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PM email notification "glitch" (?)

a colleague sent me a pm with the following contents (a IRC message quote):
[02:25:41] <%Eurydice> but he <whatever some text>.
in the email notification I received
[02:25:41]  but he <whatever some text>.
(the email parser stripped the irc nick from the message (?) perhaps something to do with the "< >"?)

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.3.3
Fixed In: 3.4.0


by the way the version was 3.3.2, when I hit the preview button it reset the version field and i only realized after it was posted.
Uhmm, we run a strip_tags() on it before the email is sent and the function thinks that nickname is an HTML tag as well. Not much we can do probably since that's a PHP function and not something we wrote but we can take a look.
We're going to change a bit how the whole emails system works for 3.4, for now as a work-around enable the HTML emails in your ACP ("Send HTML emails" option) and those words should display fine in the notification.
Updating Fixed In to: 0
Updating Status to: Confirmed - General

Updating Status to: Confirmed - FAO Matt

Still an issue in 3.4 for plain text mails.
$this->pt_message = strip_tags( $this->pt_message );

Updating Fixed In to: 3.4.0
Updating Status to: Fixed

This was EFF YOU EN.