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Simple Modifications

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Mass Move Members

To mass move members via a query, obtain the group ID via Manage Groups and then you can run thes... 3.x

Group Badges, Display Name Customization

Some time ago, I discovered a unique edit that adds some customization to forum display names (se... 3.4.x

Sphinx - Enabling OR/Any words search.

First, this is a file modification.Second, it is *only* relevant if you use sphinx for search, t... IPB 3.3.x, IPB 3.4.x

Add to Homescreen - Popup Bubble

Follow the guide and it explains all.http://static.cubiq.org/uploads/2011/01/add2home.jpg http://... ALL

IP Calendar - Add an Arrow next to the RSVP button

It has been commented on that forum members 'some how' manage to miss the RSVP button. We... IP Board 3.2.x & IP Calendar 3.2.2

IP Calendar - RSVP tick box 'ticked' as default option

Tested on IP Board v3.2.3 & IP Calendar v3.2.2A simple modification to set the RSVP tick box... IP Board v3.2.3 & IP Calendar v3.2.2

ACP Language Management Improvements

Here are two improvements for the language management in the ACP.Make the limit of shown word pac... 3.2.x

Adjust the log pruning schedule

IP.Board provides options (System Settings > Advanced > Log Pruning) to enable / disable... 3.2.x

Removing The ACP Graph - IP.Board 3.2

Hate that graph in the Admin Control Panel? This guide will show you how to remove it Hey, To re... 3.2.0

3.2.x Adjusting the number of status updates

Here's how to adjust the number of status updates on 3.2.x without any core file edits. This is h... 3.2.x

Shoutbox Bot!

This mod will add a shoutbox bot to your board.Fetaures:- enable/disable hook,- chose which membe... 3.1

Change Default Avatar Size

In IPB 3.2 the default avatar size on the forum is set at 90px x 90px, and there isn't really a s... 3.2.x

3.2 Change userlink popup from hover to click

This Requires 1 .js file edit [s]and 1 template edit .. I will keep this updated as 3.2 "evol... 3.2

VideoBB Media Tags

This file is videobb.com site media tag.Add: Look & Feel ----> Manage Media BBCode ----...

Restrict viewing display name history

Here's a quick article on how to restrict viewing of a members display name history to just g... 3.1.x

Adjusting the number of emoticons per row

Here is a quick article on how to adjust the number of emoticons shown in the editor. This might... 3.0.x and 3.1.x

Increase the queue limit in IP.Board's flash uploader

IP.Boards flash uploader is great, but is limited to a maximum of ten files at once. Here is a qu... 3.x

Additional Admin Validation Links for catching Spammers

This modification adds several links to the "Member Validation Queue" page in the Admin C... 3.1.4

How to Require SSL for Admin CP

Currently, there is an option to use SSL for front-end logins, but not for the admin control pane... 3.x

Metacafe.com addition to media tag

Replacement title: MetacafeMedia Replacement Match:http://www.metacafe.com/watch/{1}/{2}/ Media R...

Adjusting the number of topics / posts in profiles

Here's a quick tutorial on how to adjust the number of topics and / or posts shown in members...

Prevent attach deletion

This can be improved on, but I whipped it up in a couple of minutes.Open /admin/applications/core...

Adding a background image(s) to your board

If you would like to customise your board and add an image to your boards background, do the foll... 3.x.x

Edited by...

When you create a new thread/post and edit it, at the bottom of your post, you're presented w... 3.x.x

Creating Rank / Reward Badge

This is how to have a subrank image that will show on every post of a particular special group me...