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CMD+Left in editor (firefox)

When posting, I commonly use CMD+left arrow to move my cursor to the front of the line in the editor.

This works fine with Safari. However, with the latest version of Firefox (version 5.0.1), pressing that shortcut takes me back a page in my history. It's happened a few times already, and pressing the "Forward" button takes me back to the editor page, but the editor is empty so I need to start the posts from scratch. Hopefully this isn't a browser quirk because it's annoying when it happens.

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Also, the bug is specific to 3.2.x. The editor in 3.1.x works fine (pressing CMD+left takes me to the front of the line).
I don't have Mac so can't really test. :ermm:
Firefox 5 introduced APPLE + LEFT as a shortcut to go back a page in your history. There's nothing we can do about this. You may be able to change this in your Firefox preferences.

Can reproduce this on CKEditor and TinyMCE because they use iFrames. Perhaps they can figure a work around at some point.
CMD+LEFT is a shortcut in Safari and Chrome too, but those browsers only take you back in history IF the editor isn't focused. Understood that it probably can't be fixed - just a little annoying.
I can reproduce on the CKEditor demo site and the TinyMCE demo site. At best, we will await their fix.
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