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Prevent attach deletion

This can be improved on, but I whipped it up in a couple of minutes.Open /admin/applications/core...

Adding a background image(s) to your board

If you would like to customise your board and add an image to your boards background, do the foll... 3.x.x

Creating Rank / Reward Badge

This is how to have a subrank image that will show on every post of a particular special group me...

Add SteamID to profiles

Add the SteamID custom profile field Log into your Admin Panel.Select the 'Members' tab a...

Adjusting the number of members in the 'Top Posters' hook

A quick tutorial on how to adjust the number of members shown in the 'Today's Top Posters... 3.1

.flv support for media tag and/or gallery

This media tag will give you a very nice flv player.Instructions:Download flowplayer: http://flow...

Adding VB Style "What's New?" Tab

If you are coming to IPB from VB, or simply like a "What's New?" tab in your navigati... 3.0.5, 3.1.0

Adding an Extra Navigation

As requested, I have come up with a way to add another navigation bar under the current one so th... 3.0.x, 3.1.0

Adding Extra Tabs

This is my first article, so I am going to keep it simple.This will teach you how to add extra na... 3.0.x

Replace the bulky mp3 player for a neat, small one

For this we'll be using Niftyplayer, which can be found here:http://www.varal.org...ia/niftyp...

Volume Control on MP3 PLayer

Editing the bbcode Once in the ACP go to Look&feel , under post content click on Manage Med... 3.0.0+

Delete Member's Status

I got this this Idea from a spammer on my site!He kept spamming my recent status update hook,... 1.0.0

Viddler media bbcode

Media Replacement Title: Viddler Media Replacement Match: viddler id={1} Media Replacement HTML:...

AddThis Button

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to add an AddThis button to your forum. What is a... 3.0.*

Adding Banners to your Forum Skin

Many current IP.Board owners have very little experience in creating 'Forum Skin' or cond... 3.0.5

Auto parse media links

As requested here Open ./admin/sources/classes/bbcode/core.phpFind: (Around line 1450)//---------... 3.0

Break.com media bb code

Here is another media bb code you can add. This will let your board support videos from break.com...

Atom.com media bbcode

Here is the code to get atom.com videos to play using the media insert tag.Media Replacement Matc... 3.0

Additional Sorting of PMs

The code for sorting PMs by title and date is already built into IPB, it just isn't enabled.I...

Posts Per Day in Topics

Here's a quick hack to add the user's 'posts per day' stat to the topic view besi... 3.0.x

Pips & Team Icons

When a member is in a user group that has a Team Icon set, in posts only that Team Icon will disp... 3.0.x

Add Member No. to profile

This adds the Member No: back into the profile in the topic view, profile view and profile card.A... 3.0.x

Number of members using each skin in dropdown

This tutorial will show you how to add the number of members using each skin in the skin dropdown... 3.0.x

Restore topic icons to forum view

As of IP.Board 3.0, topic icons no longer display in forum view.To restore this, go to Admin CP -...

Stop ignored users from posting profile comments

Open admin/applications/members/modules_public/ajax/comments.php and find:private function _addC... All