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Current location isn't very accurate

The current location in the hovercard says that I'm viewing this thread (probably won't be by the time you read this post).


However, I've made a post and a tracker issue since last viewing that thread so don't know why it still says I'm viewing it.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 3.3.3
Fixed In: 0


Screenshot'd immediately after posting this issue.
Going to need to get somebody to debug on company forums. Neither Tera or myself can reproduce on local installs.
I think maybe it's just extremely laggy. It just now claimed I was reading a topic that I had actually read 20 minutes prior.
Gosh I feel like I've said this before...is there another bug report open on this?

Right now my userhovercard is saying that I'm browsing this topic.


Which isn't the case.

But if I turn my phone on and go in the browser it turns out that my phone is still on that page.

Which is weird. I don't know why it's pulling that information from my phone's session (note this isn't the app, just a browser on the mobile skin).

I can actually reproduce this successfully. On my phone I went to this thread.


And then in another tab on my laptop I refreshed a few times, clicked through a few threads and then checked the hovercard location and it's still saying that I'm in the "simplification" thread. So I think that if I log in with a mobile user agent then my current location is getting locked to what's on the mobile user agent? Maybe it's a problem with me having two sessions going on at once?

Also phone is android browser is boat browser, but I've reproduced on opera mobile too.
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See also: http://community.inv...-updated-r38390
Marcher Technologies
Aug 07 2012 02:25 AM
ok, this is just some... thing, I have found information-wise while developing.
when you throw an IPSMember::load or buildDisplayData for a 'content' item's author(this could be any load off of a member id anywhere) and the user you load IS the current user, the last_activity is wrong, or not 'fresh' take your pick.
In debug of this, I found that if I when attempting to nab that data, throw in a quick check and reset it is correct....
if($this->memberData['member_id'] && $this->memberData['member_id']==$mid)
$topmembers[$mid] = $this->memberData;
$topmembers[$mid]['last_activity'] = time();
$topmembers[$mid] = IPSMember::buildDisplayData($mid);
for example... dunno what went left but i get the feeling the sessions class needs to hard-code in that data for the current user.
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