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Entry doesn't show profile photo

Have a gravatar photo set but Blog doesn't seem to be displaying it on my entries, just shows the default one.

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Status: Fixed
Version: 2.6.1
Fixed In: 2.6.2


Updating Status to: Confirmed - Skin Issue

Updating Status to: Cannot Reproduce

Ryan Ashbrook
Jan 28 2013 09:29 PM
Updating Status to: Unconfirmed
Updating Version to: 2.6.1

I'm actually going to re-open this. It happens when the member registers and the board defaults to using Gravatar.


https://dl.dropbox.c... 9.24.47 PM.png


pp_gravatar is not set in profile_portal, so IPSMember::buildNoPhoto() falls back to the email address.


The problem is we're not pulling "email" from the database. /admin/applications_addon/ips/blog/modules_public/display/entry.php - lines 322 through 336


		$_entry_joins = array( array('select' => 'r.rating_id, r.rating as current_rating',
									 'from'	  => array( 'blog_ratings' => 'r' ),
									 'where'  => "e.blog_id=r.blog_id AND e.entry_id=r.entry_id AND r.member_id=" . $this->memberData['member_id'],
									 'type'	  => 'left' ),
	  						  array( 'select' => 'm.member_id, m.members_display_name as entry_author_name, m.member_group_id, m.mgroup_others, m.members_seo_name', 
									 'from'   => array( 'members' => 'm' ),
									 'where'  => 'm.member_id=e.entry_author_id',
									 'type'    => 'left' ),
						  	  array( 'select' => 'pp.*', 
									 'from'   => array( 'profile_portal' => 'pp' ),
									 'where'  => 'pp.pp_member_id=m.member_id',
									 'type'    => 'left' ),
								$this->registry->classItemMarking->getSqlJoin( array( 'item_app_key_1' => 'e.blog_id' ) )


Simply adding m.email to the columns for the members table join fixes it.

Updating Fixed In to: 2.6.2
Updating Status to: Fixed