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php 5.4.4 - apache 2.4.2 error Warning: Illegal string offset 'nav'

this shows in acp when going to anything (ips app, dev app, etc) in the Other Apps section
Warning: Illegal string offset 'nav' in public_html/forums/admin/sources/classes/output/adminOutput.php on line 668

my line 668 is:

$_nav = ( $_last_nav['nav'] ) ? $_last_nav['nav'] . ' > ' . $data[1] : $data[1];

this is ip 3.3.3, php 5.4.4, apache 2.4.2.
I don't see it actually affecting anything though ........yet :smile:

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.3.3
Fixed In: 3.3.4


correction, does not happen to all aps.
seems to be related to ip.content only and any app (like pro menu) that interacts with ip.content.
I don't have PHP 5.4 to test locally but I do have an idea of the issue. Will get this fixed.
Changed to this:
$_nav	  = isset($_last_nav['nav']) ? $_last_nav['nav'] . ' > ' . $data[1] : $data[1];
ok will test that in a bit.
turned error reporting off troubleshooting another issue so of course it ...fixed... this issue LOL
seems to have fixed it on quick tests, thanks.