L » Sunlite

    Good bye Clymer, NY (30 min North of Erie, PA), hello civilization.

  19. Sunlite » Jason L

    Hi Jason, so where in NY did you live? I was originally from Brooklyn but am in the Rochester area currently.

  20. Jason L » Canadian Hotdogman

    Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 03:38:57 -0400
    Error Number: 1054
    Error: Unknown column 'date' in 'ibf_gallery_bandwidth'
    IP Address: -----------
    mySQL query error: ALTER TABLE ibf_gallery_bandwidth CHANGE date bdate INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
    So what do I do?

  21. Keith J. Kacin » Jason L

    You viewed my profile last... so you get a comment. Enjoy!