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Guests unable to use flash uploading

In 4.2.2 there were some other problems (mainly unable to select albums not reported here as these issues are fixed in 5.x) but anyway guests are unable to select the flash uploader.

It defaults to the legacy style one and the link to change it brings up an 'action failed' popup.

(Note: This is a general framework issue, not just in Gallery)

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.3.4
Fixed In: 4.0.0 Beta 1


Wouldn't you have the same exact issue throughout anywhere else in IP.Board that allows you to upload? The code is more or less the same in Gallery as it is in the forums for setting up the uploader.
I'd not checked it elsewhere. :smile:

Adjusted forum perms and tried as a guest, and it was defaulted to the flash uploader. :huh:

It seems to work now too, can switch as a guest between them. Not quite sure why it did that before though...
Ignore above, it worked as logging into the ACP also logged me into the front end, I had forgotten it does that now.

Its the same for the forum too, 'action failed' upon clicking to switch the uploader type as a guest...
Updating Version to: 0

Yeah, makes sense.

Ok, this is a general framework issue then.

Bug: You cannot toggle between flash and legacy uploader as a guest
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Updating Status to: Confirmed - General

Updating Fixed In to: 3.3.5
Updating Status to: Confirmed - FAO Matt
Updating Version to: 3.3.4

The uploader preference is stored in the database for the user. I've made a change in 3.3.5 to not show the option to switch to flash uploader for guests. If we wish to allow flash uploads for guests we'll need to rethink how the preference is stored.
I did try to cheat by using the link when logged in (with another browser while being logged out) but that did not work as expected. :)
Updating Status to: Will Fix - IP.Suite 4.0


Updating Status to: Will Fix - IP.Suite 4.0



Good to hear it will be fixed and not WAI as I have some extra thoughts about this when its turned into the Suite which may well capture another market segment. ;) :)
Updating Fixed In to: 4.0.0 Beta 1
Updating Status to: Fixed