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Actually Using CCS for the First Time

I, like most community members, was so excited to get a hold and use IP.Content, mostly because i... 1.0

Fixing RTE & Flash Upload Problems on IP.Content 1.1.0 Outside of IPB Wrapper

If you are using the new IP.Content 1.1.0, and you are taking advantage of the new Databases feat... IP.Content v1.1.0 Beta 2 & Newer

Manually Fixing {parse block="ccs_files"} issues in IPC 2.3

Upon Upgrading To Content 2.3.x+, Users implementing this block will notice Strange excess code b... IPC 2.3.x+

How to get IP.Content to look like your forums using the IP.Wrapper

In order for IP.Content to have the look and feel of your forums, you will need to use the IP.Wra...

Navigation - Active Tabs

This will show a tab called Donate and add the value "active" to the class, when the page... All

HOW TO: Add and configure a new database

For this example, we're going to be making a cookbook. It could just as easily be a weapon rating... 2.0.2

How to add login bar like on forums

Simply add this as your welcome box, and put wherever you wish, what this does is it makes the li... All

Simple custom display template

Replace the Database Display template with this text to get rid of the top row of buttons. This...

HOWTO: Customize the Database Form (Per Database!)

Customizing the Database Form (Per Database!) Creating a custom form for your database doesn...

How to set up your website link to show as active when in CCS

For the purposes of this article, assume that your CCS website is at www.yoursite.com and that yo... All

Creating a status update block

This can be achieved by following these few simple steps:Create a new feedSelect "Members...

VIDEO: Adding a Page

In this video tutorial I will show you a simple way to add a page to CCS. Note that I don't h... All

Allow IP.Content to run when board is offline

It is possible to allow IP.Content to continue serving pages, even when your IP.Board installatio... 1.2.x, 2.x

Get Avatar or Personal Photo in Block

So there are tons of places that you can pull information from but only a few that actually pull... All

Showing a set page by default

Example: I want to add a list of articles on a subdomain, http://articles.domain.tld .A simple w... All

Admin Bar

This will add the Admin bar to the top of your site (same one at the top of your IP.Board).HTML (... All

[How To] Enable an Articles Frontpage Template to paginate category Frontpages

original credit of code goes to Replace the default ips pagination for the version with:/*3.1.x... 3.1.x, 3.2.x

Hide "breadcrumb" bar

You can do this fairly easily with CSS using this code, which hides that entire bar under the pri... IP.Content 1.0.*

HOW TO: Create A reusable feed block template

Figured this one out and figured id contribute.First, go to ACP->Look&Feel->Manage Sk... 2.x

Passing Variables

I often wondered how to pass and receive a variable in IP.Content through the URL. This is very e... ALL

Accessing blocks within a php file.

?>{parse block="block"} <? You have to end and restart the php scripting around t... All

[How To] "Port" an output hook to a content block.

as this seems to come up repeatedly as a question, im providing a base guideline for porting an o... 3.x

HOWTO: Resize upload field images on record submission

Here is a sample callback hook you can add to any IP.Content database to resize an image submitte... 2.x

VIDEO: Installing CCS within your Board

This is a video tutorial in installing CCS within your Invision Power Board.Installing CCS within... All


As this seems to be a gaping black void in Documentation of the "Official" Nature, i am g... 2.x