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adding data in hooks, efficiency.

I was guilty of this completely bad practice, therefore am writing a little guide that may help... IPB 3.x

Importing a database in Wamp

This has only been tested on Wamp. It's the method I use as its quick and easy, you can use t...

Add a Scrolling news bar

Add a Scrolling news bar It's very easy to add a scrolling news bar to your site. Basically... All versions

Creating a dynamic avatar or signature

If you've ever wondered how people can post dynamic rotating avatars on IP.Board without a re...

Small tutorial on Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

My PHP code.<?phpclass experiment{var {:content:}file_name = 'test.php';function ex_f... All

Understanding UNIX dates

I thought id write a quick article on this. :)You often see these in the database for IPB and els... All

Cross-Zone Scripting

Cross-Zone Scripting is a complicated exploit that ultimately allows a hacker to execute code fro... All

SQL Injection

SQL Injection is a common form of exploiting a web application by forcing parameters into an SQL... All

Memory Limit Issues

If your host has your PHP memory limit set to 8M, it can sometimes cause problems with IPB and Ga...

Difference between =, ==, and ===

You'll notice in PHP scripts that sometimes = is used, sometimes == is used, and occasionally...