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Cannot switch to full version from mobile

I see there is already an item for the quote buttons not working...


I noticed today that the button for switching from the mobile version to the full version is dead.

Tested on iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1

Status: Duplicate
Version: 3.3.0
Fixed In:


strangely enough, I had this bug in the beta, but not in 3.0.0, but it seems many people have it like you.
Maybe I "fixed" the bug by doing a template edit, but I honnestly don't know which one :) :)
I have a member complaining about the same issue. 3.3.0
Confirmed, only thing that I have does is hide the IP.Mobile from view the skins have a hard coded switcher when it detects a mobile agent as the browser and will switch only in that envirement.

You can reset all current members using hte IP.Mobile manually in the ACP...
Under the Look & Feel > Templete Tools > Reset Skin Usage
Rest For: Check Members
Reset To: Default Skin
Where They Use: IP.Mobile
Reset button and done
Adriano Faria
Apr 02 2012 07:09 AM
That doesn't work for me. The only way it worked on my board was enabled MOBILE only to BANNED, thus any other user can use full version.
Still happens in 3.3.1 but ticket said was fixed in 3.3.1.
The button has to be longpressed for a menu and even then it does not load the full version.
Confirming on 3.3.1.

Disable Fusion Menu hooks if enabled.


The skin key may already be applied but. Admin CP > Look and Feel > Manage Skin Sets and Templates. Edit the Mobile Skin settings. If you see the "Skin Set Key" field, put mobile in and save the skin. If that field is not present, then it's already in place.

Both thanks to Ryan Ashbrook
Our members at Slotblog.net are also seeing this problem today as well.

IPS upgraded us to 3.3.1 yesterday...
Button for switching from the mobile version to the full version doesn't work on 3.3.1
I had this issue but then it went away. I would suggest rebuilt and recaching all your templates/skins.
This is marked duplicate, but I can't find the other.

Can we get a link to the fix, or the other thread?
I ended up copying my global template for all the custom bits I put in it, reverting the global skin template, then I pasted in my custom bits after clicking revert - saved that and it fixed the issue.
I'm getting members complaining about this after upgrading to 3.3.1 2 days ago. I can confirm it. If I change to the mobile theme there's no way to get back to a regular theme. I'm having to manually reset every member who complains.
Try my fix above.
3DWiki - submit a ticket and we'll take a look.

I have IPB 3.3.4 and I still can't switch theme from Mobile to full version. How can I fix it?

Submit a ticket for support.