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The Anti-Spam Guide to IPS

Because of high demand for this, I've decided to produce an article that will help many IPS clien... All Versions

Example: Using The IPB Wrapper outside IPB

Let's say you have some need, be it for a consistent look with a bridge(looking at you mediawiki... IPB 3.x.x+

Ajax Pagination

The pagination functions within the IPB framework allow for ajax-based pagination. There are seve... 3.2.x

Working with Multiple Databases

I recently worked on a project that involved integrating an IPB forum with an external database.... 3.1+

How To: Add to the Quick Navigation menu

This article describes how to integrate your application with the Quick Navigation menu in IPB 3.... 3.2.x

How to make your app stay viewable by all when board is offline

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make your application viewable by everyone, includi... 3.1.x

Using the built-in skin tools while IN_DEV

If you're like me, and are fond of the Admin CP Ajax skin tools to manage the template bits, you... 3.4.x

How to add a Data Hook point to an app you create

Create dataHookLocations.php in your app's extensions directory and ensure that it has the sa... 3.1.2+

How to add a post to a topic

This allows you to post a reply to a topic supplying only member ID, topic ID, and the content.... 3.1

Creating an Invision Power Board V3.x Hook with ACP Setting - A beginners guide.

Please check our my blog for an indepth walkthroughhttp://community.invisionpower.com/blog/3169/e... V3.x

Creating a very simple template hook

Read this article first: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/ipboard-3x/... IP.Board v3.x

How to check if the user is logged externally

Using custom PHP code, checks if the user is currently logged into the system. If true, returns t... 3.x

Hide userCP tab pr group permission/if condentional

If you're developing a userCP only application, you might find yourself in a place where you... 3.00

Creating a custom script with hooks

This will run you through how to create a custom script when exporting a hook. The option is only... All

Migrating to UTF-8

Right from the outset, I want to make it clear that I make no warranty or promises for the inform... All

Disable ACP Login (For development only)

This is a serious security breach. And should not be made to a production board.In order to disab... 3.0.0

Linking Error Codes To Your Knowledgebase

During the development of one of my Applications i thought it would be a cool idea to have the er... 3.x.x

Hidden Gems: IPSDebug::fireBug

Requirements: FirePHP Firebug Firefox IPB 3.0 A little hidden gem in IPB3 is the FirePHP API. Wh... All

Using the javascript popup class

IP.Board 3 uses DHTML on-screen displays where possible to reduce or eliminate the traditional po... 3.x

Creating your own hooks

IP.Board 3 now includes a hook and plugin management system. As the name implies, a 'hook... 3.x

Convert an IPB 2 component to an IPB 3 application

Converting IP.Download Manager for IP.Board 3.0 Existing directory structure for the 1.2.x branch... 3.x

Log a user in and out

If you are integrating with IP.Board and need to authenticate a user login, you should require th... 3.x

Working with members

Programatically, it is very easy to add, update and remove users in IP.Board 3. The functionalit... 3.x

Creating a template plugin

Template plugins can be used to provide additional functionality in skin templates. To create a... 3.x

Creating a portal plugin

IP.Board includes a built in portal that administrators can enable for their users. This portal... 3.x