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BBCode editing in IE

If you use IE, start a page in BBCode. The Font and Size dropdowns have no effect in RTE, and insert the tags in the wrong place in Standard.

I have a report that the color chooser is spread across the entire screen as well, but I could not duplicate that on my installation.

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.0.5
Fixed In: 2.0.0 Beta 3


Updating status to: Confirmed - Admin CP Skin
Updating severity to: 2 - Fair

I'll look at the dropdowns. As for where the code inserts, I just use ips.editor.js - so that would be a general IPB issue. (Not tested)
Ok, I tested this and I was able to reproduce the same issues using the WYSIWYG editor in the settings (system online/offline message). This is a general issue with the WYSIWYG in IE through the ACP it appears.
Moving to: IP.Board 3.0
Updating status to: Fixed
Updating severity to: 3 - Medium
Updating version to: 3.0.5
Issue fixed in: 3.1.0 Beta 2

ipb.Menu was getting override with the copy in acp.menus.js, but didn't have any support to handle callbacks (which is used by the editor).