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Strange statistics

Yesterday I upgraded IP.Blog 2.4.1 >> 2.5.1 (IPB 3.2.2) and now I have problems with statistics (I used recache and rebuild tools but nothing changed).

Quick translation (from polish to english):
Wyświetl stronę główną blogów >> Dashboard
Wszystkie blogi >>All Blogs


Status: Fixed
Version: 2.5.1
Fixed In: 2.5.2


Look what happened when you click "Find content with tag: reputacji "[attachment=37329:blogi3.PNG]
Two entry have the same number of views.

Before upgrade (first image) entry "Likwidacja Sterfy gier i nowa zakładka Ranking reputacji" had more than two thousand views (now only six)
Compare the data from the second and third image - blog Oficjalny blog Forum Matematyk has the same views as two entries (from the same blog)
1) The difference between "Dashboard" and "All Blogs" is normal, dashboard shows the number of entry views while the all blogs page shows the number of total views for the blog (so all entries).
2) Views while searching for tags: the views being shown are the blog total rather than the entry total. Fixed for 2.5.2.