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Taking a manual backup using cPanel

It`s essential to take backups. You should never rely on just your host. Although most will have... All

Server-level optimizations

Let me preface these tips by stating that I have absolutely not tested a one of these, but have c...

CDN + Minify Guide

This is a simple guide on how to get Minify working with versioning on a CDN.First off your **CDN... 3.3+

Run your own Linux Web Server

Progress on the test machine Fedora 15 and ISPConfig 3 Are you getting tired of paying High hos...

Automatic Backed up Database by E-Mail - Simple to do!

Hi all!I've created a video to show you how to get emails of your backup SQL files. It... ALL

Convert IP.Board 3 to UTF-8

Converting to UTF-8 The topic relating to this guide can be found here .Disclaimer This guide... All

Using MaxCDN as a CDN for more performance with minimal effort

I set up MaxCDN for images (which uses the /public directory) and for uploads. Their server passe... all

Serving static files from another server (nginx/lighttpd)

So if you're already a dedicated web developer, you should be already know that serving stati... 3.x

IP.Board Board, MSSQL, IIS and PHP 5.x FastCGI

Tom has put together a document that walks you through setting up PHP 5.2.11 as FastCGI and also...

[HOW TO] Install ImageMagick on your VPS

ImageMagick TM is a robust collection of tools and libraries offered under a usage license to rea... All

Moving / Changing Hosts

Often times, you will find the need / want to change hosting providers. This is generally a simpl... All

How to protect your site from bad spiders

There is lot of bad spiders crawling the internet and many of them can visit your site as well.Th... All

Setting up IonCube Loaders

Since IPS has been using IonCube as the primary encoding tool, you need it installed / runtime en... All

Split mysql reads/writes to separate databases

As your site gets larger, your database gets larger, and over time you will notice that resource... All

LimitRequestBody restrictions and how to alter

Many people are (by now) aware of how PHP's "upload_max_filesize" directive works. I... All

How to optimize IPB forum

One of the most important steps to optimising your forum is the often overlooked robots file. The... All

[Tweak] Use UDG for MySQL connection

There are several different transport methods by which data can pass from one system to another,... All

Board MySQL Optimization Tips that help a lot

These are little known optimization tips that can help drastically improve database performance o... All

File Transfer Protocal(FTP) Tips

Many times when I upload multiple files/folders(IP.Board for example), the server times out or so...

[HOWTO] Back up IPB

There are often questions crop up on IPB support forums about how to backup boards, and there are...

PHP 5.2 Bare Install

This is very easy to install, I don't run many other systems so I'd say if you don't...

Repairing lost "Auto Increment" values

If you migrate from a higher version MySQL to a lower (ie from 4.1 to 4.0, or 4.1 to 3.23), you h...

Installing a "localhost" Test Board

First, download and install WAMP from http://www.en.wampserver.com/ . (WAMP means "Windows, A...

Getting max from your hardware.

Some notes:I describe only the main principles, checked at my sites . Ready config examples are s...

Manually Increasing Your Php.ini Max File Size

Your php.ini file contains a directive called "upload_max_filesize" which limits the maxi...