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Double Blog This

There's two 'Blog This' links on each post, both same links

This pic is from this site:

Attached Image: double_blog_this.png

I thought it might be confined to here, however I can reproduce this locally with my build of 260B1 as well...

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Attached Image: double_blog_this.png

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 2.6.0
Fixed In: 0


Updating Status to: Not a Bug

Blog 2.6 uses a hook for this link whereas in IP.Board 3.3.4 the link is hardcoded into the skin. This is removed for IP.Board 3.4 so only the hook link will show. If you're running 3.3.4 disabling the hook will prevent this. I guess I should add a knowledgebase article to avoid confusion :smile:
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Yeah disabling the setting / hook works. Although I reported it as its present (double Blog This) here too. Pic is from here. :smile: , but I see what you mean now about it.
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