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Group blog ownership/options

Ok.. Group blogs.. This is.. Going to be alot of things that are judgement calls. Problems/things that may need to be looked at are designated by numbers.

You add a group blog for a group called "reviewers".. You, as the admin, are not in that group.

1) You are listed as the 'owner' of that blog in blog_blogs. This causes a problem when linked with #2..

2) Only the listed OWNER of the group blog can make changes to the layout.. So.. Adding new blocks, reorganizing blocks, etc.. You're the owner, but, you don't have anything 'to do' with the blog, your Reviewers group handles it.. But, they can't fully control the blog.

3) ALL members of the group see the "Add Blocks" options and so on.. Though, they don't work. So, a member of the group can click "Add Block" and select a block to add.. It just doesn't do anything. They do NOT see the 'close block' option, and can't move blocks.

So.. Really, this boils down to.. For the first item.. Should you be able to set the owner of the group blog when you create it? I think.. For the most part, all this is probably working as it should.. You want ONE person in the group as the 'owner' of the blog.. You don't want to allow ANY member of the group to add/rearrange blocks, because, then you get into slap-fights where one person changes something, another changes it back, the first changes it back again, and so on. You should have a listed OWNER.. Which, shouldn't be FORCED to be the person who creates the group blog in the ACP.

That.. Basically covers problem 2 as well.

Problem three.. That.. Shouldn't show for people who don't have that ability. Not change theme, not add blocks.. I assume they can't change the settings? I don't think they should be ABLE to if they can, though, I didn't test that.

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.5.2
Fixed In: 2.6.0


Thanks for writing this up, Jason.

I consider #3 to be a bug. I shouldn't see a button menu and be able to select an item in it and then have it to nothing. If a user does not have the ability to add blocks, they should not see the button menu.

As for #1 and #2, those are design decisions. I can understand the argument for allowing only the owner to be able to make layout to a blog, but there's also a case to be made for allowing group ownership if the site owner wants to allow it. Site owners would then need to weigh flexibility against the "slap fight" when enabling group ownership and only allow group ownership if they think the group is capable of it. On our site we are not allowing members to create blogs, so group membership could work for us since only a few select employees would be "owners" of the blog and we have more control over their actions via business processes, and it would allow others to make necessary changes when I am not available. If we opened it up to member generated blogs, maybe that wouldn't be the case.

I see two new features out of this:
  • Allow changing the owner of a blog [very important, almost necessary]
  • Provide a global blog setting to allow or disallow assigning a group as the owner of a blog [would enhance the flexibility of the tool]
This is going to require to change quite a bit how group blogs are handled, not something that can be easily changed in a minor bugfix release. We'll review this for the next 'major' version.
Updating Fixed In to: 2.6.0
Updating Status to: Fixed